~ Dark Forest, Photoshoot with Klaudia Lech ~

Almost exactly a year ago, I met the incredibly talented photographer Klaudia Lech, and we had this amazing photoshoot together. Since then some of her photos has been featured in The New York Times, Marie Claire and many other international tabloids, and I'm sure we'll se a lot more from her in the future!

Go check out her page!

2015 © Klaudia Lech - The copyright of these images belongs to photojournalist Klaudia Lech and can not be published or printed without the consent of the copyright holder


The vest is from Fraggle Tribe 


~ Love and light ~

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Elin Slĺen

10.03.2016 kl.19:43

Flotte bilder!


10.03.2016 kl.19:46

Elin Slĺen: Ja, Klaudia er kjempedyktig! :)


10.03.2016 kl.20:18

Du er helt nydelig! Sĺĺ fin. Og fine bilder ogsĺ selvsagt, heheh.


10.03.2016 kl.22:18

Yvonne: Tusen takk, kjćre <3 ^_^ :*

sumska vila

10.03.2016 kl.20:23

Stunning photos my fairy sister <3


10.03.2016 kl.22:18

sumska vila: Thank you, dearie :D <3


11.03.2016 kl.04:33

Very lovely! It must look quite different there in every season, too!


14.03.2016 kl.23:38

Amy: Yes, I would really love to do a shoot in the same place for every season! :D


11.03.2016 kl.07:42

Vakre bilder <3


14.03.2016 kl.23:38

Maetharanel: Takk <3


11.03.2016 kl.23:34

Nydelige bilder! Du er en flott modell <3


14.03.2016 kl.23:38

Naviana: Ĺh, tusen takk, kjćre <3 :)

Laura Morrigan

12.03.2016 kl.11:31

Amazing work from you both, very inspiring!


14.03.2016 kl.23:39

Laura Morrigan: Thank you, Laura! :D

Cassandra Lysgĺrd

12.03.2016 kl.15:46

Sĺ fine bilder! :D


14.03.2016 kl.23:39

Cassandra Lysgĺrd: Takk ^_^


12.03.2016 kl.18:03

I am a bit late to the party, but I could not resist sharing how amazed I am by these images. Well done, both to you, and the photographer. I hope even more success comes your way. ^^


14.03.2016 kl.23:40

Lana: Thank you so much, Lana <3 Your words means a lot to me :D

Iselin Renée

04.04.2016 kl.13:10

Utrolig fine bilder :)


04.04.2016 kl.21:48

Iselin Renée: Takk :)

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