~ Legend (1985) ~

Friday, february 14th. my beloved and I decided to watch the fairytale movie Legend. I have been wanting to watch this movie for such a long time, and finally it happened. The movie is perfect for me, filled with love, unicorns, faries, bubbles and flowers!

There are so many beautiful and magical scenes that are really appealing to me. I actually think that it is more important for a movie to be visually stimulating than to have the perfect story or great actors sometimes. (Kind of ironic of me to say that, with a background as a drama student, hehe).

It may seem like it's all sparkliny happiness, but it is actually a pretty dark movie. I chose to only include beautiful and positive images from the movie, since I want my blog to be a beautiful and positive place, but the dark and gloomy elements are a big part of the movie.

Once upon a time, long ago, "Darkness" senses the presence of two Unicorns, guarders of the Power of Light. He wants to destroy them and get their horns to create an Eternal Night og Cold Darkness.

Princess Lili and her friend (and love interest), the forest boy Jack, gets separated by magic and go on their own journeys to find each other / save the Unicorns. Jack is accompanied by the elf Honeythorn Gump, the fairy Oona and the dwarves Screwball and Brown tom. Lili is alone.

This is a movie about the battle between good and evil, but despite this sligthly childish theme, it is not a very child friendly movie. It find it rather scary and deep. Darkness is indeed a character in the story, but it is also something we all have within us, thus we can never fully destroy it...

- Have you seen Legend? What do you think of it? :)

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~ Love and light ~

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17.02.2014 kl.18:30

Yes, I love Legend too! :) I always assumed it was a not very good fantasy movie, but wanted to watch it... when I finally got my hands on it I was positively surprised. Earned a place on my list of movie favorites ^^ Lovely and even quite deep.

Btw, noticed Stian asked for sweet potato recipes (now I feel like such a stalker lol!), I'm not much experienced with sweet potatoes but I mad this brownies with them, quite good: http://lindastuhaug.blogg.no/1389021621_oppskrift_st_konfektb.html 8)


17.02.2014 kl.18:43

Naviana: I am kind of weak for fairytale and fantasy movies even if they are not that good, just because I love everything magical ^^ But of course, I know when a movie is not so good, and like it with an ironic distance :3 This is not one of those - and I really liked it! :D And it seem that most people do too :)

Thank you! We will definitely try it out sometime :D

sumska vila

18.02.2014 kl.12:17

This sounds like something I need to watch, you had me at unicorns :D

And I'm sucker for fairy tales even now when I'm an "adult" heheh


18.02.2014 kl.13:59

sumska vila: Me too! I love unicorns so much :) So happy that we share the passion for fairy tales :3

Anne Linn

18.02.2014 kl.16:06

I've never watched legend, but I've known about it for some time. I just wasn't sure if I would enjoy it, though I love magic as well. Since you said you liked it I will find some time to watch it :) Unicorns are my favorite mythical creature.

sumska vila

18.02.2014 kl.19:55

Have you ever watched this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKDV1UfV9Cs

It's my all time favorite. <3 <3 <3

I watch it every Christmas, it's our family tradition. Czech fairy tales are the best! I speak Slovak, so I don't have problems with understanding the plot.


20.02.2014 kl.12:08

Anne Linn: I can fully understand that. I have seen a few fairytale movies that are not as good as I had hoped, but I always find something about it that I like ^^ I am sure you will find something you will like in this movie aswell :)
Unicorns are my favourite too. I try to watch all the movies and series I can find that have unicorns in them :3 hihi


20.02.2014 kl.12:15

sumska vila: Aaw! Yes, I have! It is one of my all time favourites too! <3
In Norway, it is shown on the Norwegian National Channel on tv every Christmas eve! It has been a tradition for 15 years or so :D I love that you have the same tradition! I will definitely think about you the next time I see it ^^
It is actually a bit strange that this film is a tradition in Norway - because most other countries have never heard of it :) You are lucky to undestand it. In Norway it is dubbed. And it is a man that has dubbed all the voices! It is so silly and funny, but we are so used to it - it is the way it has always been, and I don't think they will ever replace it with a subtitled version :p

sumska vila

22.02.2014 kl.21:54

We have the same tradition!!! We watch it every Christmas eve too. You have to watch the original. Maybe you can download the movie from Youtube, there is a full version in Czech language, and then just find subtitles in Norwegian or in English.

Ah, there are so many wonderful Czech and Slovak fairy tales.

I like this one too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCW2GiIXKuE. I found English subtitles here: http://www.titlovi.eu/hr/sol-nad-zlato-1982-subtitles-p1794328

Oh, I forgot to tell you we have another fairy tale we watch every Christmas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw2DN4335hU

As you can see I'm a big fan of fairy tales :D


22.02.2014 kl.23:07

sumska vila: Wiii! :D I have got it on DVD, so I can choose to see it with subtitles or dubbet ;)

Aw! Thank you for sharing these movies! I have to watch them some time :) I have to mention this movie - it's always shown on tv on the day before Christmas eve in Norway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EKjL1ywcA4
Have you seen it?

sumska vila

28.02.2014 kl.19:41

No, I haven't. I thought I had answered you. I guess, I was wrong. Thanks for recommendation. :)


28.02.2014 kl.20:58

sumska vila: It has a lot of great costumes :) Btw. is http://bajgajka.blogspot.no/ your blog? You never told me you had a blog before :p

sumska vila

02.03.2014 kl.18:46

It is. It's a blog about books actually, mostly about giveaways, I prefer to write my reviews on Goodreads It's a new blog, I started it in February. :))


02.03.2014 kl.20:43

sumska vila: Aah, okey! I will follow ;)

sumska vila

02.03.2014 kl.21:27

I have a giveaway currently open internationally if you wanna check. Lol, but I forgot to ask you do you love to read?


02.03.2014 kl.22:08

sumska vila: I'll see if I'll participate ^^
I've always been a slow reader, so finishing a book takes a quite a long time for me. But I really enjoy finding and reading books I like :D It's just like a form of magic when you enter this other times and worlds and lives the life of others :)

sumska vila

02.03.2014 kl.23:53

My thoughts, exactly. I love how you said it. I love to read, but I'm faster than you. It usually takes a day or two for me to finish a book. I'm also a big fan of homemade cosmetics and I wan to have a blog about that topic one day. When i collect herbs i always make sure to leave them something, usually a strand of my hair, as a sign of gratitude. Some people find it strange, but then, most of the people don't respect nature and that is really sad :(


03.03.2014 kl.23:36

sumska vila: That is great :) I wish I could read that fast too :3
I would like to read more about that :) I am going to try make some homemade cosmetics myself eventually.

Aaw, what a beautiful way of showing your gratitude and thanks to nature :) I'll do something similar the next time I collect or recieve something in nature. Yes, it is sad, but I know that more and more people are awaking and turning to the right direction :)

sumska vila

05.03.2014 kl.13:01

Aww, thank you. You should try it too, I love the feeling that I'm giving and not just taking from the nature. I'm optimist too, I hope people will stop destroying Mother Earth.


06.03.2014 kl.19:54

sumska vila: You are so pure <3

sumska vila

07.03.2014 kl.14:40

so are you <3


07.03.2014 kl.15:13

sumska vila: :)

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