~ Borre Vikingmarked 2014 ~

Earlier this summer I went to the Vikingmarked in Borre! I met so many friends from near and far, and we had so much fun I really forgot to take photos,
but here are a few :)

Frřydis :)

Silje, Renate and me :) (Photo: Vigdis)

Sól, me, Silje and Vigdis :) (Photo: Vigdis)

(Photo: Rob Wildwood)

So many lovely ladies and dresses!
Maria Louise, Marita Tathariel, Kristin, Renate,
Sól, Frřydis, Anita, me, Grethe and Ingrid :)

- Have you been to any vikingmarkeds this summer? :)

Photos from Borre vikingmarked 2012
Photos of the viking apron dress


~ Love and light ~

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11.08.2014 kl.17:12

I was there! :) Didn't see any of you there, though, except for Sól, I think. I really love your apron dress, it's so earthy and nice!


11.08.2014 kl.17:49

Nienna: Aw, what a shame! We'll se each other an other time, I'm sure :)
Thank you! ^^ An entry about it comes tomorrow ^^


11.08.2014 kl.17:52

Wow, AWESOME! I wish we would have something like this in my area... But maybe one day I can travel more and visit this market :) Is it a regular market?


11.08.2014 kl.17:56

Sandra: Where do you live? Maybe there is a marked closer than you think? :p We have quite a few historical markeds in Norway that are annual, and some that only take place every other year, like this one. So there will be two years until next one, but luckily there are other I can go to :D


11.08.2014 kl.20:02

I was there ^^ It was great fun!

I actually saw you there :) (ps: Your dress was really beautiful!)

You say there are a few annual historical markeds in Norway, where do these markets take place?


11.08.2014 kl.20:12

Julie: Nice :D
Aw, thank you very much! :)

There are actually quite many. Here is a list my friend made http://valkyrja.com/290114.html which also includes markeds in Sweden and Denmark :)


11.08.2014 kl.22:04

Thanks for the link ^^ (wow! There were a lot of markets! :D)

Do you plan to attend several markets this year? :)


11.08.2014 kl.22:06

Julie: I only plan on going on one more marked this year, and that is
Gjallarstadirs Vikingmarked in Lillestrřm in september :) https://www.facebook.com/events/1425856254300186/?fref=ts

How about you? :)


12.08.2014 kl.00:01

I haven't actually planned to go to more markets this year, unfortunately :/

I wish you a great time at the market in Lillestrřm! :)

Remember to take a lot of pictures ^^


12.08.2014 kl.00:59

Even though you forgot to take much pictures, I think the ones you did take were really nice and cozy ^^ Looks like a great market indeed.


12.08.2014 kl.08:31

Julie: There will always be more in the future ;)
Thank you! I will try :D


12.08.2014 kl.08:32

Naviana: Hihi, thank you <3 It also helps when you borrow pictues from your friends who also attended ^^

Fru S.

12.08.2014 kl.15:15

Fřrst og fremst: Velkommen heim ^^

Koseleg ĺ sjĺ bilder frĺ Borre, er sĺ glad for at eg fekk sjĺ deg der :) Sjřlve er vi akkurat komen tilbake frĺ Lofotr Vikingfestival, som var heilt fantastisk! Ein absolutt verdig avslutting pĺ marknadssesongen for vĺr del ^^


12.08.2014 kl.22:13

Fru S.: Tusen takk! Jeg er sĺ glad for ĺ vćre hjemme igjen :D

Ja, jeg ble sĺ glad for ĺ se deg igjen der, vi hadde det jo sĺ koselig pĺ Bjřrgvin i fjor :)
Ĺĺh, ja! Jeg har sett noen bildet pĺ facebook, og det sĺ virkelig magisk ut! <3

Laura Morrigan

13.08.2014 kl.11:32

It looks wonderful! All the wood carving! It looks so historically real! All those dresses are gorgeous too!


13.08.2014 kl.13:54

Laura Morrigan: Yes, there are many talented people in the viking community! :D I agree with everything you say^^


19.08.2014 kl.21:14

It all looks so lovely. :-)


20.08.2014 kl.17:26

Rachel: Indeed! :D

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