~ Come of Day ~

Hello, sweet friends and fairies :)

A new year has begun, and I've been having a rough start.

Not that anything special has happened, but I'm having troubles with dealing with my emotions. I'm stressed, anxious, nervous and worried about
everything and nothing.

My motivation for anything has been non-existing lately. I have a lot of inspiration, but turning that inspiration into action is just... impossible.
I can't seem to get things done.

Not my hobbies, not my duties. I'm always procrastinating, worsening my own situations, not improving any one elses.

My technophobia is getting worse, and so is the thought of others judging me. So I'm almost not blogging anymore, neither here or on instagram or anywhere else.

So today I want to change that.

Yesterday I had a long and cleansing walk, and both yesterday and today I've been talking to dear friends I haven't seen or talked to in a long time. It has really helped me, and I feel much better :) Friends are the best medicine! <3


Like last year, I'll make a little list of personal goals for the year, so here it is:

- From now on, I'll blog whenever I want, and about whatever I want :) Earlier I obsessed with posting entries in chronological order, and when I couldn't, I felt like a failure. How silly is that? :p

- I'm going to dance more often! In my living room! :D Move my body, every little piece of it, wake it up and shake it off. Sweat and make my heart rate rise. It's fun, and it's exercise :)

- Last year I wen't "no poo" and this year I'll make my own deodorant.

- I'm going to buy/eat more local and organic, and less imported and processed foods.

- I want to be more creative, and I'm going to sew more!

- Last year I tried cosplaying for the first time, and this year (this month) I'm going to sew my first cosplay from scratch, and generally cosplay more. :D

- I have too much stuff, so I'm generally going to get rid of things.

- But I'm going to buy a new camera! I keep telling myself that everything will magically arrange itself as soon as I get a camera! :3

- I need an income, so I have to get a job!

As well as all of the goals above, there were a few goals from last year that I would like to give a new try, like collecting garbage and meditating regularly :)

- Last but not least, I'm going to unleash my inner Fairy Princess, and wear more jewelry, bindis etc. in everyday life, spreading the magic and be myself :)

- Do you have any goals for this year you'ld like to share? :)

Ps. If I  more goals come to my mind after this list is published, I'm not afraid to add them :3


~ Love and light ~

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Richard StarSeeker

12.01.2015 kl.17:32

If I can say something, take it easy with yourself and your moods and situation right now :) After all, it is still winter (and quite wild one), time of relaxing, when Mother Nature mostly sleeps, animals are hibernating, it is time to get rest, recover after crazy year and recharge with energy, it is natural cycle. Lot of people (including me) have it like this right now (just our technocratic society is pushing us into ignoring it). So don´t worry, I am sure when winter is over, you will head up full of energy into your projects :) And for now, just relax and enjoy :)

And yes, friends are amazing...

And you have good goals! I will share few of mine then... do more yoga, get more on raw vegan diet, be more active (exercise more, go for a walk to forest more), learn to play guitar... enjoy everything as much as possible and more :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great year! :)

Love and Light, sure indeed! (I am surprised to read it here, I am using it for couple of years now too :) )

Richard StarSeeker


12.01.2015 kl.18:13

Job? Are you not in school anymore?

And remember:

?There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.? ― Dalai Lama XIV


12.01.2015 kl.18:38

Hello Kama Sofie,

I've been reading your blog for some time and I've been impressed by your kindness and beauty. I admire your attitude towards Earth and also that you're vegan!

I went through similar feelings as you describe and I wish you all the best. I know it's hard sometimes, but I'm sure that one day you will feel better! What helped me was reading a book by Neil Fiore 'The Now Habit'. I can't recommend it enough. It addresses the problems of procrastination, perfectionism, fear of being judged - it explains in a friendly way why they happen and allows you to overcome them. (I don't have any affiliation with Mr Fiore - I just think the book is awesome and changed my life so much). So I recommend to at least start reading it - the most important is in the first half anyway :)

I hope that either way you will soon be a very happy person that you deserve to be :) And you have a good idea with meditation, this is something I'd like to do more often as well!

All the best,



12.01.2015 kl.21:32

Oh, I found you this morning looking for inspirational blogs and you see so sweet.

I'm not a huge fan of making list because I know that I'll get frustrated if I don't reach my goals but maybe, just a few easy to do...

I hope you the best for this beginning of the new year, as an opportunity to re-discover yourself.

Love from Spain,

Martu =)

sumska vila

12.01.2015 kl.23:13

I really hope you don't stop blogging. I have been procrastinating with my writing, I always doubt myself and I hate that. But I decided to write my stories no matter what. One of the problems is that I'm writing in English and since it's my third language it can be really challenging sometimes.

I read somewhere how lemon is a good naural deodorant.

I meditated today. The experience was beyond amazing. I can't believe I am not doing it everyday. But what's easy to do is as easy not to do. I guess that's the main problem.

Laura Morrigan

13.01.2015 kl.00:14

I do find that being your inner faery princess can help you feel better!

I wouldn't say that I am a technophobe, but I am not great with technology compared to a lot in my generation! Technology is great for some things, but at other times, unneeded and overdone! I definitely think getting back to nature as you do is a freeing and renewing experience!

Good luck with this year!

Miss Ladyfair

13.01.2015 kl.03:46

I love to read your posts. :) I'm sorry you've been struggling with anxiety, I have the same problem. I don't expect frequent posts from you, but I understand the pressure, I've often felt obligated to put out more posts on my blog, too. You should take as long as you need when you're writing, it's better when it comes naturally. I think you have some very good goals for this year. I'm looking forward to your sewing projects!


13.01.2015 kl.11:31

Hei, kjæreste deg!! Høres ut som bra mål og jeg har tro på deg :) Og jeg har stor tro på oppgang og at 2015 vil bli et lysere år for deg. Glad i deg. Stor klem!

Anniken Bye

13.01.2015 kl.18:34

Kjenner meg litt igjen i å utsette ting, ha manglende motivasjon og lite handling.. Er ganske lik selv, og merker det sliter på psykisk.. Hørtes ut som en god ide å ta en gåtur. Kanskje jeg burde prøve det selv :)

Et av målene mine for i år er å være mer tro mot meg selv. Begynte den ferden med å ta tatovering. Noe jeg har drømt om lenge :) I tillegg så er jeg iferd med å få bloggen min opp fra grava og inn i bloggverden igjen.

Håper du får en fin kveld, uke, måned og et fantastisk år!:)

Er stor fan av bloggen din så håper det kommer mer herfra ^^


13.01.2015 kl.19:33

Richard StarSeeker: You are absolutely right, and rest is what I gave myself yesterday. Sometimes you just need some time alone to deal with things. I've felt quite invaded lately, and being alone really recharged me :) And of course talking with friends, getting others perspectives on things.

Thank you for sharig your goals. They are close to my heart as well, and maybe I'll put them on one of my future lists :) Yoga has been there since forever!

Have a magical year, Richard :) And thank you for a beautiful, thoughtful comment <3


13.01.2015 kl.19:36

Helene: Yes, I'm still in school, but I don't get any scholarship because I live with my mother, so I need to get a part time job to have an income...

Lovely quote! I'm such a worrier, and always live in the past and the future, making it hard to live in the present, so thank you for sharing :) I will keep it and remember it!


13.01.2015 kl.19:43

Nienna: Hallo, Nienna :)

How kind of you to say so! You've made my day! :D Thank you <3

The hardest thing is always to start! I have a book about the same problems, and I've been working with that book for over a year. It says the first fase is realising you have a problem. The second fase is starting to change, and most people get stuck in the second fase for about 2 years, and unintentionally I'm right according to the book :3

I am very positive, and I know this will be a great year :) I want to be a warrior, not a worrier :D

All the best to you too <3


13.01.2015 kl.19:51

Martu: Aw, that is so sweet! Welcome to my Norwegian Wood :) <3

I've become completely addicted to making lists, because if I don't make them, I forget what I'm supposed to do! :p This goes for new year resolutions as well as everyday to-do-lists.

Thank you for your kindness, Martu! *Snow sparkles* from the North <3


13.01.2015 kl.20:01

sumska vila: I'm not going to stop blogging. Don't worry :) I have many things I want to share and write about, like my trip to Europe this summer, and other events! :D

Hope you overcome your doubts and write. And write and write :D Everyone has started somewhere, and it seems to me that you have a very clear vision of what you want to create :) I can feel it will be great, and I promise I will read it when you're done <3 And I'm not even a good reader! :D

I've also read lemon is great in maaany ways, but I've got very sensitive skin, so I think lemon will irritate it even more :/

Ah! That's great! :) I think you're right! And I haven't thought of it like that before... wise words. Would you like to share how you did it? :)


13.01.2015 kl.20:06

Laura Morrigan: Hihi, I know! :D I did it today, and it helped :)

I would like to go offline more often, but I feel I have to be online to catch up with friends, fellow students, colleagues etc. And it get's addicting... I want to have (at least) one day offline a week and see if it gets better :)

Thank you! Good luck to you too <3


13.01.2015 kl.20:30

Miss Ladyfair: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like it ^_^
I think a lot of bloggers have it like this and feel the same way. I've even noticed that most of my non-blogging friends is suffering with different degrees of anxiety. I think it's because of modern society - growing populations and distance from nature. The latest news in the media with terrorism, rivalry and war, no wonder people become sad, depressed, scared and anxious. I've never liked watching/reading the news, and now it literally makes me sick :( (and studies confirm that http://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/apr/12/news-is-bad-rolf-dobelli) Unfortunately I live with my mother who "can't live without it" and always says "it's important and we HAVE to have the news"... Gah.

I'm definitely going to bring my hobbies back to life, and try to do something everyday! :) Today I even started on my cosplay! :D And tomorrow I'll start sewing :) I'm looking forward to show you ^_^


13.01.2015 kl.20:35

Vikinghuldra: Hei, fine! *savne på* <3
Tusen takk :) Det har jeg også! Tro, tillit og tryllestøv :D
Håper vi sees mer i år. *klemmepå*


13.01.2015 kl.20:53

Anniken Bye: Det er nok ganske mange som er sånn. De fleste sliter faktisk med dette i løpet av livet, noen mer enn andre, og kanskje mer nå enn før, hvor vi har så mye tid og lite tid på en gang :o Det er rart å tenke på. Man lever lenger nå, og rekke å gjøre mer i løpet av livet, men vi har så mange valg og muligheter at vi har vanskelig for å bestemme oss, og dermed ofte ender opp med å ikke velge i det hele tatt... Jaja.

Turer i naturen er fantastisk, og forskning sier det er helsebringende :) Lærte om det i faget Natur og Helse i fjor :D Se også http://forskning.no/kulturlandskap-okologi-ressursokonomi-psykologi-stub/2008/02/naturen-pavirker-oss

Så spennende med tatovering! Jeg kan tro det påvirker en å skaffe seg det, for man kan ikke 'trekke det tilbake' :) Jeg har noen tatoveringsideer selv, men jeg liker også tanken på at kroppen min er uberørt og naturlig, uten hull i ørene engang :3 Men vi få se. Kanskje en dag!

Tusen takk for koselig kommentar <3 Så hyggelig for at du liker deg her :)
God natt, uke, måned og år til deg også ^_^

sumska vila

13.01.2015 kl.22:06

I use guided meditation, I cannot meditate on my own just following my breath. If you want I can send them to you. I hope I answered right, that last sentence made me scratched my head a bit, wasn't sure what exactly did you mean.

Lol, I forgot to tell you my favorite genre is erotic romance, I hope you still want to read it :P

I meditated this morning too, I just need 19 more days to make it a habit hhihih

But it definitely helped me enormously, I feel less anxious and more inspired. Actually, I still live with my parents and they pass their worries, fear and anxiety on me. So it can be challenging to stay positive sometimes, but when I look back at last year I think I did liberate myself from few harmful beliefs. And I am thankful for that.

I hope you'll be in a better place emotionally soon. I think Teal Swan said it, how when you are afraid of being judged it's because of self-rejection, something like that. It made sense to me.

Anniken Bye

13.01.2015 kl.23:23

Sv: Vet du hva? Akkurat det merker jeg veldig mye av selv. Jeg har så mye jeg vil gjøre. Jeg vil lære å spille gitar, bli veldig god i idretten min, jeg vil få toppkarakterer, lære meg yoga, lære å synge, bli flinkere til å tegne etc. Men klarer ikke velge så som du sier ender jeg opp med å gjøre noe så teit som å spille minecraft i stedet :P

Takk! Skal sjekke den ut :)


14.01.2015 kl.12:55

sumska vila: Yes, please send it to me :D I also prefer guidance when I meditate (and work out) :)

Aah! Haha :D I definitely want to read it ;)

Oh, wow! That's great! :D You can do it! It seems like you've come a long way already, and I'm so happy for you :) My mother is mostly very relaxed en blissful, a a trait I unfortunately have not inherited :p Well, when I'm happy, I'm very happy, but it's likewise when I'm sad. Hope meditation etc. will make me become more balanced :) I'm also starting therapy this year :D

Yes, that is right. My performance anxiety is based on others expectations, but it's just imaginary :o


14.01.2015 kl.13:10

Anniken Bye: Akkurat! Jeg vil lese bøker, sy, lage andre hobby-ting, ta opp tegningen, lære yoga, ta bilder, være mer i naturen, men sitter stort sett på pc'en og ser på bilder av disse tingene i stedet :p Så på tv her om dagen at hjernen tror vi gjør det vi ser, og det er derfor det er så lett å bli avhengig av tv/spill/pc etc. o.O Makes sense. Artikkelen jeg linket til tidligere nevnte f.eks. at det ikke var store forskjellen i positiv påvirkning av å se på fine bilder av natur som å faktisk gå tur :o

sumska vila

14.01.2015 kl.15:11

Okay. Just write me your email here so I can send you meditations: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YSkoh-OXJYgc5A3Y2VGeBGaZ_7AjeSxwGviZ0edyo24/viewform?c=0&w=1

I meditate today again. That's alredy three times in row. Wow!

Yay! I love both clean and erotic romance, for me the plot is the most important part, but I know some people just read clean romance.

Anniken Bye

14.01.2015 kl.15:33

Sv: Jeg og! Oii såppass :o Haha det forklarer faktisk veldig mye :P


14.01.2015 kl.16:29

sumska vila: Thank you! :)

Wow! I'm impressed! You have really inspired my to start meditating, knowing that it's going so well for you, so I will do it tonight! :D <3

I'm currently reading the norwegian young adult fantasy novel Råta, and it's just so amazing. Hope it will be published in english some day :)


14.01.2015 kl.16:29

Anniken Bye: Hihi, ja! :D


22.01.2015 kl.11:56

Liker listen din :) Du er et godt menneske, og det skinner frem gjennom når du skriver. :) Jeg er sikker på at du vil klare å oppnå målene dine, og håper du samtidig klarer å gi deg selv mer fri fra bekymringer om hva andre tenker og hva man burde gjøre hele tiden! Og når det gjelder prokrastinering så har vel alle et behov for å "gjøre ingenting" av og til og vi trenger ikke ha dårlig samvittighet for det. Men om det blir for mye, slik at det går utover jobb og fritid som du skriver, så finnes det jo ting man kan gjøre. SiO tilbyr kurs i stressmestring og studiemestring nå på ulike steder i Oslo, kanskje det kunne vært verdt å prøve ut: http://goo.gl/oZM7mO ? :) Midfulness er også en stressmestringsteknikk som kanskje kan være aktuell for deg, den er evidensbasert og går ut på ?oppmerksomt nærvær i øyeblikket? :) I tillegg til kurs (som ofte kan koste mye penger) så finnes det norske mindfulnessapper med meditasjonsprogrammer som kan ha god effekt på følelsene du beskriver, se: http://www.helsebiblioteket.no/psykisk-helse/mindfulness-apper-p%C3%A5-norsk :)



23.01.2015 kl.10:42

Valkyrja.com: Ååh, tusen takk! For en omtenksom og god kommentar <3 Du har flere kjempegode tips her! Apper er ganske genialt egentlig! Jeg må bare huske å laste dem ned og å ta dem i bruk :p Takk for link!

Jeg har heldigvis blitt flinkere til å drive med hobbyene mine, men så har jeg til gjengjeld blitt litt dårligere på skole/viktige saker :3 Men, men. Det går nok bra! Jeg opplever hvertfall at ting jeg har tenkt på å gjøre i laang tid (flere år) endelig blir satt i gang og gjort! Og da blir skuldrene mine lettere :) Den gode kurven fra 2014 fortsetter! Men selvfølgelig med noen knall og fall innimellom! ;P


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