~ Cosplay: Arwen's purple dream gown ~

Before I had finished, or even started properly, on Éowyn's travelling coat, I decided to make another cosplay :) Like I mentioned before, I love all of the female characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I want to make
at least one costume of each character.

As I am a pretty new cosplayer I also wanted to start with one of the more simple costumes. I decided to make Arwen's purple dream gown, which looks really pretty and comfortable. I also realised that I like and look good in soft purple colours, so that was another good reason to make it ;)

And here you have my dress, draped on my mannequins :)

Above: Work in progress. Below: Finished dress.
Different shades in different light :)

And here's a sneak peak of me as Arwen,
that I've worn to both Desucon Fantasy and HobbitCon Drei. :D

As this is not my favourite of Arwen's dresses, I still have another to make ^_^

- What do you think? :)
Which of Arwen's dresses is your favourite?


~ Love and light ~

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08.04.2015 kl.14:19

Vakkert! Håper du fikk tatt noen helfigurbilder med kjolen på også ^^


08.04.2015 kl.14:29

Valkyrja.com: Tusen takk! <3 Det betyr så mye for meg at noen jeg vet er stor fan av filmene og bøkene liker det jeg har laget :) Det er det beste komplimentet jeg kan få :)

Legger snart ut noen bilder fra Desucon Fantasy, men der er kappen over, så jeg må og skal ta noen ordentlige bilder senere! :D Må bare finne en paviljong av noe slag! Med fine, naturpregede omgivelser! :O


08.04.2015 kl.14:30

Love it! Arwen is so beautiful, and so is the dress you made. Great job!


08.04.2015 kl.14:36

Marte: Thank you so much! :D <3

Richard StarSeeker

08.04.2015 kl.16:01

Beautiful dress and you made very nice one too! Did you colored your hair or were you wearing a wig? :) But very nice! I am sure it was a great experience for other people to see you personally in this dress on the cons :)

And which dress of Arwen... well, the one she had on herself the first time she appeared in Lord of the Rings, saving Frodo, that was pretty nice and practical :) But there were many good costumes in Lord of the Rings!


08.04.2015 kl.16:10

Richard StarSeeker: Thank you! :D I was wearing a wig, but I am not happy with it, so I'm going to buy a new one later :)

You are probably right when you say it's the most practical she has ^_^ Cloaks and dresses with long sleeves and trails are definitely not! :D

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