~ The Hidden Florist ~

Quite some time ago, while I was on my way home from somewhere, I walked by this beautiful florist. It's placed in a little hidden alley, and it looks really magical! Almost like a overgrown house with lots of mirrors and old furniture.
It could easily belong to a witchy herbalist :)

Here are som photos :) What season does this selection of plants remind you of?
I'm not sure myself! A mix of all of them? :)

For more info, visit http://www.finnschjoll.no/

- Do you have any florists near by? Do you like florists? :)


~ Love and light ~

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22 Plants in my garden


16.02.2015 kl.18:38

Det var kjempefint!! Her har vi et gartneri en plass, men det er bare pĺ sommeren. Men det har ikke noe ĺ si fordi det bruker ĺ vćre mange enger her som er fylt med lřvetannom vĺren, og det er min favorittblomst:D


16.02.2015 kl.19:14

Always some of the coziest things in cities :) In Molde which is the closest town, there's two florists in the centre and they both are surprisingly cute and whimsical. But they always change a lot, sometimes they are amazing and sometimes not so much.


16.02.2015 kl.19:16

Elin: Ĺĺh, nĺ fĺr du meg til ĺ drřmme om sommer ^_^ Min favorittblomst er Hvitveis :)


16.02.2015 kl.19:18

Naviana: That's so true! There is one florist my tram drives by on my way to school everyday, and it always soo green and flourishing :)

Richard StarSeeker

16.02.2015 kl.20:28

Beautiful! Blessings of Mother Nature are strong at that place, I believe :) It really looks like a place of some good witch :)

Hmm, I am seeing mostly just "normal" florists here in Bergen, which I am not too keen about... but last year in Las Vegas, we visited one huuuge florist shop with all different kinds of trees, flowers, even herbs and vegetables and parrots and another birds living there freely... it was like a small rain forest in the middle of the desert! No pictures from there, unfortunately...

But this has its special charm for sure :) Thanks for sharing!


16.02.2015 kl.21:53

Richard StarSeeker: Wow! That sound incredible! :o :D Too bad you don't have photos. Maybe we can google it and find it? :)

Richard StarSeeker

17.02.2015 kl.11:11

Hehe, I have actually googled it (good idea), but for one - it looks like my memories are bit more nicer then reality :D And for second, looks like they dont have any good pictures there, I have found just some of their inhabitants :)


So yeah, florist you found is more awesome and mystique like :)

Maria U

17.02.2015 kl.13:09

Sĺĺ fint og koselig:)


17.02.2015 kl.20:34

Richard StarSeeker: Aah! I see :D Still cool, tough! Thank's for sharing ^_^


17.02.2015 kl.20:38

Maria U: Hihi, jaa :D

Laura Morrigan

17.02.2015 kl.22:50

Wow, what a magical place! I guess I should add florist to my list of future jobs, although I guess I would have to do a course!


17.02.2015 kl.23:53

Laura Morrigan: Hihihi! You are so sweeeet! ^_^


18.02.2015 kl.11:53

Sĺ nydelig! Ser ut som noe man kunne funnet i Diagon Alley :) Jeg elsker ĺ titte i denne type blomsterbutikker, de har ofte sĺ fint interiřr til salgs ogsĺ :)


18.02.2015 kl.15:43

Valkyrja.com: Ja, ikke sant! ^_^ Hihi!


21.02.2015 kl.23:29

Beautiful pictures <3


22.02.2015 kl.21:00

passion4lifeandtravel: Thank you :)

sumska vila

25.02.2015 kl.00:25

Wow! So stunning! You always find magical stuff and places.


26.02.2015 kl.17:51

sumska vila: Hihi ^_^


04.03.2015 kl.17:04

Det ligger inne en personlig invitasjon til gruppebloggen "alternativ lifestyle!" om du er interessert :)

Mvh. Alternativ Lifestyle Magazine :)


07.03.2015 kl.22:31

alternativelifestyle: Sĺ hyggelig ^_^

Anne Linn

06.04.2015 kl.13:29

Oh how beautiful, I just love it. I love little places like this, with a spirit and a soul. I always wanted to live in a small cottage overgrown with flowers.


08.04.2015 kl.11:26

Anne Linn: Me too! But that will be in the future and in the meanwhile we can treasure what we find :D Sometimes I want to just be a tourist in my own town and capture all the magical places that I find :) I think I'll do that some time ^_^

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