~ Midsummer's Eve 2014 ~

On June 23rd I celebrated the traditional Norwegian Midsummer's Eve with my family. We went down to the beach with food and blankets and had a lovely picnic! :) Locals had arranged a traditional fire, and a not-so-traditional concert. We wore flowercrowns, as one should on this night, and really enjoyed ourselves! On our way home, we picked seven different wild flowers that we put underneath our pillows - which according to an old love spell will show you the one you will marry when you sleep that night ^^

A lot of (north) European countries has similar Midsummer celebrations, but after the christianisation of Norway, the pagan celebration of Summer Solstice / Midsummer diminished and was replaced with what we now know as St. Hansaften, the memorial day of John the Baptist.

Sweden (and the countries bordering the Baltic Sea) have kept a more authentic Midsummer celebration, and this is where I look for inspiration. I would love to celebrate Midsummer in Sweden, with the eautiful maypole and all <3

Also read more here: www.aktivioslo.no/hvaskjer/sankthans/ 
http://trolliord.webs.com/sommersolvervlitha.htm (links in Norwegian)

My beautiful sister with a flowercrown I made :)

Photos by my sister and me.

- How do you celebrate Midsummer? :)

Photos of my midsummer outfit


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25.06.2014 kl.00:56

Super lovely! <3<3 You and your sister are soooo beautifull! :D Seems like a very nice midsummer celebration.

We didn't celebrate much this year, but we relaxed on the rocks by the fjord in the evening/midnight with our cats, and it was nice too.


25.06.2014 kl.01:17

Åååh, så koselig!! :) Veldig fine blomsterkranser, og fine bilder.

Det er lenge siden jeg feiret det. Jeg feirer det bare dersom jeg blir invitert med på en slags feiring, men dersom jeg er alene gjør jeg ikke noe utav det ettersom faren min gikk bort den natta for en del år siden.

Lindsay of Sheaves

25.06.2014 kl.03:21

You and your sister are so beautiful with your crowns! I find it so interesting how differently midsommar is celebrated in different countries in Scandinavia. Last year I had no idea that you don't have the maypole in Norway like in Sweden until a Norwegian told me! I think you'd enjoy seeing the Swedish way some year! :) but of course the way every country celebrates is beautiful :)

Laura Morrigan

25.06.2014 kl.03:37

You both look so lovely in your flower crowns! I love all the photographs of the trees and the flowers! I wish we had more pagan celebrations in Australia, I would love to go to one with a maypole too! I have wanted to dance around one ever since I was a child!


25.06.2014 kl.03:38

Såå fine bilder, så ut som en veldig koselig dag. Og det første bildet av deg var utrolig fint, du er så naturlig vakker :)


25.06.2014 kl.07:36

Naviana: It was <3 Aaw, thank youuu :* <3

I saw you photos, and it looks like it was most magical and soothing :)


25.06.2014 kl.07:38

Cecilie: Hihi, tusen takk <3

Uff, så leit å høre :/ Kondolerer <3

Vi har ikke hatt noen sånn kjempetradisjon for å feire det vi heller, men vi var jo heldige i år med dette arrangementet :)


25.06.2014 kl.07:41

Lindsay of Sheaves: Thank you, Lindsay! :D Yes, it is very interesting! :p A few years ago I also heard that they celebrated something called Valborg in Sweden, which I hadn't heard of before, and I was so surprised they celebrated something we don't celebrate in Norway. We live so close, and are so similar, so I always assumed we celebrated all the same things aswell :)

I am definitely going to celebrate Midsummer in Sweden one day <3 Maybe with you?^^ Hihi


25.06.2014 kl.07:46

Laura Morrigan: Thank you, Laura! :D I wish we had more pagan celebrations in Norway too. As I mentioned did this celebration go from pagan to christian, like most other holidays, so since I prefer the pagan way, I celebrate it this way instead :D
Aw, yes!


25.06.2014 kl.07:46

Malin: Tusen takk, Malin! :D Så utrolig koselig sagt :)

Iselin Renée

25.06.2014 kl.09:40

Utrolig fine bilder :)


25.06.2014 kl.12:08

Iselin Renée: Tusen takk, søte deg ^^

Pia Amariel

26.06.2014 kl.12:37

Det bildet av deg med bålet i bakgrunnen er så utrolig fint!


26.06.2014 kl.18:44

Pia Amariel: Takk :D Min søster har nettopp kjøpt seg nytt kamera, så hun har fått øve litt med meg i det siste ^_^

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