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As promised, here is the results of our Art Exam :)

Artwork by Monika Borgan, Shabana Ghani,
Camilla Snekkerhaugen and myself. Photos by Monika Borgan.

We called the project "Small houses, great possibilities". The sculptures are made of play-doh and clay, and we placed them in all different sorts of places; 
inside, outside, on buidings, in nature etc. We wanted to inspire children to make their own toys and work with these materials in unlimited places :)
We were pleased with the result, and our examiners really liked it too! :D

- What do you think? Would children be inspired by and like this kind of art?


~ Love and light ~

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Laura Morrigan

15.12.2014 kl.01:59

Wow, I love these! Utterly magical and inspiring! I was thinking of doing something like this, I need to find some material that lasts! I bought some faery doors recently but they are really too big for that sort of thing!


15.12.2014 kl.10:47

Awwe! De er sĺ fantastiske! For en nydelig ting ĺ oppdage for de som ser dem^^


15.12.2014 kl.12:57

Laura Morrigan: Thank you! :D Aaw, I encurage you to do it, it was so much fun and it really made me happy! :D I want to do it more, with other materials and other places! :D Can't wait to see your fairy doors :) <3


15.12.2014 kl.12:58

Magda: Tusen takk :D Ja, jeg hĺper folk vil like det like mye som oss ^_^


15.12.2014 kl.13:16

Supercute! ^^ Geriljafairygardening ;)


15.12.2014 kl.13:31

Naviana: Oh, yeah! ;D

Miss Ladyfair

15.12.2014 kl.13:48

So cute!! I had a similar photo project where I hid fairies in a fountain. This makes me want to take up photography again. Good job. :)


15.12.2014 kl.14:26

Miss Ladyfair: Aaw, that sounds so wonderful! I want to do something similar :D If you want to, then do it! :) Fairy sharey! :D


15.12.2014 kl.15:01

Thats amazing! I love the door and the little lampost on the big lampost:)


15.12.2014 kl.15:02

Wolfie: Thank you! :D Yes, we played with contrasts and repetition ^_^

Lindsay of Sheaves

15.12.2014 kl.15:26

how completely adorable!!!


15.12.2014 kl.16:19

Lindsay of Sheaves: Thank you, Lindsay! :D <3

sumska vila

16.12.2014 kl.17:37

Love it! Such a wonderful idea!


17.12.2014 kl.00:36

sumska vila: Hihi, thank you! :D


21.12.2014 kl.22:29

Sĺ kreativ, artig og spennende kunst! Like it :)


21.12.2014 kl.22:43

kristinerosok: Hihi, takk! :D

sumska vila

25.12.2014 kl.11:49

Merry Christmas, Kama!


27.12.2014 kl.14:49

sumska vila: Thank youuu!!! Merry Yuletide, Sumska Vila <3

sumska vila

28.12.2014 kl.17:26

I hope you enjoyed Cinderella :))

Btw, i think I never told you my real name: Barbara.


29.12.2014 kl.11:08

sumska vila: Aaw, I don't remember if you did. Excuse me if I forgot :) Thank you for telling me again <3

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