~ Secret project revealed! ~

We have been planning this project for over a year now, but we didn't get to keep the secret for long :) My sneak peak was postet just in time, as someone special revealed the secret later the same day! 'Who' was a big surprise for all of us, and it was much earlier than expectet, but...

~ Now it's revealed! ~

The project is a photo calendar for 2015 inspired by Pre-Raphaelite art! :D

We are 11 Pre-Raphaelite Muses from all over the world who have contributed with unique, and personal photos for this beautiful and exclusive calendar created by Hannah Titania :) As you can see below, my photo represent the month of November. You might also recognize some of my Norwegian sisters; Branna represents May and Camilla Rose represents July :)

Each Muse in this calendar holds a special type of beauty that is described as 'Pre-Raphaelite. Apart from beging models who pose in the Pre-Raphaelite style for photography, paintings and drawings, they are also artists themselves and inspire others through their beings and ideals. All the Muses in this calendar where chosen not only for their beauty and artistic endeavours, but also because they have a passion for Pre-Raphaelite art.

As well as a beautiful photo for each month, you will be able to read a little bit about each Muse, such as where they are from, and their art, as well as the photo credits and websites to find out more. There is a page at the beginning of the calendar explaining all about the Pre-Raphaelite art and Muses, so it is a wonderful gift, even if you are giving it to someone who may not be familiar with Pre-Raphaelite art, as they can learn about it :)

Since the calendar was revealed before any of us had recieved it yet, it is only possible to pre-order it right now. Later you can purchase it from the different places and the different Muses, link's that will be listed here :)

This means I am in the progress of creating a shop on etsy to sell calendars, but I will also be selling some at local markets :)

Last but not least: It was FAE Magazine who first revealed the secret! :D All of our photos will be featured in the FAE issue 29 winter 2014, and the calendar is even mentioned on the front cover! *squee!*

This is a dream come true, and I can't wait to have both the calendar and the magazine in my hands <3

- Have you been in a calendar or a magazine before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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Sina-Marie Hatlem

22.10.2014 kl.17:00

Sĺ kult =D


22.10.2014 kl.17:03

Sina: Ja! Jeg er veldig glad og stolt over ĺ fĺ vćre med pĺ dette prosjektet :)

Sina-Marie Hatlem

22.10.2014 kl.17:05

Det forstĺr jeg =D Lykke til =D


22.10.2014 kl.17:59

Sina: Takk ^_^


22.10.2014 kl.21:07

Wow sĺ awesome! XD gratulerer med kalenderen:)


22.10.2014 kl.21:11

Wolfie: Tusen takk, sřte ^_^

Laura Morrigan

23.10.2014 kl.00:34

How wonderful! I love Pre-Raphaelite art!


23.10.2014 kl.01:12

Laura Morrigan: ^_^ That is great! <3

Anne Linn

23.10.2014 kl.14:49

Oh wow, how incredible! The pictures all look beautiful from what I can tell.

Gratulerer med kalenderen! Veldig magisk :)


23.10.2014 kl.22:46

Anne Linn: Yes! I am very happy with the result :)

Tusen takk, Anne Linn <3


26.10.2014 kl.14:06

Sĺ stilig! Blir spennende ĺ se hvordan den blir! :D


26.10.2014 kl.17:34

Marion: Takk :D Jeg gleder meg veldig til ĺ se det ferdige resultatet selv! ^_^


28.10.2014 kl.09:43

Ohh, this is so great! Go for it, little fairy-sister.

You are always in my mind


28.10.2014 kl.16:08

wildewoelfin: Thank you, darling! <3 You too! I've been thinking about you a lot lately <3


03.11.2014 kl.23:13

Congratulations! Such wonderful news. The calendar looks so awesome and beautiful!


03.11.2014 kl.23:14

Pyrodam: Thank you, sweetie! <3 ^_^

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