~ Midsummer's Eve, 2015 ~

Last week Midsummer was finally here. My mother, my sister and I went to celebrate my aunt and uncle's Silver Wedding, 25 years of marriage. It took place on the same date, in the same place as 25 years ago - our family garden :)

It was such a nice evening, the weather was amazing, I ate lots of watermelon, and had a great time just how the magical Midsummer Night should be <3

My sister, my mother and me :)

Look at this view!

I spent a lot of time in this playhouse as a child ^_^

Candyyyy <3

There was even a bunny there! :D

I made a raw vegan cake, and when we removed the foil cover,
a dragon revealed itself! :O :D

Hahaha *munchmunch* (I think we kind of look like the 'evil stepsisters' in Cinderella :3)

Priska :p

Kida <3

My aunt and uncle, 
wearing the same as they did on their wedding day 25 years ago!

- Have you been to a Silver Wedding before? :) <3

Photos by my cousin (the good ones) and me (bad phone photos) :3


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30.06.2015 kl.11:21

Virker som en kjempeflott feiring! Og en vakker midtsommer ^^ <3 Fine bilder! Og nei, tror ikke jeg har vært med på å feire bryllupsjublieum før, utenom mamma og pappa så klart.

Enilorac Nesenra

30.06.2015 kl.21:47

Nei,det har jeg aldri. men jommen så det koselig ut !! Fine folk og fine bilder :) Kan du ikke legge ut oppskriften på kaken du lagde ?? :D


30.06.2015 kl.22:53

Naviana: Det var absolutt en vakker midtsommer :) Har faktisk feiret sølvbryllup én gang før, men ikke i nær familie, så det var ganske flott og fint denne gangen :)


30.06.2015 kl.22:55

Enilorac Nesenra: Åh, hihi! Ja, det skal jeg gjøre! Tenkte å gjengi den på engelsk på bloggen, siden jeg vanligvis skriver på engelsk (også har jeg lyst til å lage den på nytt), og da kan jeg linke til den norske oppskriften også :D


01.07.2015 kl.13:59

Ohh, congratulations to your uncle and aunt. The Silver Wedding is such a great event, it means love, faith, trust and support to you beloved one. My parents are on their way to the Golden Wedding (they've been marriedn for 30 years!) and I hope we all can see it together.

You look so happy on those photos, I'm sure you feel the happiness and joy in the air.

Love from Spain ♥


02.07.2015 kl.10:09

Martu: Wedding and wedding anniversaries are very special :) I haven't been to many, and none in my nearest family, but one of my cousins are getting married in september :D <3

Aw, thank you ^_^ Hihi

Love from the North!

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