~ The Geological Museum ~

A few weeks ago I went to Oslo Geological Museum. It was their last day open, as they are going to renovate for quite some time ahead. I went there by myself, and it was very enjoyable to walk around looking at and photographing different minerals, crystals, rocks and fossils. Even dinosaurs! :)

They had quite the collection, so sorting out the best to share with you
has been a challenge ^_^'

Here it is! Hope you enjoy :) *warning: wall of photos*

I love old, classic museums like this. They have so much soul.


So glorious!

The white looks like mould :o

- Do you like geology?
Have you been to a geological exhibition before? :)

Ps. Funfact: About a year ago I studied geology for a semester and passed the rocks- and minerals exam. Yay me! ^_^


~ Love and light ~

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Laura Morrigan

06.02.2015 kl.10:20

I love all kinds of rocks and stones! And bones are fascinating!


06.02.2015 kl.13:51

Laura Morrigan: Hihi, cool! Yes, they are :D

Richard StarSeeker

06.02.2015 kl.14:07

Wow, beautiful pictures! Minerals are amazing... and this one looks really beautiful and special! http://bloggfiler.no/gaiadottir.blogg.no/images/1748970-8-1422981759935.jpg

I haven´t been in Geological Museum in Oslo yet. When I have been there (in Oslo), I have just visited Bygdøy (if I write it well) and visited museums there - Kon Tiki, Fram, traditional buildings and especially - Viking Ship Museum!

But whenever I get to see some minerals, I am in awe :)

Thank you for sharing! Have a nice weekend! :)


06.02.2015 kl.21:24

Richard StarSeeker: Thank you for the appreciation! :D
Indeed minerals are amazing! That one was my favourite too! ^_^

Bygdøy, the place all the tourists go. I do recommend the Folkmuseum, but I would not recommend the Kon Tiki-museum to anyone, exept the hard-core fans...

Thank you! Have a dreamy weekend ^_^


06.02.2015 kl.22:50

That is really beautiful!


06.02.2015 kl.23:52

RaversSpeech: Indeed it is! :) So much beauty, so much magic! :)

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