~ Afternoon Tea ~

Lately I've been obsessing over Tea, Teapots and Tea Parties. Luckily I can nurture that obsession with these lovely photos from last fall :)

In september Ingrid and I went to celebrate Branna's birthday, all dresed lolita inspired for an afternoon tea. We went to The Palm Court Restaurant connected to Grand Hotel in Oslo, where they had the tiniest, (most pricy) food I've ever eaten, and it was so delicious :3

The staff was very service minded and made me exclusive vegan alternatives! It was such a nice day, with beloved friends in a wonderful atmospheric place. 
A once in a lifetime experience :)

 Wild chantarelles on bruskettes with chantarelle gel  <3

Blueberry sorbet with blueberry sheets, cloudberrysauce and cloudberries <3

- Have you been to any fancy resturants? :)


~ Love and light ~

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Frida Christine

10.02.2015 kl.23:03

Firmafestens middag ble en gang pĺ Emmas Drřmmekjřkken i Tromsř, en av byens fineste og dyreste restauranter. Det er til dags dato den beste maten jeg noensinne har blitt servert og siden jeg var eneste veganer rundt bordet, og kokkene tilberedte "for mye" mat, fikk jeg ogsĺ hele to porsjoner hovedrett! Bakte hřstgrřnnsaker, mmm!


11.02.2015 kl.00:30

Haha, I could imagine the situation. Smooth (if that makes sense) music, relaxed ambient and a hot cup of tea in your hands. Talking maybe about what a nice day it was.

I've never been anywhere that fancy, but surely it was a great experience. The design of the cups and the room (the ceiling is perfect) make me feel like I'm in a fairytale.

Well... by the moment I'll be there waiting for the next post with an orange and green tea. ;)

Want some?

Love from Spain ♥


Richard StarSeeker

11.02.2015 kl.10:24

Hehe, your first sentence about being obsessed with tea just reminded me, that I want to make a morning tea for myself - green jasmine tea, to wake me up, so thank you for that! :D

And wow, that was some experience, I can imagine! I am not really fancy of luxury restaurants generally, buuuut... yeah, once in a Lifetime, why not to savor a bit :) To enjoy the various experience of this material reality, when possible... :)

My experience from fancy restaurant (though not so fancy as this I guess) was from Cheesecake Factory in USA, Las Vegas (long story how I got there :D ) and we had to wait about 15 minutes in a cue to get a table... before I thought, that I don´t really want to go to the fancy restaurant where people have to wait to get a table... but my trip to USA made me to reconsider lot of my "dos and don´ts" :D

Thank you for sharing, I am sure it was great experience for all of you! Have a nice day :)


11.02.2015 kl.19:11

Frida Christine: Ĺĺh, det hřrtes jo helt fantastisk ut! Nomnom! :D Og for et koselig navn pĺ stedet. Du var jammen heldig ^_^

En av de beste matopplevelsene jeg har hatt, var da vi ble servert 5 retters i bryllup rett fřr jeg ble veganer! Det var sĺ mange spennende kombinasjoner og ting jeg ikke hadde smakt fřr. Rett og slett magisk :)


11.02.2015 kl.19:17

Martu: That's pretty accurate ^_^ I really enjoyed it! Such a gorgeous place :) I wan't to find more fantastical and unique places to dine! :)

Aw, you are so cweet! I definitely want some! Luckily I have quite a lot of oranges :D Mhmm.



11.02.2015 kl.19:22

Richard StarSeeker: Haha, that's great! :D I need to go to bed earlier so I can wake up and have time for that too before class...

Exsactly! I feel the same way. It was a special occation, hihi. Just like last summer, when I travelled a lot! Not something I would do every year, but it was a very special experience :)

Hahaha! Great story :) I'm probably going to visit my sister in California in June, so I might end up with a similar story :3


Laura Morrigan

12.02.2015 kl.04:43

What a beautiful place! Times like this with friends are so special! My favourite place is Hatter's Tea House, which is not expensive but delightfully quirky! I hope you don't mind me linking these posts, with some great pictures!





12.02.2015 kl.12:02

Laura Morrigan: Indeed it is! I want to do it more often. Wish my friends and I had more time so we could to magical things together more often :)

Thank you for sharing! :D It's inspiring to see what you were served! :)

Richard StarSeeker

16.02.2015 kl.20:23

Hmm, visiting your sister in California! That sounds great! Where exactly? I have been in California briefly (in LA) and it has been great! Swimming in the Pacific Ocean, getting up the hills, enjoying great vegan food or smoothies... I hope you will enjoy! :)


16.02.2015 kl.21:53

Richard StarSeeker: We're actually going on a road trip on almost all of the west coast! :o From San Francisco, all the way up to Canada! I hope to see the little fairytale village in Carmel, and the Redwood forest! Gaaaah!

Richard StarSeeker

17.02.2015 kl.11:15

Wooooooooooow!!! Awesome! :D That sounds really great! I did roadtrip with my sister and brother in law (who are now also in USA, just in Las Vegas :) ) from Vegas to Florida and back (seeing Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Key West, Yellowstone and other places), it was awesome too, but the roadtrip you are going to do, that will be... just wow :D

Funny is, that my sister wrote me, that they want to do exactly the same road-trip as you are going to do later this year and I should come to join them again :D

So we can expect some nice pictures and stories here? :) Are you going to pass by Mt. Shasta? Lot of mysteries around it too... and yeah, Redwood forest, nothing more needed to say :)


17.02.2015 kl.20:38

Richard StarSeeker: What a coincidence! There are so many nice places I'd like to see in the US, but it's such a big country! :o

I am definitely sharing photos and some memoirs from the journey :) Not sure about Mt. Shasta :) Time will show! :D

Richard StarSeeker

18.02.2015 kl.16:07

That is true, several Life-times would be needed to explore it all... and much more to explore all the beautiful places in whole World :)

And it is too early, but I wish you great trip! :)


19.02.2015 kl.02:04

Richard StarSeeker: True, true, sooo true. And sad, because I can never experience all of it...

Thank you! :D

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