~ In days gone by ~

Since I've been quiet for quite some time, I thought I could make a little summary of the last year. Here is what 2016 looked like for me :)


The year began.


I moved to a vegan collective in the centre!


I made and wore Galadriel's Fountain Dress and went to the first Arthecon!

Photo by Danarki
Edit by Jellycide


I went to Barcelona for the first time!

I promise more photos :)


Went to the medieval fair with this beauty!

Photo by Karianne Kaas


The beautiful fairy became mine <3


I celebrated my birthday in the Botanical Garden.


Went to Budapest.


Then Danmark.


Went to Banzaicon for the first time and finally got to wear my Edith Cushing cosplay with amazing Alvi as Lucille Sharp from Crimson Peak :D

Photo by Conwant Photography.


Had a Harry Potter-marathon and went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!


Celebrated Yule with my love, and made the most amazing vegan
and glutenfree dinner!

- How was your 2016? :)


~ Love and light ~

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05.01.2017 kl.00:04

Very nice :)


05.01.2017 kl.01:36

desomskapteverden: Thank's :)

sumska vila

05.01.2017 kl.18:52

Congrats on getting yourself a fairy :))

Also, please share your December recipe, it looks delicious!


06.01.2017 kl.21:25

sumska vila: Thank you ^_^

I will look for it and translate, haha! Have you heard about a nut roast before? :)

Laura Morrigan

06.01.2017 kl.12:33

Living in a vegan collective sounds great! You and your fairy look lovely! Your birthday outfit is fabulous!


06.01.2017 kl.21:33

Laura Morrigan: It´s nice to live with people with the same ethical believe system, and never have to worry about what´s in the kitchen :D

Thank you! She is the sweetest girl I´ve ever met <3

Thank´s! I love that dress and have used it several times, haha. In photoshoots, on travels etc. I bought it in a vintage shop and the woman in the shop said it likely was a "sweet 16" dress from the 50´s! When I wear it I kind of feel like Marie Antoinette when she´s at their summer house. Have you seen the movie? :D

sumska vila

10.01.2017 kl.19:06

Nope, but I guess I can always google it!


10.01.2017 kl.20:14

sumska vila: I tried to google too :) Will find the norwegian recipe, translate and send it to you on your mail ^_^


03.02.2017 kl.15:01

So good to see you posting! What gorgeous costumes, as usual, you're such a talent. Barcelona looks beautiful, I'd love to see more pictures of your travels.


04.02.2017 kl.01:02

Ladyfair: Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 <3 <3 Going to post more, I promise :D :*

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