~ Éowyn Cosplay, Part 1: The Brooch ~

My Éowyn cosplay has barely started, and the first thing I've made, is the brooch. Above you can se a close up of the one she wears in the movies.

I didn't find any replica anywhere online, so I hade to make something similar myself. I found a cheap bracelet in a store, and when I
got home, I started attacking it! :D

 I flattened it out, got my pliers and started cutting out the middle section. It was a lot harder than I thought, and the muscle in my hand was sore the next day :3

Piece by piece. Almost done now!

When I was done cutting I found a bead, painted it with blue nail polish, and glued it onto the brooch. The only thing left is the safety pin on the back.

And here you can see the finished result! 

I've placed my my brooch on a picture of the real one, to compare it. I'm pretty happy with the result if I can say so myself, and I can't wait
to get started on the dress/coat! :)

- What do you think? Have you made jewelry before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Éowyn's Travelling Coat ~

The character I am going to cosplay at HobbitCon is Éowyn :)

Ever since I was a little girl and saw The Lord of the Rings, I've wanted to make
the "Travelling Coat" :)

Now that I'm going to HobbitCon I've finally got a good reason to make it! :D

It's probably my favourite outfit from the movies, but I don't know exactly why. Maybe because you could wear it every day? It's so earthy,
and perfect for a norse elf and Hulder like myself :)

Below you can see the fabrics I'm going to use (hope I've got enough...)

I'm not going to use the same pattern as I used to make this dress, (because I am not happy with it), so today I've been trying to make my own pattern :o Ish... 
This could be interesting! Wish me luck! :D

- Do you like the costumes of The Lord of the Rings? :)
(of course you do :3 )


~ Love and light ~

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~ I'm going to HobbitCon! ~

That's right! In April I'm going to HobbitCon in Germany with a big group of friends! :D This means I've got to make cosplays! But who to cosplay? :o
I want to make one of the female characters from the Tolkien universe,
but it's hard to choose as they're all so amazing <3

- Who do you think I should cosplay? :)

I've actually just started on one, but I want to hear your thoughts before I reveal it :) I can say that it's a character from The Lord of the Rings, not The Hobbit, but I think I'll make more than one cosplay so nothing's set in stone ;)

- Are you going to HobbitCon, or any other fascinating events this year? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Close of Day ~

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of positive, beautiful and thoughtful comments I got on my last entry :) Thank you <3

Today I started on a new creative project, which I'll show you tomorrow :D Tonight I want to share something beautiful. The last day of last year was blessed with a beautiful pale, pink sky, white snow and a rainbow. On that special day I got of the bus before my stop, just so I could gaze at, and absorb the beautiful view :) *sigh*

- Have you seen any beautiful phenomenons lately? Are you enjoying winter? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Come of Day ~

Hello, sweet friends and fairies :)

A new year has begun, and I've been having a rough start.

Not that anything special has happened, but I'm having troubles with dealing with my emotions. I'm stressed, anxious, nervous and worried about
everything and nothing.

My motivation for anything has been non-existing lately. I have a lot of inspiration, but turning that inspiration into action is just... impossible.
I can't seem to get things done.

Not my hobbies, not my duties. I'm always procrastinating, worsening my own situations, not improving any one elses.

My technophobia is getting worse, and so is the thought of others judging me. So I'm almost not blogging anymore, neither here or on instagram or anywhere else.

So today I want to change that.

Yesterday I had a long and cleansing walk, and both yesterday and today I've been talking to dear friends I haven't seen or talked to in a long time. It has really helped me, and I feel much better :) Friends are the best medicine! <3


Like last year, I'll make a little list of personal goals for the year, so here it is:

- From now on, I'll blog whenever I want, and about whatever I want :) Earlier I obsessed with posting entries in chronological order, and when I couldn't, I felt like a failure. How silly is that? :p

- I'm going to dance more often! In my living room! :D Move my body, every little piece of it, wake it up and shake it off. Sweat and make my heart rate rise. It's fun, and it's exercise :)

- Last year I wen't "no poo" and this year I'll make my own deodorant.

- I'm going to buy/eat more local and organic, and less imported and processed foods.

- I want to be more creative, and I'm going to sew more!

- Last year I tried cosplaying for the first time, and this year (this month) I'm going to sew my first cosplay from scratch, and generally cosplay more. :D

- I have too much stuff, so I'm generally going to get rid of things.

- But I'm going to buy a new camera! I keep telling myself that everything will magically arrange itself as soon as I get a camera! :3

- I need an income, so I have to get a job!

As well as all of the goals above, there were a few goals from last year that I would like to give a new try, like collecting garbage and meditating regularly :)

- Last but not least, I'm going to unleash my inner Fairy Princess, and wear more jewelry, bindis etc. in everyday life, spreading the magic and be myself :)

- Do you have any goals for this year you'ld like to share? :)

Ps. If I  more goals come to my mind after this list is published, I'm not afraid to add them :3


~ Love and light ~

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~ 2014 ~

The year is soon over, and it makes me sentimental. I always get this strange feeling I can't describe. Do you get it too? It's like leaving something behind that you can't ever get back, and entering a new epoque you know nearly nothing about. It's weird, because that actually happens every day, but it just feels special because it's
"a new year".

For me, 2014 has been a fantastic year :) Mostly because I've spent so much time with my dear friends, and because I've made many new ones! <3

I am healthy, intelligent, determined, successful, beautiful and loved <3 I am experiencing a great period in my life and I'm flourishing! :D This year has been better than I had hoped for, and I have a good feeling that 2015 will bring
even better things!

Here is a little flashback of what this year has been like for me :)

 ~ January ~

It was a beautiful, snowy winter, and I was positive about the new year!

I had a list of personal goals for the year, but did I achieve them?
Keep reading and you'll find out :)

~ February ~

I spent time in nature.

My hair got long... :3

I started sewing again :)

And I finally joined instagram! *letmetakeaselfie!* 

~ March ~

Lariel Varg visited <3

I celebrated Spring Equinox...

...had a Equinox photoshoot...

And celebrated St.Patrick's day with Branna and Ingrid <3

~ April ~

I travelled to my family isle.

I cosplayed for the first time: Princess Aurora <3

And I went to the Game of Thrones premiere!

~ May ~

I went to Oslo Medieval Fair with my friends <3

I  celebrated the 200th anniversary of Norway's constitution in my new bunad.

I went to the Vegetarian Fair with the Norwegian Vegan Society
(of which I became board member of in march).

And I sat on the Iron Throne at the Game of Thrones Exhibition :D

~ June ~

Daenerys went to Desucon with Kili and Fili.

I celebrated Midsummer.

I went to Tønsberg Medieval Fair to celebrate Ingrid's hen party.

And I became single.

~ July ~

I went to Borre Vikingmarked with friends from near and far!

I traveled up north with/to my family again...

... it was constantly beautiful <3

... and I experienced a 'Tropical Night' with 22 degrees celcius
in the middle of the night! ^_^

I had an amazing journey to Europe!
And turned 23 years!

First to Hungary with Janne and Ruben <3
(A lot of photos to come! Be patient! :D)

~ August ~

...And in august I traveled to Belgium and Netherlands by myself,
and got a new sister, Nina <3

I celebrated my 1 year vegan anniversary :D

And I became a full time student - kindergarten teacher to be! :) Because of this, I became really bad at blogging, and there are many entries still waiting in line.
We'll see when I'll have the time :)

~ September ~

I went to Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked.

I spent a lot of time in nature with all the mushrooms and beautiful colours,
and celebrated Mabon.

And I went to London to see Kate Bush <3 <3 <3

~ October ~

I went to the release party of Siri Pettersen's second book, Råta.

The Pre-Raphaelite Muses calendar was published, 
and my photo was featured in Fae Magazine!

And my blog turned 1 year :)

~ November ~

I went to the alternative fair.

I fled from schoolwork to my family's cabin in the woods <3

And collected money for water in developing countries.

~ December ~

In december I had my exam and got A! :D

And finally I got a well deserved holiday!

(Ps: With this photo I won NOK 1000 kr in a contest, great end to the year! :D)

Last but not least, my goals for 2014:

- Drink more water.
I'm still not drinking enough.

- Drink more tea. 
Yes, I have been been drinking tea more frequently :) 

- Stop using shampoo and use the "no poo" method instead. 
Yes! I started on the no-poo method in june! :D

- Collecting litter whenever I'm outdoors. 
I haven't done this as much as I wanted to, but I have done it a couple of times.

- Read more books. 
Unfortunately, no... or... does curriculum count? :3

- See more new movies instead of re-watching old ones. 
Yes! Mostly series, but still! :)

- Worry less. 
This is a big character flaw in me, and really hard to change, but I think I did ok...

- Make more lists! 
Yes! Though I'm not always good at completing the things on it. Like this one...

I did not:

- Write a journal of gratitude. 

- Start doing yoga... :(

- Start meditating regularly.

But I did

- Seek guidance in my Fairy Oracle cards. At least for a while.

And most importantly,

I Spent more time in nature <3


My wishes for the new year is for all of us to achieve our goals,
for all beings to be free from unnecessary harm,
and for love to grow <3

✫*¨*Happy new year!*¨*


~ Love and light ~
~ a Fairy of the Norwegian Woods ~


~ Jul 2014 ~

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! :D <3 My yuletide has been very calm and I'm really enjoying the free time with my family, as well as Opus the cat, great vegan food, sweets, snow and presents! :D

This year's theme was 'bling', with only golden, silvery, white and sparkly decorations on our yuletree .✶*¨.✫*

Icicles, birds, mushrooms and fairies! Do you see Tinkerbell? :D
And the bird I thought was a Unicorn the first time I saw it? 
Let's just pretend it's a Unicorn <3

Like every year we watched the ultimate yulemovie "Tři oří?ky pro Popelku" / "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel" / "Three wishes for Cinderella" / "Tre nøtter til Askepott" <3 No yule without it!

We have been 'catsitting' Opus for so long, I actually got him to cuddle on my lap for the very first (and last) time! :D <3

This year I got the biggest present, which my mother had hid at our neighbours until the very opening! I had no idea what it was, and with a hole on the side, I joked and asked if it was air holes for "the cat inside" :3 I had to feel inside the hole with my hand, and I instantly pulled it back, and screamed in fear, as something soft stopped my hand! For a second I thought my mother had become mad and actually given me a wrapped cat! Hahaha!

Luckily it was a dressmaker model! :D And now my childhood dream is slowly coming true :3

And here are some of my other presents:

An elephant tea pot, leaf plates, Elsa mug, necklaces, yule decorations, sea shells, incense, flowers, crystals and tea for the pot <3

- Do you celebrate yule? Did you recieve any nice presents? :)

Ps: As the year is soon to be over I'm preparing a summary of my 2014 for you, which I hope you'll like, so stay tuned :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Who lives here? ~

As promised, here is the results of our Art Exam :)

Artwork by Monika Borgan, Shabana Ghani,
Camilla Snekkerhaugen and myself. Photos by Monika Borgan.

We called the project "Small houses, great possibilities". The sculptures are made of play-doh and clay, and we placed them in all different sorts of places; 
inside, outside, on buidings, in nature etc. We wanted to inspire children to make their own toys and work with these materials in unlimited places :)
We were pleased with the result, and our examiners really liked it too! :D

- What do you think? Would children be inspired by and like this kind of art?


~ Love and light ~

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~ Waiting for winter ~

Hello, fearies and dearies! :)

As you might have noticed, I'm having a little break from my blog these days. I'm almost halfway through the first year at my new studies, but I'm still trying to get used to being a full time student! :3 It's a lot of work, and things I've been wanting to do for a loooong time, gets even further back on my to-do list.

I haven't answered my Q & A yet, as I want to answer some of them in separate entries (which means you still can ask questions, wee! Keep'em coming!), and I haven't celebrated the birthday of this blog, which was in October(!), either :O Now I'm in the middle of my exams, which fortunately are fun :)

We've just finished our music exam, and we're currently working on our art exam, so here you have a little preview :)

~ Wish you all a magical December! <3 ~

See you soon!


~ Love and light ~

#vinter #desember #snø #magi #magisk #bilde #foto #alv #natur #Gaiadóttir

~ The Alternative Fair ~ 2013

Every November, the biggest Alternative Fair in Norway takes place, right outside of Oslo. Last year the theme of the fair was "Green and Ecological Living", and I went there with Ruben and Janne Eikeblad and we had a stand for Natursamfunn <3

I had an amazing time and SO many of our friends 
from all around the contry was there too! From the left:
Me, Janne, Ruben, Frøydis, Marita Tathariel and Camilla Rose <3

This year's theme is the same as last year, and I'll be there representing Natursamfunn again! :) Come over and say hi if you see me! :D

- Have you been to an alternative fair before?


~ Love and light ~

#alternativmessa #alternativ #visjon #natursamfunn #stand #møte #alver
#lillestrøm #økosamfunn #permakultur #Gaiadóttir

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