~ The New World (2005) ~

I want to share a movie I love with you. "The New World". I fell completely in love with this version of the story of Pocahontas, played by the gorgeous and talented (then 14 year old!) Q'orianka Kilcher. The movie is comfortably slow, full of amazing shots of paradise-like nature, accompanied by
beautiful music and great costumes.

Q'orianka Kilcher is perfect as Pocahontas, Colin Farrell is a handsome John Smith and Christian Bale is even handsomer as John Rolfe <3 It's all just... *sigh*

I'm so inspired by this movie, both by the native americans and by the european 1600's - how they both clash and fit perfect together. It's magical :)

- Have you seen it? Do you have other Pocahontas-movies to recommend? :)


~ Love and light ~

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22.01.2017 kl.13:17

Takk for tips. Jeg har sett flere filmer med den samme tema, men ikke akkurat denne.


22.01.2017 kl.14:48

desomskapteverden: Bare hyggelig! Hvilke har du sett? Noe du vil anbefale? :)


22.01.2017 kl.17:28

One of my fav movies <3 But didn't watch it since it came out... :O So don't remember too much of it. Would love to watch it again some time.


23.01.2017 kl.21:32

Naviana: I knew you would like it ^_^ I haven't seen it for two years myself, when I originally wrote this entry but never postet it until now :p (But somehow, my blog put it back in time in the archives! :o So weird!)


22.01.2017 kl.18:17

Apocalypto og Dances with Wolves er veldig bra.


23.01.2017 kl.21:33

desomskapteverden: Har ikke sett noen av dem, men har hřrt mye bra. Spesielt om den siste. Den vil jeg se! :)

Marina Aurora

02.02.2017 kl.19:50

Elsker den filmen! :) (1600-tallet forresten :) sĺ utrolig bra filmet, bra skuespill og vakker natur.


02.02.2017 kl.20:34

Marina Aurora: Den er sĺ fiiin! <3

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