~ Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2015, Outfit ~

St.Patrick's day isn't until tomorrow, but I participated in the parade in Oslo
saturday. This is how I looked! :)

- Have you celebrated or are you celebrating? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ The Hidden Florist ~

Quite some time ago, while I was on my way home from somewhere, I walked by this beautiful florist. It's placed in a little hidden alley, and it looks really magical! Almost like a overgrown house with lots of mirrors and old furniture.
It could easily belong to a witchy herbalist :)

Here are som photos :) What season does this selection of plants remind you of?
I'm not sure myself! A mix of all of them? :)

For more info, visit http://www.finnschjoll.no/

- Do you have any florists near by? Do you like florists? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Afternoon Tea ~

Lately I've been obsessing over Tea, Teapots and Tea Parties. Luckily I can nurture that obsession with these lovely photos from last fall :)

In september Ingrid and I went to celebrate Branna's birthday, all dresed lolita inspired for an afternoon tea. We went to The Palm Court Restaurant connected to Grand Hotel in Oslo, where they had the tiniest, (most pricy) food I've ever eaten, and it was so delicious :3

The staff was very service minded and made me exclusive vegan alternatives! It was such a nice day, with beloved friends in a wonderful atmospheric place. 
A once in a lifetime experience :)

 Wild chantarelles on bruskettes with chantarelle gel  <3

Blueberry sorbet with blueberry sheets, cloudberrysauce and cloudberries <3

- Have you been to any fancy resturants? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ The Purple Fairy ~

A few weeks ago, my dear and talented friend Alice Bandit came over to do my hair and make up for a photoshoot. We were originally going to have the shoot outside, but as it gets dark very early in the winters in Norway, we had to take the photos indoors instead.

Despite poor lighting, we were very happy with the results :) This was our first collaboration, but it was definitely not the last! :D

Hair, make-up, photos and editing by Alice Bandit 
(She has a tutorial for the hair btw! ;)

Wings by Leechdreams

Crystal Hair Combs by Naturae Design

- What do you think? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ The Geological Museum ~

A few weeks ago I went to Oslo Geological Museum. It was their last day open, as they are going to renovate for quite some time ahead. I went there by myself, and it was very enjoyable to walk around looking at and photographing different minerals, crystals, rocks and fossils. Even dinosaurs! :)

They had quite the collection, so sorting out the best to share with you
has been a challenge ^_^'

Here it is! Hope you enjoy :) *warning: wall of photos*

I love old, classic museums like this. They have so much soul.


So glorious!

The white looks like mould :o

- Do you like geology?
Have you been to a geological exhibition before? :)

Ps. Funfact: About a year ago I studied geology for a semester and passed the rocks- and minerals exam. Yay me! ^_^


~ Love and light ~

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~ Song of Norway (1970) ~

Yesterday I went to the movie theater Cinemateket in Oslo to see the musical "Song of Norway" from 1970. It's a film adaptation of the successful operetta of the same name, and it was an attempt to capitalize on the success of "The Sound of Music", which you clearly can see both in the title and the aestetics of the movie.

The movie tells the story of composer Edward Grieg and his attempts and struggles to develop an authentic Norwegian national music. Grieg is played by Toralv Maurstad, and he came to talk about the movie before the screening yesterday.

I've wanted to see this movie since the first time I heard about it, but it was not quite how I imagined. I turned out to be a very silly movie, and opposed to the music Grieg actually created, this was horrible :3

Through the whole movie, I was like:
"Where is this talent they're talking about all the time?"

Luckily it was visually lovely, with amazing costumes and many great shots :) Unfortunately still photos are very hard to find, and this is about everything I could find. I wish I could show you the extremely National Romantic scenes with people dancing in their Bunads all over the place! <3

- Have you seen this movie? Or similar ones like "The Sound of Music"? :)

Photos from Cinemateket's facebookpage.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Éowyn Cosplay, Part 1: The Brooch ~

My Éowyn cosplay has barely started, and the first thing I've made, is the brooch. Above you can se a close up of the one she wears in the movies.

I didn't find any replica anywhere online, so I hade to make something similar myself. I found a cheap bracelet in a store, and when I
got home, I started attacking it! :D

 I flattened it out, got my pliers and started cutting out the middle section. It was a lot harder than I thought, and the muscle in my hand was sore the next day :3

Piece by piece. Almost done now!

When I was done cutting I found a bead, painted it with blue nail polish, and glued it onto the brooch. The only thing left is the safety pin on the back.

And here you can see the finished result! 

I've placed my my brooch on a picture of the real one, to compare it. I'm pretty happy with the result if I can say so myself, and I can't wait
to get started on the dress/coat! :)

- What do you think? Have you made jewelry before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Éowyn's Travelling Coat ~

The character I am going to cosplay at HobbitCon is Éowyn :)

Ever since I was a little girl and saw The Lord of the Rings, I've wanted to make
the "Travelling Coat" :)

Now that I'm going to HobbitCon I've finally got a good reason to make it! :D

It's probably my favourite outfit from the movies, but I don't know exactly why. Maybe because you could wear it every day? It's so earthy,
and perfect for a norse elf and Hulder like myself :)

Below you can see the fabrics I'm going to use (hope I've got enough...)

I'm not going to use the same pattern as I used to make this dress, (because I am not happy with it), so today I've been trying to make my own pattern :o Ish... 
This could be interesting! Wish me luck! :D

- Do you like the costumes of The Lord of the Rings? :)
(of course you do :3 )


~ Love and light ~

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~ I'm going to HobbitCon! ~

That's right! In April I'm going to HobbitCon in Germany with a big group of friends! :D This means I've got to make cosplays! But who to cosplay? :o
I want to make one of the female characters from the Tolkien universe,
but it's hard to choose as they're all so amazing <3

- Who do you think I should cosplay? :)

I've actually just started on one, but I want to hear your thoughts before I reveal it :) I can say that it's a character from The Lord of the Rings, not The Hobbit, but I think I'll make more than one cosplay so nothing's set in stone ;)

- Are you going to HobbitCon, or any other fascinating events this year? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Close of Day ~

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of positive, beautiful and thoughtful comments I got on my last entry :) Thank you <3

Today I started on a new creative project, which I'll show you tomorrow :D Tonight I want to share something beautiful. The last day of last year was blessed with a beautiful pale, pink sky, white snow and a rainbow. On that special day I got of the bus before my stop, just so I could gaze at, and absorb the beautiful view :) *sigh*

- Have you seen any beautiful phenomenons lately? Are you enjoying winter? :)


~ Love and light ~

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