~ Mushroom hunt ~

I had a wonderful time in the forest today :) Last weekend I really wanted to go out to the forest to hunt mushrooms, and today I finally did.

I don't have the knowledge acquired to pick them for food, but I've always appreciated beautiful things! For as long as I can remember I've been utterly fascinated by mushrooms, and I guess I have to write more about some other time :) For now, I'll show you some of the foresty treasures I've seen today :)

Half a fairy ring right outside my house! :D

Very strange mushroom :o

A beautiful fly agaric :) It was more red than in the photo.

The light was beautiful!

Creature :p

Tall ones.

Tiny ones.

Big ones.

- Have you been out hunting mushrooms?
Do you recognize or know the name of any of them? :)


~ Love and light ~

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14.09.2014 kl.18:18

I so wanted to go look for mushrooms today, too, but alas... I'm down and out with a much too resilient cold. Beautiful pictures!! :)


14.09.2014 kl.18:42

Nienna: Aww, poor thing! God bedring <3


14.09.2014 kl.21:30

Weee, mushrooms! :D I'm glad to see you got the time to look for them. I try to go on mushroom trips very often nowadays because of the mushroom expert exam, but not as often as I feel that I should... Would be best to do it every day.

Jeg kjenner igjen en god del av soppene her, men det er litt vanskelig om jeg skal holde på å nomerere dem. Den nederste er brunskrubb eller svartskrubb. Den lille knallrøde heter mønjevokssopp. En del av soppene er honningsopp. Ser ut som du har funnet kamfluesopp, vorterøyksopp, blekksopp, kremle og en musserong også :)


14.09.2014 kl.21:35

These are gorgeous! I went mushroom hunting in a local park yesterday, but didn't find nearly as many different types as you did. I also had to warn a child not to touch them in case they were poisonous (I also don't know the names of any of them, so best to be safe)...

Maria Uldahl

14.09.2014 kl.21:40

Jeg var ute å plukka for 2 uker siden, fant mye godt :) Du burde lære deg noen matsopp, så kan føle deg trygg og ta dem med hjem for å spise neste gang :D


14.09.2014 kl.22:19

Naviana: :D I can see that! I believe you are the one that go on mushroom trips more than anyone else I know, and that you still think it's too seldom is a little bit funny ^_^

Så gøy med navn :D Honningsopp? Det er jo den parasittiske soppen de snakket om i sopp-dokumentaren :o Burde man plukke dem og prøve å forhindre dem fra å spre seg, så de ikke ødelegger skogen? :3


14.09.2014 kl.22:21

Rhiannon: Wee! Mushrooms are so much fun, even if you can't eat any of them :p I remember as a child, the first mushroom hunt I ever went on, my younger sister and I just picked all the mushrooms we could find, and had them in the basked. We never inteded to eat any of them anyway, we just did it for fun, and it really was :D As an adult I am terrified of even touching them, in fear of it being poisonous :3


14.09.2014 kl.22:23

Maria Uldahl: Så bra! :D Ja, jeg har kjempelyst, og skal nok gjøre det en eller annen gang, men jeg synes alltid sånt er skummelt! I sommer spiste jeg løvetann for første gang, og var småredd for at jeg skulle bli dårlig eller syk etc. Jeg føler meg skikkelig hjernevaska som synes vill mat er skummelt :3


14.09.2014 kl.23:25

Så mange flotte natur- og soppbilder. :) Tenkte og starte på den Outlander serien nå, så bra ut i det innlegget ditt ;)


14.09.2014 kl.23:29

kristinerosok: Takk :D Åh, så flott! Kos deg. Håper du liker den :)

Laura Morrigan

15.09.2014 kl.03:35

The area you live in seems right out of a fairytale! Picking mushrooms, wonderful woods! I am so jealous!

Glad to know there are faeries near your house! Don't step in the faery ring!

I love the red and white mushroom. Back in April when I went to Ironfest I was excited to find a domed version of one of those near our cabin, obviously the faeries liked my first real thrown together faery outfit!

Ms. Ladyfair

15.09.2014 kl.13:47

I love these pictures!! It reminds me of a trail my fiance and I visit from time to time. It's full of mushrooms and wildflowers. I'm a nature fanatic so I often bring home "souvenirs" from my adventures. Just recently I brought home a bunch of acorns - I love them!


15.09.2014 kl.16:13

Laura Morrigan: Aaw ;D
I am glad too! I rememer I saw fairy rings as a child, but I didn't know what they were then, and it's been quite some time since I last saw them :)

Ooh, that sounds like a lovely experience! So cute :D It makes me happy to hear, thank you for sharing your little story ;)


15.09.2014 kl.16:20

Ms. Ladyfair: Thank you :)
Oh, that sounds like a lovely place. I am too, and ever since I was a child I loved collecting all the wild nuts I could find :p I feel the need to find som acorns now too ^_^

Sol Runesdóttir

15.09.2014 kl.19:15

Så koselig <3


15.09.2014 kl.20:52

Sol Runesdóttir: Ja, veldig :)

Maria Louise

16.09.2014 kl.08:36

Så mange vakre bilder🌹🍃

Her var det mange artige soppper🍄


16.09.2014 kl.10:30

Maria Louise: Hihi, ja :D Takk <3


16.09.2014 kl.11:49

Why do you cut them down if you don't even use them?

Actually for many mushrooms it's pretty simple to recognize if they can be eaten. I learned it from a friend of my mother when I was a child and already tought it to some friends. Adult education schools or some organisations also often offer classes during autumn.

The loast one seems to be a birch bolete, its edible. Usually those with a sponge below are edible (at least in Germany - I don't know which other mushrooms you may have) and can also be collected by beginners. For those with gills, you have to look closely and know exactly how they should look, smell and taste like.


16.09.2014 kl.12:10

Feri: I don't cut them down? I brought two home with me to identify and compare to books/internet, and the ones in my basket in the first photo was used in the landart project you can read about here: http://gaiadottir.blogg.no/1409843498__landart_at_huk_.html

It might be simple for you to recognize and eat them, but without knowledge and experience I think it's foolish to test it. I hope to take courses / classes some day, but without the knowledge it can have a deadly and painfull outcome, so I won't take the chance just now.


16.09.2014 kl.13:49

Actually it's provoking with people idikating that you're a bad person if you pick mushrooms. Yesterday someone asked me; if you love nature so much, why do you pick mushrooms? I was like... Oh my, would you rather want me to buy mistreated food from the supermarket? :O

They seem to ignore that picking mushrooms is like picking fruits or berries, you don't kill the apple tree by picking its apples! Actually by picking shrooms you can even help spread their spores. That accounts for the honey mushrooms too, so I'm not sure if it's smart to pick them... if they are small it might work though. It's so many of them I am almost swimming in honey mushrooms sometimes so I don't know what to do. I notice that they often are attacked by an illness though, it's like nature is trying to create balance. I hope the honey mushrooms won't get to mighty and take over the world, I'm wondering if anyone is studying this... hahaha ;D


17.09.2014 kl.00:02

Naviana: I can see the point in the comment above as I didn't use them for food, but I was still a little offended... I am not destroying anyting, and like you say, I might be helping the mushrooms by spreading their spores :)

What kind of person was that, asking you such an ignorant question?! That is indeed provoking!

I was thinking the exact same thing about the honey mushrooms, but what if you pick them by putting a bag over or something? And how do you 'compost' or destroy them without spreading their spores? :3 Haha. Hopefully nature knows what she is doing, and will handle it :)


17.09.2014 kl.00:13

Well it was only some ignorant girl and I don't think she meant to be rude. But yeah I don't really like to pick flowers for this very reason.. I would rather have potted plants.. but perhaps that's unethical too? Like animals in cages with malnutrition... lol! If you think like this, you might end up like a fruitarian with filter over your mouth so you don't hurt any insects, and be afraid to even walk in case you step on anything ;) I mean we are meant to live and to take up space on this planet... but not more than our little green footprint.


17.09.2014 kl.00:41

Naviana: I feel the same way :)
I love decorating with flowers, but I think more individuals will benefit from me leaving the flower where it belongs - both humans, animals and the plant itself. It even stays beautiful for a longer time, so I will benefit from it too :D I told this to some of the girls in one of the kindergartens I worked in when they found some flowers outside the fence they wanted to pick, and they immediately changed their minds and wholeheartedly agreed, and wantet to protect the flowers in stead :D That made me proud ^_^
Unfortunately the flowers were gone the next day... :3

Sometimes I feel that way, that I should just get rid of all my stuff, and only comsume as much as I need, but I know it's impossible, and that I will wither that way, and I would not be a good role model.

I too mean we are meant to live and to take up space on this planet, but not more than our little green footprint :) <3 I believe in compassion over comfort, and I do the best I can :)


17.09.2014 kl.06:25

How wonderful, next time you should bring a book about it or a friend who knows a lot :3


17.09.2014 kl.08:56

RaversSpeech: Yes :) I brought a friend with me who knew a little, but I am certainly bringing a book next time ;D


18.09.2014 kl.12:37

Such a cute story :) I think it will make sense to kids, yes! Well, the best thing is to create a balance in life. Not to go to extremes because then it might be difficult to keep it up.


18.09.2014 kl.14:43

Naviana: ^_^ Yes, balance is a good goal :)

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