~ Earth Hour ~

Last night it was finally time to dim all the lights down for the symbolic celebration of the annual Earth Hour! I am glad this 'ceremony' exists to make more people aware about environmental changes etc., but at the same time I find it slightly sad that people only dedicate an hour to our Earth that gave us life itself...

My evening was quite miserable and sad. Luckily I've put it behind me and moved on, and I feel a lot better today :D Since I was not in the mood to make it cozy, and there was nothing to photograph either, I present to you some pictures of the incredibly nice Earth Hour celebration my love and I had last year <3

We brought candles, matches, my glowing bunnies and found some old, dead wood while we walked to the place we decided to make a fire. It was a wonderful, romantic and spiritual experience for me, and I hope to do it again some time soon :)

- Did you celebrate Earth Hour last night?


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Lindsay of Sheaves

30.03.2014 kl.20:36

My husband & I celebrated with lots of candles and oil burning in our apartment! It was a very peaceful time, and we listened to the Avatar soundtrack during it too :)


30.03.2014 kl.21:02

Lindsay of Sheaves: That sounds like a beautiful evening, dear! I saw your little vid on instagram, and I giggled when I heard you were playing Earth Song in the background :) Hihi.

That movie is so sad and beautifu! l cried a lot last night, and would definitely cry even harder if I had listened to the Avatar soundtrack aswell <3

Pia Amariel

30.03.2014 kl.21:15

Så koselig! Det å brenne bål ute virker jo som en perfekt måte å tilbringe denne ene timen (pluss litt til) i året på (:

sumska vila

30.03.2014 kl.21:44

Great post and pictures! I had no idea that yesterday was Earth Hour. I was too busy celebrating my birthday! Such a pity I missed it. I marked my calendar for the next one.


30.03.2014 kl.22:11

Pia Amariel: Ikke sant! :) Og tenk hvis man kunne være mange som gjorde det sammen! Kanskje noen kunne hatt med seg instrumenter og sangstemmer og pinnebrød og bare ha det kjempestas! <3


30.03.2014 kl.22:15

sumska vila: Was it your birthday yesterday?! :0 Happy birthday! :D Or Gratulerer med dagen!, as we would say in Norwegian :) Hope you had a great time <3

I believe it's never too late to have your own personal Earth Hour, Day, Weekend or whatever you may find to your liking ^^ We should all be better at reducing our use of electric power etc. and hopefully Earth Hour inspires people to do that :)

Pia Amariel

30.03.2014 kl.23:25

Det høres helt perfekt ut :3


30.03.2014 kl.23:38

Pia Amariel: Hihi, ja :) Og det kan selvsagt gjøres utenom Earth Hour også! <3

Pia Amariel

30.03.2014 kl.23:40

Ja, helt klart!
Så fine bilder, du inspirerer meg så mye, mer enn du aner! ^^ Bra du fikk det bedre igjen etter en lei dag:)


31.03.2014 kl.06:53

Pia Amariel: :) <3


31.03.2014 kl.06:54

Cecilie Noctique Lüttichau: Ååh, det var utrolig koselig og godt å høre, kjære deg! Veldig varmende og fint <3 Tusen takk, Cecilie. Tenkte faktisk på deg i går og at det hadde vært hyggelig å møtes en dag :)


31.03.2014 kl.12:39

Koselige bilder! Jeg feiret det med levende lys og brettspilling. (; Brettspilling blir mye koseligere uten kunstig lys!


31.03.2014 kl.16:59

Cecilie: Takk :) Så gøy! For meg er det også helt naturlig å spille brettspill når man sitter opplyst i levende lys :) Var egentlig det som var planen på lørdag også, men sånn ble det ikke. Noen uker tilbake gikk plutselig strømmen, og da var det frem med levende lys og brettspill... det kan hende at det har noe å gjøre med at uten strøm så får man liksom ikke gjort så mye annet, hehe!


07.04.2014 kl.16:45

Åh, vad mysigt det ser ut!


07.04.2014 kl.16:47

Linnea: Takk, Linnea ^^ <3

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