~ Borre Vikingmarked 2012 ~

The marked at Borre is truly my favourite of the historical markeds of the ones I've been to so far. It's placed in the very green, beautiful and magical Borreparken underneath and between trees, it's right by the sea where they usually have viking ships during the marked, and last but not least, we have Borrehaugene,
the burial mounds from year 600-900 - which adds to the atmosphere.

In my last entries, I shared my little adventure at Borre Viking Marked earlier this summer, but the first time I was there was in 2012 :) Then it was like this:

The biggest and most beautiful burial mound!

- Have you ever been to the vikingmarked in Borre? :)


~ Love and light ~

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14.08.2014 kl.00:22

I was there this summer. But it's not an annual event, I hear? Too bad if we have to wait two years to go back there. You're right, it IS beautiful there! :)


14.08.2014 kl.07:13

Nienna: I am not completely sure, but I think that's how it is. Luckily There are a lot of other markeds to visit! :D

Ms. Ladyfair

14.08.2014 kl.17:44

That looks so gorgeous and so fun! I wish we had more festivals like that where I live. :)


14.08.2014 kl.20:11

Ms. Ladyfair: Hihi, yes :) It is very nice! Something to look forward to in the summer all year! :D


15.08.2014 kl.05:48

Wow! Travelling back in time.. I really like the viking style and the fact that it exists markets and festivals like this! It looks so beautiful! Maybe i'll visit someday :)


15.08.2014 kl.11:42

Ellisyv: I know! Travelling back in time is so much fun! :D Even if it's not historically correct ^^ Hope you get to experience it sometime! :D There are a lot of different festivals, markeds and fairs you can go to. Maybe there is one closer to you than you think ;) Look here for more http://valkyrja.com/290114.html

Sol Runesdóttir

15.08.2014 kl.18:42

Sĺ herlig! Og sĺ fin du var :-)


15.08.2014 kl.18:54

Sol Runesdóttir: Ja, det er sĺ fint der! Hehe, takk :p


17.08.2014 kl.21:10

Sĺ spennende innlegg! Mange fine bilder :)

Laura Morrigan

18.08.2014 kl.07:27

I love it! The trees, the burial mound, all the viking buildings, the pet friendly-ness and the handsome Viking men of course!


18.08.2014 kl.10:55

kristinerosok: Hihi, ja, det er et veldig, veldig fint sted :D


18.08.2014 kl.10:55

Laura Morrigan: Me too<3 Have you been to anything similar before? :D

Laura Morrigan

07.09.2014 kl.02:06

I have been to some events with Historical Re-encactment societies there, showing their crafts and that sort of thing. We have quite a few Medieval Societies around in Australia, I don't think we have a lot of Viking ones, although I might just not be able to recognise the difference very well. I would love to go to one where they had elves and faeries too! I don't think we have enough of those!


07.09.2014 kl.09:25

Laura Morrigan: I see a growing interest in these kind of events after the popularity of series as The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Vikings etc. so maybe there will be more and better events to come :D Not all events are that different, because they don't necessary focus on being historically correct, hehe. And a lot of the events are very similar, as the same people travel around to most of them :)

We don't have any fairy- or fantasy festivals either, but I know a lot of people would have wanted that. Maybe I'll be a part of a crew that will create one one day? ^_^ That would be fun!

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