~ Return of the Daughter ~

Summer has returned and so have I, and I finally have time and motivation to blog again! :D It's been a long time since I shared some love and light here,
so it's about that time I start again.

With that said I don't really know where to start, but first of all I can say that I just finished the first year of my kindergarten teacher education :) Time really flies!

My life took a very different turn in February and a lot of new people has entered my life since then. Some better than others, but I wouldn't be without the experiences :)

The purpose of this blog (as well as all my other spaces online) is to find likeminded souls and friends, and experiencing that in the real world is a real gift.
I am very grateful :) I am also very grateful for my readers and all my brothers and sisters who want's to co-create a better world :)

Thank you! <3

I'm finally back, and I have quite a few things to share, (like HobbitCon, my Éowyn coat, photoshoots and even the adventures of last summer!) but I also want to know if there is anything special you want me to blog about :D So...

- What would you like to see or read about on this blog? :)


~ Love and light ~

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10 Plants in my garden

Frida Christine

10.06.2015 kl.23:27

Jeg vil gjerne lese om dine erfaringer som veganer i vikingesamfunnet!


10.06.2015 kl.23:37

Oh, I'm so happy you returned!

I'm glad to hear that you have finished your first year of kindergarden successfully. You are lovely and I'm sure those kids loved you from the beggining until the end of the year! =)

In my case, next Tuesday I come back to Spain after spending the last three months in Germany, aw, time flies... Such a nice experience and great people...

Farewell :)



13.06.2015 kl.15:14

I'd really like to see how you incorporate magic and enchantment into your everyday life. What are your everyday outfits? How do you decorate your space? How do you bring yourself happiness? Any projects your working on, would be greatly appreciated as well!


16.06.2015 kl.09:53

Frida Christine: Takk for tilbakemelding! Dette er noe jeg har lyst til å skrive litt om også! :D


16.06.2015 kl.09:55

Martu: Thank you, sweetheart! <3
Seeing your comments makes me really happy to be back too! :D

Hihi, the kids were lovely! And today I think I'm recieving my last grade of the year! :o I'm a little nervous!

Have a safe journey home! <3

~ Love and light ~


16.06.2015 kl.12:52

Penny: Thank you so much for all the questions! Now I have a lot of inspiration and stuff I know I could and want to show you :)
The first question is a little tricky though, as I'm not the best at incorporating magic in my everyday life, hihi. But your comment now encourages me to get better! :D <3

sumska vila

21.06.2015 kl.13:03

Oh fairy sister, how I missed you. No matter what you write I'll read it. :)


22.06.2015 kl.01:34

sumska vila: Thank you, dearest <3 :')

Richard StarSeeker

23.06.2015 kl.19:15

Welcome back, Sister :) Good to hear you had a great time!

I am wishing you all the best, sending love and light to you and I am looking forward to read more from you! Some adventurous reading would be nice :) Well, except maybe all you experienced was adventurous, right? :D

Have a great day!


26.06.2015 kl.11:33

Richard StarSeeker: Thank you! I'm glad to be back :D
I went on quite the adventure last year that I still haven't shared :o

Love and light back to you <3

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