~ Waiting for winter ~

Hello, fearies and dearies! :)

As you might have noticed, I'm having a little break from my blog these days. I'm almost halfway through the first year at my new studies, but I'm still trying to get used to being a full time student! :3 It's a lot of work, and things I've been wanting to do for a loooong time, gets even further back on my to-do list.

I haven't answered my Q & A yet, as I want to answer some of them in separate entries (which means you still can ask questions, wee! Keep'em coming!), and I haven't celebrated the birthday of this blog, which was in October(!), either :O Now I'm in the middle of my exams, which fortunately are fun :)

We've just finished our music exam, and we're currently working on our art exam, so here you have a little preview :)

~ Wish you all a magical December! <3 ~

See you soon!


~ Love and light ~

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Laura Morrigan

02.12.2014 kl.10:26

Happy belated blog birthday!~ Looking forward to the Q&A! Study is sooooo time consuming!

I can't wait for winter, but we have just come into summer here! It's way too hot!


02.12.2014 kl.21:43

Laura Morrigan: Thank you, sweetheart! :D
Yes, it really is!

It's so fascinating! I can't imagine yuletime with hot temperatures! But I have experienced snow-free winters :/ Hope we'll get some snow this year... Sooon! Pleasee!

sumska vila

04.12.2014 kl.17:51

Happy birthday to your blog! :))

I hope you'll get your snow soon. I on the other hand hope to avoid it. We from the South don't like the snow at all. :P


04.12.2014 kl.18:56

sumska vila: Thank you! :D Hihihi ^_^ <3

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