~ Inspiring Disney homes ~

Disney has influenced and still inspires me in so many ways. One of those is the many different and lovely homes of our beloved characters :) So! Here I present to you a list of inspiring homes in Disney-movies :D('slightly' inspired bythislittle article). My all time favourite, incorporated in a tree and all - the cottage of Princess Aurora and the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty. They even have a watermill so they can be self-sufficient with energy ^^ Owl's tree-house fromWinnie the Pooh. Giselle's cottage in Enchanted. Fairyhouses inTinker Bell. Lizzy's house in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Winnie the Pooh's house. The tower inTangled. Madam Mim's house inThe Sword in the Stone. The Mansion of inCinderella:) Tarzan's tree-house. Home of Peter Pan and the lost boys. The witch's cottage inBrave. The cottage of the seven dwarfs inSnow White. Merlin's home inThe Sword in the Stone. - Would you live in any of these houses? :) ~...

~ The Woodman's Cottage ~

A few years ago, I watched an episode of the british tv-seriesGrand Designs. The series follow british people who design and build their own houses, from start (and sometimes) to finish :) This particular episode "The Woodman's Cottage" featured the builderBen Law (and his family) who wanted to build a environmental friendly, low-impact house out of natural materials such as wood, straw, clay, etc. They wantet to be self sustainable with a garden where they would grow their own food. ~ The house ~ Ben's philosopy was to create a beautiful, handcrafted, low tech home of inexpencive materials that would blend in with it's natural sourroundings. He also used centuries old, traditional tecniques. The inside walls and insulation were made of clayed straw bales (cob), and he wanted to keep all his timber in the round, as nature intended (not cut square like most modern houses). I love his vision, the materials and the kind of odd shape. Just look at that window :) And the cob oven...


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