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Earlier this month, I went out in the forest by my school for a little walk. Autumn and October is really one of my favorite times of the year, with all the colours, the not-too-cold and not-too-warm temperatures and of course we have Samhain / All Hallows Eve / Alfablot coming upon us! I decided to dress as a fairyesque witch before my stroll.


A black feather. Maybe from a raven?
In the book I'm reading at the moment, Odin's Child, in the Norwegian fantasy series The Raven Rings, they repeatedly say that a raven is a good sign ;)

More mushrooms! 

Footprint of a wolf? Aoouuh!


~ Love and light ~

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Branna Laurelin

29.10.2013 kl.20:08

Nydelige bilder, og nydelige deg! Du var sĺ fin i det antrekket!


29.10.2013 kl.21:25

Branna Laurelin: Tusen takk :3 Ja, jeg liker det antrekket veldig godt :)


29.10.2013 kl.22:20

Magisk! ^^


29.10.2013 kl.22:37

Beautiful scenery!

Here in South America is spring and the flowers are blooming beautifully. In a few days I will travel to Ireland / Scotland and hopefully find autumnal landscapes as beautiful as those of his photographs.

Here is more common to find footprints of cats with cougars, for example. Must be extraordinary to find traces of wolves =)


30.10.2013 kl.06:39

Naviana: Hřsten er absolutt magisk! :D


30.10.2013 kl.06:46

Priscila: Aaw, I can really picture all the flowers and trees in bloom - now you made me miss spring^^ That sounds lovely! I wish you a safe travel and beautiful, inspiring, recharging trip to the beautiful islands!

Wow, how fascinating! And I think it would be just as extraordinary to find traces like that! Unfortunately the Norwegian goverment is very bad at protecting wildlife, especially the "dangerous" animals :( But that won't stop my imagination when I'm hiking ^^

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