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I'm overwhelmed by the amount of positive, beautiful and thoughtful comments I got on my last entry :) Thank you <3

Today I started on a new creative project, which I'll show you tomorrow :D Tonight I want to share something beautiful. The last day of last year was blessed with a beautiful pale, pink sky, white snow and a rainbow. On that special day I got of the bus before my stop, just so I could gaze at, and absorb the beautiful view :) *sigh*

- Have you seen any beautiful phenomenons lately? Are you enjoying winter? :)


~ Love and light ~

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13.01.2015 kl.22:30

Oh, the colors of the sky are pretty amazing. Such a wonderful view just before arriving home.

Unluckily, I'm living in a big city so I can't enjoy the beautiful colors of the dusk.

Have a great week. Farewell,

Martu :)

Laura Morrigan

14.01.2015 kl.00:47

I love the sky and the beautiful snow encrusted branches! I will refrain from complaining about the weather at the moment!


14.01.2015 kl.08:59

Beautiful indeed ^^ <3


14.01.2015 kl.13:05

Martu: Aw, where do you live? I live in Oslo, the biggest city and capital of Norway, but still close to nature with the forest as my closest neighbour :) I'm pretty lucky to live central and isolated at the same time :p

Have a great week! :)


14.01.2015 kl.13:12

Laura Morrigan: I love it too. I get so exited everytime the sky turns pink! :D And I wonder why most people only colour it blue when they paint/draw :p The sky has so many colours through the year!

Haha, aaw :)


14.01.2015 kl.13:12

Naviana: Jaa ^_^ Fairy sky!

Koffe - fotoblogg

15.01.2015 kl.10:36

Thats some wonderul photos right there. Really Lovly. Like your blog btw, :)


15.01.2015 kl.11:55

Koffe: That's so kind of you. Thank you :) <3


15.01.2015 kl.13:57

Woah, is amazing that yo live in Oslo, I couldn't have guessed from those amazing views. Maybe beacuse I didn't know that Norway had that great amount of fairy forest and the nature so close.

I'm living in Madrid, which is also not-so-far from the countryside (we have wonderful woods also, but you have to pick the car and drive around an hour to go there and have a moment for you and get lost :) ) but is such a biiiiiig city. But when I was younger I used to go every weekend to my village, which is small and lost in the middle of nowhere (and perfect to take a break!).

However, I a couple of months I'll be studying in Germany for some months (sure I'll enjoy it) and I realised that in the north everything is so green! I love it!

Love from Spain, :)



15.01.2015 kl.14:10

Martu: Wow, you didn't know Norway had magical forests and a lot of nature? I thought Norway was famous for it's nature - that's what people are coming here for :p At least the fjords, the first thing that comes up if you google Norway. But yes, Norway is one of few countries with a lot of nature intact. Through history, Norwegians has valued nature, and still most Norwegians do. Being outdoors is a big part of our culture, and even if you live in the capital like me, you don't live far from nature :)

I can believe Madrid is a big city. You have about 3 million people, and we have about 5 million people in the whole of Norway :p It's great that you can go to the woods - how long does it take to get there? Do you stil go to your village? Is that where you were born? :)

Ooh, what will you be studying? I'll be in Bonn at HobbitCon in easter, and it's the first time I really spend time in Germany. I've only popped by earlier. I don't know much about the nature in Germany, but I know they have a lot of castles, so I really want to go there in the future :) How long are you staying? :)


15.01.2015 kl.18:25

Yeah, I know that Norway has mystical woods and so on... But what I meant was that I can't truly believe the close-contact you (Norwegian) have with nature (just a tiny jealous) :), because where I live is quite difficult to find an unexplored and "virginal" place to find yourself.

For people that don't live here in Madrid, they usually say that it is stressful and overwhelming. But as I told you, I can go to my village. It only takes me about one hour and a half or maybe two to arrive there by car. There was born my dad and the village of my mum also (but she was born in Madrid just like me). Some weekends I go there and relax, walk through the woods and meet my friends.

Yay! I read that you are going to the HobbitCon, Lucky you! I'm sure you will have a great time and I'll be around here waiting for you to tell us about it. :)

By the time you'll be there enjoying the event, I'll be on my way to Germany. I'm going to the south of Berlin in a small city. I'm staying for three months doing my working experience, I'm a little scared but it's a great opportunity to travel abroad and re-discover myself. And maybe... travel around the north of Europe? The greener the better. Let's see what destiny is preparing for me!


15.01.2015 kl.19:33

Martu: Aah, I see :) Sorry I misunderstood :p

It seems like a very nice place to get a break and enjoy your freetime, nature, family and yourself :)

Maybe we'll meet? :D You should definitely try to travel to the north sometime, and see how different the nature and climate is ;)

I certainly want to go to Berlin myself some day, as it's such a green city, with green meaning environmental friendly and far-sighted :)

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