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It's already been over year since I had the photoshoot for the Pre-Raphaelite Muses Calendar 2015! And I think it's about time I share the photo series with you! The photo in the calendar is obviously left out of, as I hope people want to buy the calendar ^_^ (Even though the year is nearly over... :3 )

All though none of these photos are edited, (as they were taken by my ex who's not a photographer), I really like them and the atmosphere we managed to capture :) I would really love to do more Pre-Raphaelite and nymphy shoots in the future :)

- What do you think? Which is your favourite? :)


~ Love and light ~

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10 Plants in my garden


18.09.2015 kl.10:35

They are all lovely! My fav is the nr 3 from the bottom :) Looks like you're sparkling ^^ And the one with your finger touching the water.


18.09.2015 kl.16:06

Naviana: IIh! Aaw, thank you :D Hihi, I really like nr.4 from the top. I look so different in a way, and that's fascinating :D

Emilie Kingsrřd-Hovden

19.09.2015 kl.00:07

I really like the pictures, but if I can come with a little tip (for the future), try to get yourself in focus, and the background blurry! But all in all, I love the mood in the pictures!


19.09.2015 kl.16:35

Emilie Kingsrřd: Thank you ^_^

I know! And like I mentioned, the photographer had close to no experience, so with that in mind I think they are lovely :p

Elise Sřberg

20.09.2015 kl.23:12

I love the dress <3


21.09.2015 kl.11:59

Elise Sřberg: ^_^ So do I.


22.09.2015 kl.23:11

For en flott blogg. dette var en blogg jeg ble varm i hjertet av ĺ se pĺ! mĺ fřlge deg! Kjempe fantastisk!

Fast leser fremover fra Larvik!


23.09.2015 kl.22:41

MammaBoka: For en utrolig koselig kommentar! Tusen takk, skjřnne mamma! :D Hĺper du har en nydelig uke videre <3


26.09.2015 kl.17:35

Sĺ fine bilder! :D


07.10.2015 kl.09:44

mshildur90: Tusen takk! :D

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