~ Éowyn's Travelling Coat ~

The character I am going to cosplay at HobbitCon is Éowyn :)

Ever since I was a little girl and saw The Lord of the Rings, I've wanted to make
the "Travelling Coat" :)

Now that I'm going to HobbitCon I've finally got a good reason to make it! :D

It's probably my favourite outfit from the movies, but I don't know exactly why. Maybe because you could wear it every day? It's so earthy,
and perfect for a norse elf and Hulder like myself :)

Below you can see the fabrics I'm going to use (hope I've got enough...)

I'm not going to use the same pattern as I used to make this dress, (because I am not happy with it), so today I've been trying to make my own pattern :o Ish... 
This could be interesting! Wish me luck! :D

- Do you like the costumes of The Lord of the Rings? :)
(of course you do :3 )


~ Love and light ~

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17.01.2015 kl.00:02

Du kan prøve å ta utgangspunkt i mønstre basert på faktiske funn, for så å gjøre dem mer fantasy-ish?


17.01.2015 kl.00:10

Merevil: Kanskje det :) Jeg må vel forte meg å bestille mønster på nett om jeg skal rekke å få det i tide :3

Laura Morrigan

17.01.2015 kl.00:42

I love Eowyn, she is a great character! I love that she goes into battle herself and kills the king of the Nazgul, a very inspiring character!


17.01.2015 kl.00:49

Så spennende! Gleder meg til å se resultatet :)


17.01.2015 kl.01:00

Laura Morrigan: Me to :) That scene is so powerful! I've been reading a lot about her lately, getting to know my character more and more, and I like her more and more too! ^_^


17.01.2015 kl.01:01

kristinerosok: Hihi, ja! Er veldig spent selv :D


17.01.2015 kl.05:29

It was actually my favorite outfit as well! :D I dreamed so much of making it, wanted it to be my winter coat, tehee! But I felt that the neck was too open to be comfy. And the sleeves too wide to be practical. But it did influence a few things I sewed :) Good luck!


17.01.2015 kl.11:27

Naviana: Aw, that's a nice coincidence :D It's to thin to be a winter coat, but I would wear it in spring and autumn :) Maybe I'll make a new one with a different fabric when I've made it the first time, so I could actually wear it in everyday life :p
I agree with you on both of those points, hihi, but it's very pretty :)

Thank you! <3


17.01.2015 kl.11:55

Oh, this character is so special. It's a woman that fights for her beliefs. Such a wonderful costume... :)

Moreover, the coat is a great choice, not even because the colors are perfect to wear over any dress, but if you're planning to make it with a thin fabric, you can use it whenever you like!

Good luck sewing the pattern! Have a nice weekend!

Love from Spain ♥



17.01.2015 kl.17:35

Martu: I know, she is so great :)

You are absolutely right! :) I mostly wear brown and other earthy colours, so it's a nice addition to my wardrobe, not just as a costume ^_^

Thank you! Have a lovely weekend <3

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