~ Photoshoot: The Little Mermaid ~

Finally: Here are the photos from my
Ariel cosplay / The Little Mermaid photoshoot :)

It's not perfect, but it's a start! The tail I made a few years ago for a school project, and the scallop-bra I made a few days ago. I borrowed the (slightly crooked) wig from a friend, and Flounder went home with me after a flea market this spring <3

Photos by my mother.

- Do you like the movie The Little Mermaid? :)


~ Love and light ~

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17.07.2014 kl.18:24

Wow this is inspiring! Beautiful pictures!

And yes I do love the movie "the little mermaid ":))


17.07.2014 kl.19:45

You look super cute and fit so well as a mermaid :3


17.07.2014 kl.23:00

thefashionablemom: Thank you so much! That is the best compliment I can get <3 :D
Then that makes two of us ;)


17.07.2014 kl.23:00

Naviana: Thank you so much! I really did enjoy being a mermaid :¤

Wolfie Mikachu

17.07.2014 kl.23:14

woaw! That is so awesome!


17.07.2014 kl.23:26

Wolfie Mikachu: Thank youuu <3


17.07.2014 kl.23:56

Amazing! You make such a great Ariel! :D I have seen some of your other cosplays as well, and you are so good. Truly a great inspiration! (Thank you) :)


17.07.2014 kl.23:59

Maja: Aaaw, thank you so, so much <3 Your kind words really make my heart happy :D

Lindsay of Sheaves

18.07.2014 kl.02:17

SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm blown away!!! I think you did a wonderful job on the costume and look very much like Ariel!!! The photos are just BREATH TAKING! With the sunset and everything, your mom takes lovely photos! You are the most beautiful mermaid of the North! <3


18.07.2014 kl.10:27

Lindsay of Sheaves: Thank you, thank you, thank you dearie <3 I don't know of any location that would be good enough that close to my home, so I just had to take the photos there. And I am so grateful that my mother wanted to do this for me, as I couldn't have done it myself, and I couldn't bring any photographer friends :p


18.07.2014 kl.12:53

Cool^^ The bra is very well made.


18.07.2014 kl.13:45

Meru: Hihi, thank you :D


18.07.2014 kl.14:03

Du er en nydelig Ariel! Kjempefint kostyme :)


18.07.2014 kl.15:31

Branna: Sĺ koselig at du synes det :) Tusen takk, kjćre <3

Laura Morrigan

18.07.2014 kl.16:36

What a great outfit! It looks just right! And little flounder is cute!


18.07.2014 kl.16:54

Laura Morrigan: Thank you, Laura <3 :D Yes, he is adorable! ^^

Ms. Ladyfair

19.07.2014 kl.15:51

Aww, so cute! :)


19.07.2014 kl.15:53

Ms. Ladyfair: Thank you <3


19.07.2014 kl.20:04

Sĺ fine bilder! :D:D Kjempe fint Ariel outfit ^^


19.07.2014 kl.22:51

Bizarastic: Tusen takk! :D <3

Fru S.

22.07.2014 kl.14:23

Aww, sĺ fin du var ^^ "Den Lille Havfruen" er ein av Disney-favorittane mine, drřymde alltid om ĺ vere som Ariel dĺ eg var liten *ler*


25.07.2014 kl.14:59

Vakre havfruen^^

Veronica Elise

04.08.2014 kl.09:19

You are cute as Ariel! Great costume and props :)


07.08.2014 kl.23:19

Fru S.: Tusen takk <3 Ja, den er en av mine favoritter ogsĺ! Den og Pocahontas :) Fine heltinner!


07.08.2014 kl.23:21

irethtelrunya: Aw, takk ^^


07.08.2014 kl.23:23

Veronica Elise: Thank you, sweetie <3


13.07.2016 kl.01:25

hei, dette var et veldig flott photoshoot for Ariel, du er en fin havfrue..


16.10.2016 kl.20:45

kristian: Mange takk :)

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