~ The Wildling Princess and the Curly Tree ~

About a year ago I went to a cosplay arrangement in town, called Desucon: Fantasy. I did not cosplay any spesific character, but I created an outfit inspired by the Game of Thrones series. I got lots of compliments, and someone compared me to the character Val the Wildling. I have not read the books and had only seen the first season of the tv-series, therefore I did not know who this character was. After a little research, I couldn't help but smile, and identify with her :)

Later that evening I visited the Botanical Garden with some friends. It is such a magical place, maybe one of the most beautiful places in town. We had a great time exploring the garden, especially me, since I met a lovely, curly tree! It was a perfect tree to climb and to hug, so that is what I did ^^

Photos by my love.

- Have you been to a cosplay arrangement? Or a botanical garden? :)


14 Plants in my garden


26.02.2014 kl.12:50

Sĺ fine bilder! Spesielt det řverste. Og utrolig lekkert antrekk, som du tar deg supergodt ut i :)


26.02.2014 kl.12:59

Heresetai: Tusen takk :D Jeg ble utrolig glad i det antrekket, har lyst til ĺ bruke det oftere. Men jeg finner ikke hanskene noe sted :o


26.02.2014 kl.13:13

waaaaw amazing dress and style ^^


26.02.2014 kl.13:16

SycoroxTargaryen: Thank you ^_^

Anne Linn

27.02.2014 kl.10:58

Wow, you look stunning. How did you create that outfit?


27.02.2014 kl.11:02

Anne Linn: Thank you, sweetie <3 It's just an assembly of different garments I've bought through the years :) If you click on the tiny photo in the end of the post, it'll get you here where I have more details about the outfit: http://lookbook.nu/look/5441634-Second-Hand-Basic-Medieval-Dress-Lindex-Faux?hypewidget

The Girl

27.02.2014 kl.18:51

What a beautiful outfit, you look stunning in it aswell.


27.02.2014 kl.19:24

The Girl: Thank you, girlie! ^^


28.02.2014 kl.01:17

Det var et skikkelig nydelig antrekk! Og det treet ser veldig spesielt og vakkert ut!


28.02.2014 kl.10:12

Cecilie: Tusen takk :) Ja, det er skikkelig finurlig! Jeg savner det. Vil tilbake og leke :3


11.03.2014 kl.14:42

Sĺ fint antrekk :) og stilig krřllete knudre tre ^_^


12.03.2014 kl.10:17

Pyrodam: Takk :) Ja, jeg liker det! Gleder meg til det blir frodig vĺr og jeg skal besřke det igjen :D


12.03.2014 kl.19:46

Fantastisk kjole!!


12.03.2014 kl.21:06

Eva: Takk :D

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