~ Daenerys Targaryen, photographed by Nils Katla ~

I realised I never really shared any photos of my Daenerys from Desucon 9 last summer. The reason is as simple as there are almost no photos, but I have this beautiful shot by photographer by Nils Katla:) - Do you think I should have a proper photoshoot? :)Well, I'm going to anway, just don't know when yet ^_^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #magi#eventyr#engelsk#cosplay#con#convention#desucon#desucon9#fantasy#prinsesse #khaleesi #got #gameofthrones #daenerys #daenerystargaryen#kosytme#parykk#drage#Gaiadóttir

~ Arwen, photographed by Nils Katla ~

At Desucon Fantasy I met photographerNils Katla and had a little photoshoot. It's such an honor to be photographed by talented artists, and it gives you motivation to make more cosplays and improve the ones you already have :) - Have you been photographed at events before? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #desucon#desuconfantasy#lotr#lordoftherings#ringenesherre#cosplay#fantasy#arwen #arwencosplay#tolkien#middelalder#kostyme#magi#Gaiadottir

~ Cosplay: Arwen's requiem cloak ~

I also decided to make Arwen's requiem cloak to go withthe dream gown in my last entry(even if they don't belong together) :) My cloak is a lot simpler than the one she wears in the movie, but I am really happy with the result and can't wait to wear it to a proper photoshoot :) - Have you made a cloak before? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #lotr#lordoftherings#ringenesherre#arwen#arwenncosplay#cosplay#fantasy#middelalder#kostyme#kappe#hobbitcon#magi#Gaiadottir

~ Cosplay: Arwen's purple dream gown ~

Before I had finished, or even started properly, onÉowyn's travelling coat, I decided to make another cosplay :) Like I mentioned before, I love all of the female characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I want to make at least one costume of each character. As I am a pretty new cosplayer I also wanted to start with one of the more simple costumes. I decided to make Arwen's purple dream gown, which looks really pretty and comfortable. I also realised that I like and look good in soft purple colours, so that was another good reason to make it ;) And here you have my dress, draped on my mannequins :) Above: Work in progress. Below: Finished dress. Different shades in different light :) And here's a sneak peak of me as Arwen, thatI've worn to both Desucon Fantasy and HobbitCon Drei. :D As this is not my favourite of Arwen's dresses, I still have another to make ^_^ - What do you think? :)Which of Arwen's dresses is your favourite? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

~ Éowyn Cosplay, Part 1: The Brooch ~

My Éowyn cosplay has barely started, and the first thing I've made, is the brooch. Above you can se a close up of the one she wears in the movies. I didn't find any replica anywhere online, so I hade to make something similar myself. I found a cheap bracelet in a store, and when I got home, I started attacking it! :D I flattened it out, got my pliers and started cutting out the middle section. It was a lot harder than I thought, and the muscle in my hand was sore the next day :3 Piece by piece. Almost done now! When I was done cutting I found a bead, painted it with blue nail polish, and glued it onto the brooch. The only thing left is the safety pin on the back. And here you can see the finished result! I've placed my my brooch on a picture of the real one, to compare it. I'm pretty happy with the result if I can say so myself, and I can't wait to get started on the dress/coat! :) - What do you think? Have you made jewelry before? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

~ Éowyn's Travelling Coat ~

The character I am going to cosplay at HobbitCon is Éowyn :) Ever since I was a little girl and saw The Lord of the Rings, I've wanted to make the "Travelling Coat" :) Now that I'm going to HobbitCon I've finally got a good reason to make it! :D It's probably my favourite outfit from the movies, but I don't know exactly why. Maybe because you could wear it every day? It's so earthy, and perfect for a norse elf and Hulder like myself :) Below you can see the fabrics I'm going to use (hope I've got enough...) I'm not going to use the same pattern as I used to make this dress, (because I am not happy with it), so today I've been trying to make my own pattern :o Ish...This could be interesting! Wish me luck! :D - Do you like the costumes of The Lord of the Rings? :)(of course you do :3 ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #lotr#lordoftherings#ringenesherre#eowyn#eowyncosplay#cosplay#fantasy#kjole#middelalder#kåpe#sy #søm #ko...

~ Inspiring cosplayers at Desucon 9 ~

Here is a sneak peak of how I looked as Daenerys Targaryen at Desucon 9, accompanied byIngridbeastas Kili and Anita as Fili! <3 There were so many wonderful and inspiring cosplayers this weekend, it's hard to believe it was real :) It was so perfect, and I've really fallen in love with the consept of cosplaying! <3 I met fairies and elves, mermaids, princesses, queens, fauns, dwarfs and many other magical and fantastical creatures! Here are some of them: Majestic elves! Andrea as Arwen,Starbitas Tauriel, Ves as Thranduil,Telperiaas elven queen, Santatory as Galadriel. Cosplayers from the left: unknown Gandalf and Thranduil, Telperia as elven queen, unknown elf, Wondrous Forest as elven ranger, Anita as Fili, Batbunny as Bilbo, Starbit as Tauriel, Ingridbeast as Kili and unknown Frodo. Lene in an early work by The Mertailor! :D Starbit as Elsa, Alvi as Anna and Tuva as Kristoff. Aurora and Maleficent by Fandomily Cosplay. Anita as Kili and Telperia as Tauriel...

~ A song of a sleeping dragon mother ~

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend <3 I'm home again after an amazingly wonderful weekend full of princesses, elves and other magical creatures! I am soo tired and going to bed early tonight to catch up on my beautysleep ^_^ I have some photos I'll share with you tomorrow, and there are photos of me I need to recieve from the photographers before I can share them here (obviously) ^^ This is Ulrik by the way. The cutest and smuggest little baby dragon ever <3 Good night, everybody <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #magi#eventyr#engelsk#cosplay#con#convention#desucon#desucon9#fantasy#got#gameofthrones#kosytme#daenerys#parykk #drage#Gaiadóttir

~ Costume line-up for Desucon 9 ~

This weekend it's finally time for Desucon 9! It's the first time I'm attending the big con, and I am going to cosplay a different character each day, and here is my line-up: Today I'm going as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, tomorrow I am going as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and on sunday I am going as a female version of Snufkin from The Moomins :D Hopefully I'll make a photoshoot for each of the cosplays later ;) - Do you like dressing up? What are you doing this weekend? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #magi#eventyr#engelsk#cosplay#con#convention#desucon#fantasy#hermine #harrypotter #got #gameofthrones#kostme #snusmumrikken #mumrik #daenerys#antrekk#outfit#Gaiadóttir

~ Desucon: Fantasy 2014 ~

Last weekend I went to Desucon: Fantasy for the second year in a row. Last year I had improvised my own outfit inspired by Game of Thrones, and this year I cosplayed for real for the first time. As you probably already know, I cosplayed Princess Aurora / Briar Rose from Disney's Sleeping Beauty - complete with birds :) Photo byNarey Hamagame Cosplay. Here I am with my girls :) From the left: Ingrid as Tauriel, me as Princess Aurora, Branna in her self made lolita outfit, and Andrea as a fairy. My little birdie, me, Branna and Andrea. - Have you been to a con before? Do you like to dress up? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #venner#jenter#venninner#alver#feer#magi#eventyr#engelsk#cosplay#con #convention #desucon #desyconfantasy #tornerose #sleepingbeauty #disney #antrekk #outfit#Gaiadóttir


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