~ Midnight Sunlight ~

The night before yesterday was a very special night. After a fantastic evening with a friend watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with amazing food and perfect dessert, I biked home and I was instantly stunned.

The sky was breathtaking! I mean, the sky has been amazing the last week, but this was very, very special. I biked back and forth, knocking on the door of an other friend trying to get him to take a walk with me, but as no one answered (naturally, it was in the middle of the night) I ended up enjoying it all by myself :)

I sat down by the harbor for almost half an hour, until I had to leave because of a ship that was to dock up. It was so enchanting! And when I got home, about 01.00 o'clock, the thermometer said 22 degrees celcius which by Scandinavian standards is called a Tropical Night (something very rare at that hour in Norway/Scandinavia) <3 

There in the distance you can see the lighthouse we celebrated at on saturday :)

- Have you experienced a very special natural phenomenon lately? :)


~ Love and light ~

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17.07.2014 kl.02:54

This looks totally amazing! :D And I love the purple colors <3 Yes, it's been so beautiful lately!

Laura Morrigan

17.07.2014 kl.03:17

Wow, that sunset really is amazing, the colour combinations are just so perfect, and I think the fact that the sky seems to meet the water makes it even more amazing!


17.07.2014 kl.10:40

Naviana: I love it too ^_^ I felt so lucky and blessed and calm when I just sat there and gazed :)


17.07.2014 kl.10:41

Laura Morrigan: You are absolutely right! Like I said in my last post: the sea is amazing, the sky is amazing and the combination of them both is just incredible <3 And the colours this night... *sigh* :)


17.07.2014 kl.11:37

Oh, how nice! I have actually been reading the book lately, hehe. The sky was amazing:*


17.07.2014 kl.12:53

Ak.: :D What book have you been reading? :)


17.07.2014 kl.17:55

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ;)


17.07.2014 kl.18:17

Ak.: Aah, haha, of course! :D The reason we chose that movie was because my friend got one of the books as a summerpresent from her mother ^_^ I really liked it, but I heard there's not going to be any more... so I guess I have to read the books to know how the story goes :D Have you seen the movie?


17.07.2014 kl.19:00

ĺh! Nydelig solnedgang! Sukk..


17.07.2014 kl.23:00

Pyrodam: Jaa ^^ <3

Pia Amariel

18.07.2014 kl.23:48

Sĺ utrolig fine bilder!


19.07.2014 kl.00:34

Pia Amariel: Ja, det var virkelig vakkert den natta :)


21.07.2014 kl.01:27

Oh wow, that IS beautiful!! :)


21.07.2014 kl.11:14

Nienna: ^_^

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