~ Arwen, photographed by Nils Katla ~

At Desucon Fantasy I met photographer Nils Katla and had a little photoshoot. It's such an honor to be photographed by talented artists, and it gives you motivation to make more cosplays and improve the ones you already have :)

- Have you been photographed at events before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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8 Plants in my garden

Stine Tokle

09.04.2015 kl.11:44

Wow, nyydelig :)

Anne Linn

09.04.2015 kl.12:02

You look so so beautiful :)


09.04.2015 kl.12:06

Stine Tokle: Tusen takk! ^_^


09.04.2015 kl.12:07

Anne Linn: Thank you, dear Anne Linn <3 :)


09.04.2015 kl.21:53

You look simply stunning. :)


09.04.2015 kl.22:50

Martu: Thank you, dear <3


13.04.2015 kl.13:36

So pretty! I love this picture. :)


13.04.2015 kl.14:00

Ladyfair: Aw, thank you <3

Plant a new seed:


17, Alvdal

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