~ Song of Norway (1970) ~

Yesterday I went to the movie theater Cinemateket in Oslo to see the musical "Song of Norway" from 1970. It's a film adaptation of the successful operetta of the same name, and it was an attempt to capitalize on the success of "The Sound of Music", which you clearly can see both in the title and the aestetics of the movie.

The movie tells the story of composer Edward Grieg and his attempts and struggles to develop an authentic Norwegian national music. Grieg is played by Toralv Maurstad, and he came to talk about the movie before the screening yesterday.

I've wanted to see this movie since the first time I heard about it, but it was not quite how I imagined. I turned out to be a very silly movie, and opposed to the music Grieg actually created, this was horrible :3

Through the whole movie, I was like:
"Where is this talent they're talking about all the time?"

Luckily it was visually lovely, with amazing costumes and many great shots :) Unfortunately still photos are very hard to find, and this is about everything I could find. I wish I could show you the extremely National Romantic scenes with people dancing in their Bunads all over the place! <3

- Have you seen this movie? Or similar ones like "The Sound of Music"? :)

Photos from Cinemateket's facebookpage.


~ Love and light ~

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Enilorac Nesenra

28.01.2015 kl.19:02

Haha, typisk at sĺnne ting ikke alltid blir heeelt slik man ser for seg pĺ forhĺnd :P Har ikke sett noe lignende..tror jeg..? Er ellers ikke sĺ glad i musikaler og den slags type ting :P Alt for mye sang ! Haha, men fine bilder da ! :)


28.01.2015 kl.22:28

Enilorac Nesenra: Det var ikke alt for annerledes, men noen ting var veldig overraskende! :D Det var fascinerende ĺ tenke pĺ at den var fra 70-tallet, for jeg har sett filmer som er eldre som er mye bedre :p Men, nĺ var dette nesten en norsk film, da, sĺ da er det egentlig litt imponerende likevel :)

Det kan bli veldig overveldende med musikaler, noen ganger. Denne var en av de gangene. Sangene var sykt lange, overdrevne, fjollete og musikken fćl, haha! Men kombinasjonen av folk i bunad, hester, epletrćr i full blomst, og fjorder, var bare magisk! :D

Enilorac Nesenra

28.01.2015 kl.23:28

Hehehe, det er bra da ,alt i alt ;)


29.01.2015 kl.09:20

ĺh! Takk for tips! Er en sucker for alle slags musikaler :)

Richard StarSeeker

29.01.2015 kl.15:18

Hmm, that had to be really interesting movie... Edward Grieg was surely special person. If you don´t mind, I will share one small story. Once, when I was living in Eidfjord, I took my mom up to Voringfoss and Fossli hotel, where is said, that Edward Grieg spent quite lot of his time, despite his poor health (at least this is what I heard) and we were listening to his music in the same moment and I was telling her, that he was getting lot of inspiration there and getting into the right "mood" to create his music... and my mom just said "well, then he had to have terrible depressions" :D It is true, that Griegs music is special, but I wouldn´t say, that it is depressing or anything. But when you go up to Hardangervidda, it is quite easy to understand, where he got some of his inspiration.

Thanks for a nice post and have a nice day!


29.01.2015 kl.18:50

Enilorac Nesenra: Hihi, ja :D Jeg er veldig glad for at jeg sĺ den :) En unik film.


29.01.2015 kl.18:50

Julianne: Bare hyggelig! :D Men lykke til med ĺ finne den! Gjřr du det, fĺr du si ifra :o :D


29.01.2015 kl.19:37

Richard StarSeeker: It is not a historically correct movie, but it was fascinating nonetheless :) Your story is too! Norway has a lot of amazing and inspiring nature, so no wonder he wanted to make music to it! :D And most (pure) artists have some sort of depression or mental 'damage', so I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. His music definitely has melancholy in it.

Thank you for sharing your story :) Have a lovely weekend!

Laura Morrigan

30.01.2015 kl.03:55

Ha ha, oh dear, what a disappointment! When I was a kid I loved the movie Impromptu (1991) with Hugh Grant as Chopin. It is a very silly movie, though, and very little music! But I can't say it wasn't fun!


30.01.2015 kl.14:06

Laura Morrigan: Hahaha, that sounds great :) I haven't heard about that movie, actually!

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