~ Revival ~

Sweet Faeries and dearies! 
I really miss blogging! And I want to start again.
What do you think?

There's a lot of old and unpublished stuff in my archives. Ideas, photos, memories. I still want to share them. And I really liked blogging as a way of expressing myself and a way of communicating with others.

It's been so long and I hardly remember how to! It makes me nervous.

I know I miss my old favourite blogs, and wished they didn't stop. Well, they didn't stop completely, only changed to a different media... but it's not the same. I don't feel I get to know people the same way. I don't believe my blog was ever a favourite, but I had such lovely readers, and I kind of let you down...

I've kind of let my self down too.

I've always had a lot of self doubt, but let's have another try, shall we? :)

Some of my friends has even inspired me to start making video blogs, but I think I should tale one thing at the time ^_^

- Do you have a blog, video blog
or other pages you would like me to take a look at? :)


~ Love and light ~

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02.01.2017 kl.21:37

I would like to follow your blog! :)


04.01.2017 kl.16:12

FitnessVibeQueen: Thank you! :)

sumska vila

02.01.2017 kl.22:27

I missed reading your posts! Also happy New year, fairy sister! :))


04.01.2017 kl.16:13

sumska vila: Aaw, sweetie! :') I've missed you too! Happy new year! <3

Linnea Snow

02.01.2017 kl.23:45

Do it! Do it! :D


04.01.2017 kl.16:13

Linnea Snow: :D :D


04.01.2017 kl.14:15

Velkommen tilbake :) Savnet bloggen din!


04.01.2017 kl.16:14

Hildur: Tusen takk! Sĺ sřt du er :'D


07.01.2017 kl.14:42

Wonderful to see you blogging again, dear! <3

I didn't blog for many many months now, because I didn't really have time for it, but I really want to do it again. Sometimes I feel so alone for still wanting to manage a proper blog, not only instagram ;)


09.01.2017 kl.11:14

Naviana: <3 <3 <3

It's like that some times. I fell out, and then it was really hard to get back on. But with the new year, I kind of got a fresh start :)

I felt bad for leaving my blog, and I felt like I kind of abandoned you as well. And I agree with you so much. You learn more about a person with a blog than with just instagram. Wish more would do it, so I have to walk the talk :D

Ps. Have you ever concidered making videos for youtube, yourself? You have so many followers on all your social medias, I think they would love it ^_^


10.01.2017 kl.01:07

Aww, it really encourages me to keep blogging when you are here <3 Will try to publish something within the next couple of weeks.

Hmm no, I don't think I will make videoes, at least not vlogs. I plan to post a compilation of cat video clips, and some videos from journeys I've had, accompanied by music ;) Baby steps, hehe! Good luck with giving it a try ^^


10.01.2017 kl.20:10

Naviana: Aaw, I'm honored and happy to hear that, dear <3

That sound great! Your cats are really popular ^_^
I haven't decided yet, but I like the idea. I have to get a proper camera (and a tripod) first, though :3

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