~ Inspiring Disney homes ~

Disney has influenced and still inspires me in so many ways. One of those is the many different and lovely homes of our beloved characters :) So! Here I present to you a list of inspiring homes in Disney-movies :D
('slightly' inspired by this little article).

My all time favourite, incorporated in a tree and all - the cottage of Princess Aurora and the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty. They even have a watermill so they can be self-sufficient with energy ^^

Owl's tree-house from Winnie the Pooh.

Giselle's cottage in Enchanted.

Fairyhouses in Tinker Bell.

Lizzy's house in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

Winnie the Pooh's house.

The tower in Tangled.

Madam Mim's house in The Sword in the Stone.

Tarzan's tree-house.

Home of Peter Pan and the lost boys.

The witch's cottage in Brave.

The cottage of the seven dwarfs in Snow White.

Merlin's home in The Sword in the Stone.

- Would you live in any of these houses? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Briar Rose: Princess Aurora of the forest cosplay ~

Photo, makeup and styling by me :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Desucon: Fantasy 2014 ~

Last weekend I went to Desucon: Fantasy for the second year in a row. Last year I had improvised my own outfit inspired by Game of Thrones, and this year I cosplayed for real for the first time. As you probably already know, I cosplayed Princess Aurora / Briar Rose from Disney's Sleeping Beauty - complete with birds :)

Photo by Narey Hamagame Cosplay.

Here I am with my girls :) From the left: Ingrid as Tauriel, me as Princess Aurora, Branna in her self made lolita outfit, and Andrea as a fairy.

My little birdie, me, Branna and Andrea.

- Have you been to a con before? Do you like to dress up? :)


~ Game of Thrones Season 4, pre-premiere party in Oslo ~

Photo from my instagram.

On friday April 4th I discovered that HBO Nordic was having a contest where you could win tickets to the pre-premiere party of seson 4 of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately I was a little too late to participate, but I still wanted and planned on showing up :p Later that evening I was very lucky. My dear friend Ingrid wasn't able to go, so she gave her ticket to me! :D

I was over the moon with happiness, and I guess it was ment to be <3 hihi

There were free drinks (non-alcohol for me), a little concert with the electronica band Voyeur, a speach from 'Tormund Giantsbane' - Kristofer Hivju, and last but not least, what we were all there for; the episode! I enjoyed it all, but the best part of the evening was to meet wonderful people and have fun :)

All photos above by David Gallefoss borrowed from HBO Nordic's facebookpage.

Photo: http://www.lydogbilde.no/

From the left: Me, the wonderful cosplayers Ida as Khaleesi and Elise as Arya, and Sol, the Viking Queen.

We were even filmed by national television ^^ (click image for link)

- Do you watch the series? Have you seen the new episode? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Sleeping Beauty (1959) ~

One of my favourite movies from my childhood was Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty, about Princess Aurora / Briar Rose or Tornerose as we call her in Norwegian. It's such a great movie with a sweet story, beautiful illustrations, magnificent characters and it's still one of my favourites as a grown up :) 

I have very strong memories with this film. My father lived in Sudan in Africa most of my childhood and my mom, sister and I often went there to visit. Sometimes we spent months there. One of the few things we brought with us was that movie. We obviously saw it again and again, since it was one of the new things we had that reminded us of home.

At one point my little sister and I created our own ritual when we watched Sleeping Beauty: We always ate these crazy-coloured cereals bare! At one point the taste experience and the visual experience fusioned together. It is very interesting how our senses is connected, how everything is connected, and I remember the first time we watched the movie without the cereal when we got back to Norway.
Something was not right, and it was so strange! :)

I also remember being obsessed with her outfit, and dreamt about having something similar *sigh* Little did I know that that would actually happen one day^^

Just look at this stunning scenery!

- Have you seen Sleeping Beauty? Do you like Disney? :)

Ps: I always loved Maleficent, and I am really exited that Disney are making a movie about her! I just can't wait to see it! Are you going to see it? Watch (one of) the trailer(s) here. I don't know how many times I've seen them! :3


~ Love and light ~

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~ Into the Woods ~

My april faery oracle:

Here is a little summary of what the book says about the card:

"This beautiful faery seems somewhat fearful, as she moves into a time and place that feels exposed and perhaps strange and unsafe to her. When this card is drawn, you will be in a time of transition. You will be moving between worlds - from one realm to another, and in that change you take yourself far beyond your natural comfort zone. But if we look closer, we see that while she is not fully at home, and far from confident, the forest is flowering and the reward for having gone through this time of trepidation and nervousness  will be great. As she walks, something happens to her fears. In their place grow her fallen dreams and her shattered purpose begins to reshape itself. "

 I really love this card and what it says. It is very positive, just like this month itself has been so far :) My facebookfree month was a success, and I am moving forward. I've been working as a substitute teacher in a kindergarden and a school. I've been really happi and the children gives me so much inspiration and positive energy :) The sun as been shining, the flowers and leaves are blooming, I've been sewing and many other wonderful things has happened.

The last couple of days have been very exiting and slightly tiresome. I feel like I've been all over the place, meeting everyone ...and some more. On saturday I actually cosplayed for the first time! :) It was very intrigueing and a bit scary. Just as everyone else, I sat up the night before the con to finish the costume. I even added the last details the same morning.

Since it was my first cosplay, I wanted to do something I knew I could handle to keep me from freaking out and disappoint myself. I felt it was better to start with something simple and have a progression later, than to jump into something too big. I am still a little outside my comfort zone, but I think this experience has been a good push in the right direction :3

As you can see I am a little behind with my blogging, so this week it there will be quite a few treats for you :)

- What have you been doing lately?


~ Love and light ~

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~ Reuniting with my fairy sister Lariel Varg ~

Last week I was so lucky to have one of my dearest friends as a guest :)

Lariel Varg and I met through the internet many years ago. She was the first of my internet friends that I ever met in real life, and I still remember that day. Whenever I take the bus alone on a route I'm not used to, I get the same happy feeling I got back then. The moment I stepped out of that bus, it was like a piece that was missing from my pussle finally came to place <3

This time we hadn't seen each other in about two years! No matter how long it's been since we saw one an other, we instantly connect and it feels like no time has passed at all :) But it has been painful at times. This girl is so dear to me, it's hard to describe. Our souls are sisters, and I am so grateful that we met :) After this meeting we have texted every day and decided to talk on the phone every tuesday ^^

She arrived on the afternoon on tuesday last week. We made some wok and essentially talked all night long, even in bed ^^ The next day we went secondhand shopping in the largest thrift store in Norway. We got some nice treasures, and was pretty tired after the little plunder. We wandered the woods and inspired by local folktales we made a traditional Norwegian course: rice porridge - maybe a little untraditional since it was vegan :) Unfortunately we didn't meet any trolls to share the feast with, only a slightly surprised tree. Later we watched Fairytale: A True Story for the first time. We were disappointed to see so little fairies in a movie that was supposed to be about fairies, so when it was finished, we watched Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue :)

You can never have too many fairies, even if you are one yourself!

- Do you have similar friendships? :)


~ Earth Hour ~

Last night it was finally time to dim all the lights down for the symbolic celebration of the annual Earth Hour! I am glad this 'ceremony' exists to make more people aware about environmental changes etc., but at the same time I find it slightly sad that people only dedicate an hour to our Earth that gave us life itself...

My evening was quite miserable and sad. Luckily I've put it behind me and moved on, and I feel a lot better today :D Since I was not in the mood to make it cozy, and there was nothing to photograph either, I present to you some pictures of the incredibly nice Earth Hour celebration my love and I had last year <3

We brought candles, matches, my glowing bunnies and found some old, dead wood while we walked to the place we decided to make a fire. It was a wonderful, romantic and spiritual experience for me, and I hope to do it again some time soon :)

- Did you celebrate Earth Hour last night?


~ Redesign: Victorian spats ~

On saturday I went shopping with some friends. Secondhand of course :) I found this blazer in mustard velvet for only NOK 20 kr. I instantly knew what I was going to do when I found it. I was going to turn the sleeves into spatterdashes!

Photos by my love.

Influenced by the colour, I decided to dress in an outfit slightly inspired by the steampunk style.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Altar of Spring Equinox & Ostara ~ 2014

I made a simple and  pastel rose coloured theme for my Spring Equinox and Ostara altar this year. Everything you can see is thrifted / secondhand exept for the gathered pine cones, the honey bee necklace and the two pink roses.

I chose to put the honey bee in the center of my altar, because I know the bees of the world need prayers, attention, love and light. We can try to help them by signing
different petitions on line (just google 'save bees' and you'll find them), and be concious about the products we buy/support, preferably ecological/organic and local. Also read here.

- Do you celebrate Spring Equinox & Ostara?


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