~ Sleeping Beauty (1959) ~

One of my favourite movies from my childhood was Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty, about Princess Aurora / Briar Rose or Tornerose as we call her in Norwegian. It's such a great movie with a sweet story, beautiful illustrations, magnificent characters and it's still one of my favourites as a grown up :) 

I have very strong memories with this film. My father lived in Sudan in Africa most of my childhood and my mom, sister and I often went there to visit. Sometimes we spent months there. One of the few things we brought with us was that movie. We obviously saw it again and again, since it was one of the new things we had that reminded us of home.

At one point my little sister and I created our own ritual when we watched Sleeping Beauty: We always ate these crazy-coloured cereals bare! At one point the taste experience and the visual experience fusioned together. It is very interesting how our senses is connected, how everything is connected, and I remember the first time we watched the movie without the cereal when we got back to Norway.
Something was not right, and it was so strange! :)

I also remember being obsessed with her outfit, and dreamt about having something similar *sigh* Little did I know that that would actually happen one day^^

Just look at this stunning scenery!

- Have you seen Sleeping Beauty? Do you like Disney? :)

Ps: I always loved Maleficent, and I am really exited that Disney are making a movie about her! I just can't wait to see it! Are you going to see it? Watch (one of) the trailer(s) here. I don't know how many times I've seen them! :3

Photos of my Aurora cosplay. 


~ Love and light ~

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09.04.2014 kl.23:29

Looks like the perfect disney scene! :D I didn't actually watch disney films as a kid, and many of them I have not yet seen, I might have seen Sleeping Beauty but I don't really remember :O But yes, I'm looking forward to Maleficent too!


09.04.2014 kl.23:42

Naviana: We are all different with differente childhood memories. What is really fascinating is that the movie is so old and still very popular :D I saw, and still own most of the Disney classics. They have been such a big part of my life and influensed me a lot, in a positive way :)
Wee! Maybe we can see it together some time :)

Pia Amariel

10.04.2014 kl.00:03

Det var, og er, en av mine favoritter av Disney-klassikerne også. Film har alltid vært en stor del av livet mitt, og vi hadde flere hyllemetre med VHS-filmer da jeg vokste opp. Tornerose var selvfølgelig i samlinga den også (:


10.04.2014 kl.00:05

Pia Amariel: Jeg måtte finne dem frem og se den i dag <3 Det var koselig :3 Men fryktelig skummelt da vhs-spilleren bestemte seg for å krølle opp båndet og nesten ødelegge filmen! :o

Hvilke andre er dine favoritter? :) Det er kanskje et dumt spørsmål, for det er så mange bra! :) Mina absolutte favoritt er Pocahontas, da :3

Anne Linn

10.04.2014 kl.12:51

I don't have a lot of memories connected to sleeping beauty, except singing songs about her as a little girl. The movie I watched again and again was The Lion King. I would hide during the stampede scene, because it was just too intense and sad!

When I got older I watched Pocahontas a lot as well.


10.04.2014 kl.13:33

Oi, er den så gammel? :) Jeg så den masse når jeg var liten, og syntes den var så fin!

En av sangene fra filmen dukker stadig opp i hodet mitt også, så jeg går og synger på den ^^


10.04.2014 kl.17:09

Anne Linn: I really like that movie too, and I do the same during that scene. Sometimes I even press the fast forward to skip it :3

Yey! That is my ultimate favourite! :D I have the audiobook on my ipod, and I listen to it regularly. The music gives me chills every time, and the last few times I've watched it, I've cried in the end :o


10.04.2014 kl.17:12

Katrine: Ja! Er det ikke fascinerende at en så gammel film fortsatt er så populær ^^

Åh, ja! Jeg har flere av sangene på hjernen om dagen :) Og av en eller annen grunn har jeg gått rundt og sunget på Bibbidi bobbidi boo i det siste :o


11.04.2014 kl.13:27

I'm glad you feel they have influenced your life positively! I grew up without movies at all, until I was 15... heheh! No regrets really, I read lots and lots of books ;) Actually I think I feel more comfortable with new disney- movies like Tangled and Brave, that's kind of weird or? The worst thing probably is the creepy big eyes, big heads and tiny bodies :P

Fru S.

11.04.2014 kl.15:54

Disney har vore ein viktig del av oppveksten min og eg er framleis svært glad i mange av filmane. Spesielt gjeld dette filmane "Den Lille Havfruen", "Løvenes Konge", Pochahontas" og "Skjønnheten & Udyret" (gode minner) ^^ "Tornerose" er derimot ein av dei filmane eg enno ikkje har sett, så kanskje det er på tide? Ser nemleg fram til "Maleficent" og då hadde det jo vore greit å hatt den opprinnelege filmen i tankane ;)


11.04.2014 kl.20:02

Naviana: I have never been a good reader, and most of my reading experiences from my childhood exept for the books my mum read for us by the bed, was the litterature we were forced to read in school :/ I still find it hard to read, and I think it's such a shame :(

I can understand that you like the new movies more, I love the old ones because I grew up with them, so for me it's the other way around. I like these movies to, but I don't feel them as much as I feel the classics :3

Haha, yes. Ariel, Rapunzel and the Frozen-girls are the worst in that case, hih! :) But so cute.


11.04.2014 kl.20:06

Fru S.: Så gøy å høre at det er flere som er vokst opp med Disneyklassikere :) De samme filmene som du nevner her, bortsett fra "Skjønnheten og Udyret" som jeg ikke hadde, men fikk se hos venner, er filmer jeg holder kjær :) Men hva? Har du ikke sett den :O :D Ja, da er det jammen på tide! Spesielt når du skal se "Maleficent" ^^ Jeg må advare om at Prinsesse Aurora høres temmelig fjern og dum ut, men filmen er herlig :)


11.04.2014 kl.22:00

Awww... well, reading is something that can't really be compared to movies, since books kind of makes you live in that world... for such a long time too, a world cocreated by you and the author ;) Love it! But I don't have much time reading anymore... especially not novels and fiction, I still read lots of educational non fiction. I really hope kids in the future will still read! Nothing can substitute it...


11.04.2014 kl.22:05

Naviana: What a lovely way to put it. It is so true.

I have the time to read, but I don't take the time... :3 And I really hope people, both children and adults, keep reading forever! And that they keep questioning and philosophing around what they read :) <3


11.04.2014 kl.22:26

Yes! ^^ Actually I started listening to fiction audio books quite recently, it's not the same, but at least I get through the books, while still being able to do housework, the dishes or sewing and creating at the same time... lol, multitasking!


11.04.2014 kl.23:08

Naviana: Wow! That is incredible! What kind of audio book was that? :)


11.04.2014 kl.23:19

Haha :) So far I've listened to the Hobbit, the Alchemist and I'm into book 4 I think in the Sword of Truth- series (Legend of the Seeker). Consider to get through Neverending Story (I read it 2-3 times as a kid) soon. But yes, so happy about audio books, it makes me more productive, tehee! You can rent almost anything in the library, and then you can transfer to the computer if you don't want to hurry getting through it in time. I've also downloaded some books from the internetz ;)


11.04.2014 kl.23:41

Naviana: Great! Thank's for the tips! I know I am going to do that with Harry Potter :D


12.04.2014 kl.12:14

That sounds like a very good idea! I consider doing it too some time, if Ruben agrees... tehee. If not I'll have to wait until... kids ;) I've only read them once. Also Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion might be grand listening to!


12.04.2014 kl.16:16

Naviana: Yes, I have to listen to them too! :D


14.04.2014 kl.14:36

I have seen sleeping beauty, as well as every other disney classics. I appreciate the old detaild drawings, the music. I grew up with them, and when I was very little, still a todler, I watched The beauty and The Beast in cinema. I don't think we saw the intire movie because one of my siblings started feeling sick (probably all the kandy). It became my favorite disney movie, it made such a big deal for me watching it on big screen, the load music and the big pictures, it was like I could feel all the magick. I had Bell and the Beast print on a pink sweater, even though I didn't like pink ;) I was so romanticly dreaming about it for a long time. They made my childhood better.


14.04.2014 kl.18:20

Pyrodam: Aah, so lovely! Thank you for sharing your story :) <3 I never really 'bonded' with Beauty and the Beast as a child, but I had one of the holiday spin-off's :) I really like it now when I'm older though. And I really want to see the play based on the movie that will be shown in august :)


15.04.2014 kl.00:59

A good entry deserves some responds ^^ It sounds wonderfull to see that play. I dream of watching the Lion King Musical in London, wouldn't mind watchin that play aswell :)


15.04.2014 kl.09:21

Pyrodam: Aah, yes! That play is legendary :) But the play I want to see the most, and gladly would sacrifice all other plays for, is the Lord of the Rings musical theatre! </3


15.04.2014 kl.17:53

Wow, I've never heard of it before, didn't know there was a lotr musical theatre O.o How Exciting! *_*


15.04.2014 kl.22:26

Pyrodam: I KNOW! I am SO sad and angry that I never got to see it! :'0 I listen to the songs regularly, and I think I'd like to get married to one of them. Soo magical! If you haven't heard them, go listen on youtube :) Here is the official page: http://www.lotr.com/home/ and every other year, they say that they are going to have a tour, so I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that ONE DAY!!!! <3 :D

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