~ Past lives ~

Some of my friends did this funny,
and kind of beautiful thing on facebook some time ago,
and obviously I wanted to try it too.

Here are my past lives! :D

Yes, I am silly some times, buy I just think it's cute :)

If you are too and want to try,
you have to click on this link: http://en.vonvon.me/quiz/4410,
then accept so it connects to your facebook, and then it morphs your
profile photo into your past lives' selves.

Ps. If you don't like your result, you can try again :)

- Do you believe in reincarnation and previous lives?


~ Love and light ~

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sumska vila

14.01.2017 kl.16:00

I do believe in reincarnation! Hopefully, I wasn't a troll in one of my past lives! :D


16.01.2017 kl.20:33

sumska vila: I've met people that I have such a special connection with, that it feels like I've known them in a previous life, but I'm not sure if I have any spesific beliefs :)

sumska vila

21.01.2017 kl.11:26

I got Greek Princess, Chinese Empress and Ballerina! :D


21.01.2017 kl.18:39

sumska vila: We got some of the same, then! :D ^_^

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