~ Sneak peak of a secret project ~

I recently took part in a *super*secret project I am very exited about!
I look so much forward to see the finished result, but I have to be patient.
In the meanwhile I can give you a little sneak peak :)

- What do you think of the photo? What do you think the project is? :)

Ps. I am actually part of another secret project these days,
but that is not related to this photo :3

- Are you working on any secret projects?


~ Love and light ~

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13.10.2014 kl.00:21

That picture is beautiful, you are :-) I wish the camera was focused on you, not the forest behind you, i do some photography myself so i'm kind of picky when i see something that could have been better. (Sorry, lol) But you look gorgeous, like a fairytale princess...is that the subject of the photoshoot? A wild guess only :P Will be interesting to see more photos for sure :-)

Lindsay of Sheaves

13.10.2014 kl.03:22

Ohhh I can't even guess what this secret project is but I'm very curious because this photo looks amazing! :D My husband & are actually working on a secret project too right now! it's kind of fun isnt it? :)

Laura Morrigan

13.10.2014 kl.09:25

That blouse is beautiful, and your hair is looking amazing! Is it something wood nymph related?


13.10.2014 kl.17:21

Annette: Thank you, Annette <3 ^_^
I also wish the focus in the photo was better, because it is one of my absolute favourite photos of me ever :/ Bad camera + amateurs... :p I am planning on bying a new camera soooooon! <3

Your guess is not that wild, haha! :p I do look like a fairytale princess in this photo, and I've always wanted to be one :) Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I thougt about this wish and my passion for fairytales. I thought about all the fairytale photoshoots I've been inspired by through the years, and the photos I want to create in the future, so I decided to post this to sooth this longing...

I really need a good camera, a tripod, a remote and a proper course, so I at least can try to make the art that I want to make :)


13.10.2014 kl.17:22

Lindsay of Sheaves: Thank you, dear! <3 :D
Ooh, that sound exiting and super fun! ^_^


13.10.2014 kl.17:36

Laura Morrigan: Thank you! It is a second hand, reniassance inspired dress and I definetely do feel like a nymph in it! ^_^ A water nymph!

Weronika Ellen Irena

15.10.2014 kl.11:24

Aner ikke hva prosjektet kan vćre, men jeg er veldig spent! Det var et nydelig bildet.


16.10.2014 kl.18:15

Wow, how cool! And what a nice picture! Maybe a sort of musicvideo or a photo-project? Looking forward to read more about it:*


16.10.2014 kl.21:44

Weronika Ellen Irena: Sĺ koselig! Takk :D Noen har allerede avslřrt det pĺ facebook, men jeg skal snart avslřre det selv, sĺ snart jeg har fĺtt flere av detaljene pĺ plass ^_^


16.10.2014 kl.21:45

Ak.: Thank you! :D Your last guess is close! I'll reveal it soon! <3


18.10.2014 kl.13:26

Sĺ fint bilde! Og elsker designet ditt, bloggen ser ut som eventyrland!! :D


19.10.2014 kl.00:33

you look amazing. Is it Disney princess related? You could be a vertion of maleficent or sleeping beauty.


19.10.2014 kl.14:31

Elin: Tusen hjertelig takk <3 Det er nettopp et magisk sted jeg prřver ĺ skape ^_^


19.10.2014 kl.14:39

Pyrodam: Thank you, dear <3 It's not Disney related, but I guess I am some sort of a Princess :D Aww! That is such a great compliment! :O <3

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