~ Magical Fairy in the Enchanted Forest, Gaiadóttir fanart animation ~

Today I found out that I got my first fanart!
The photo and animation abowe is made by Frank Wilhelmsen, and is based on this photo from the Spring Faerie of Equinox photo series I made this March :)

- Have you ever had anyone making fanart of/for you,
or have you ever made it yourself? :)


~ Love and light ~

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17.11.2014 kl.20:54

Sĺ stilig!


17.11.2014 kl.21:45

RaversSpeech: Haha, ja det er litt gřy ^_^

Stina Ueland

17.11.2014 kl.23:58

Sĺ kult! :)


18.11.2014 kl.00:20

Stina: Hihi, ja :)

Anne Linn

18.11.2014 kl.11:43

Sĺ vakkert. Elsker lyset.


18.11.2014 kl.13:39

Anne Linn: Ja, det er en fin animasjon :) Det var koselig og uventet ĺ fĺ den :)


18.11.2014 kl.14:09

Kuult! :D Har fĺtt noen tegninger og slikt av meg selv, men aldri en animasjon =D Var et flott bilde da!


18.11.2014 kl.14:35

mshildur90: Ĺh, sĺ koselig! ^_^ Det har ikke jeg fĺtt (ennĺ :p ) Takk! :)

Laura Morrigan

19.11.2014 kl.07:16

I love it! It was already so amazing!


19.11.2014 kl.16:06

Laura Morrigan: Wee! :D <3

sumska vila

23.11.2014 kl.02:17

So cool :) one day I'm going to write my novel about fairy girl on earth and you'll be on my cover too. :)))

i hope so :D


23.11.2014 kl.12:55

sumska vila: Aaaaw! That is the sweetest thing! That would be an honor :') You are so kind <3

sumska vila

23.11.2014 kl.14:15

I'd love it. I'm currently writing contemporary novel, because it takes more time to write fantasy, but i hope i will once, because I love fairies so much and you'd be perfect for that cover. :))


23.11.2014 kl.14:29

sumska vila: Good luck on all of your writing projects :) It's so exiting! You have to tell me when you publish your books, so I can read them ^_^

sumska vila

23.11.2014 kl.22:07

Thank you! I'll let you know :))) Btw, one thing I forget to ask you every time is about that Q & A for your hundreth post. where are the answers?


26.11.2014 kl.15:08

sumska vila: I haven't answered yet! :3 I want to answer as good as I can, and some of them I want to make full entries about, because I have so much to say. And suddenly I am in the middle of exams, which is almost every day for three weeks now, so I'm sorryyy. Hopefully I'll start answering before the end of the year :)


28.11.2014 kl.18:06

Ĺĺh, sĺ koselig!! :D Det var jo faktisk kjempesřtt ^^<3

sumska vila

28.11.2014 kl.20:27

Oh, okay. good luck with your exams :))


28.11.2014 kl.20:53

Cecilie: Hihi, ja :D


28.11.2014 kl.20:53

sumska vila: Thank you <3 :D

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