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As promised, here is the results of our Art Exam :) Artwork by Monika Borgan, Shabana Ghani, Camilla Snekkerhaugen and myself. Photos by Monika Borgan. We called the project "Small houses, great possibilities". The sculptures are made ofplay-doh and clay, and we placed them in all different sorts of places;inside, outside, on buidings, in nature etc.We wanted to inspire children to make their own toys and work with these materials in unlimited places :)We were pleased with the result, and our examiners really liked it too! :D - What do you think? Would children be inspired by and like this kind of art? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #vinter#desember#magi#magisk#bilde#foto#kunst #eksamen #kunstprosjekt #barnehagekunst #kunstforbarn #barnehagelærer#alvehus#natur#Gaiadóttir

~ Landart at Huk ~

Today my class went to the beach to make landart! :D Each of the groups presented their art and the idea behind it,and we talked about how it can be used in work with children. There were many creative ideas, and I am still very inspired :) This one was my favourite <3 'Solblomsten' My group was the last to show, and here it is: We made a tiny beach landscape that reflected the surroundings. Further, we made paths of sand, and created small spirals with different themes - one with mushrooms and one with a little bonfire. Mushrooms <3 The sandpaths was almost like waves of water, and it ended in a little waterfall of sea shells next to a tiny forest. - Have you made landart before? What do you think? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #ute#oslo#strand#sommer#høst #planter #landart #kunst#magi#natur#miljø#grønn#engelsk#Gaiadóttir

~ A little tea party with Branna (and a new redesigned dress) ~

On sunday Branna and I had a little tea-party :) Branna has fallen in love with the japanese Lolita fashion, and I must admit that she has influenced me a little too :) A few days ago, I had a very creative day where I redesigned three dresses, and one of them was a dress that she gave me last year. The dress is white with butterflies, glitter and a green ribbon-waist, and very cute. It was a little big for me, and it was strapless. First I made it smaller, then I cut off the ribbons in the back, and attached them as straps, creating a little collar. I made them cross each other in the back, and made a bow. I added some leaves in the same green color at the front and also made a matching hair pin :) I added a petticoat to make it more poofy, and of course I had to wear that dress to the tea party, and here we are :D Look at her dress! It's so pretty ^^ Close ups of the front and back of my dress. It still needs som fixing, but I'm pleased with the result!- Do you lik...

~ Redesign: Victorian spats ~

On saturday I went shopping with some friends. Secondhand of course :) I found this blazer in mustard velvet for only NOK 20 kr. I instantly knew what I was going to do when I found it. I was going to turn the sleeves into spatterdashes! Photos by my love. Influenced by the colour, I decided to dress in an outfit slightly inspired by the steampunk style. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #grønn#miljø#natur#miljøvennlig#gjenbruk#redesign#omsøm#sy#søm#antrekk#klær#sko #gamasjer#kreativitet #fretex #secondhand #2ndhand#hjemmelaget#steampunk #viktoriansk #plagg#Gaiadóttir

~ Redesign: Elf top ~

Yesterday I found a top that I've had a few years now. I have only worn it at home, as it was a little too big and I didn't really have anything that could go with it. I decided this was the day to do something about it. First I was only going to make it smaller so it would fit better, but then I got an idea. I improvised the rest and here is the result. Before: After: - Do you redesign clothes? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #grønn#miljø#natur#miljøvennlig#gjenbruk#redesign#omsøm#sy#søm#symaskin#antrekk#klær#topp#kreativitet#hjemmelaget#Gaiadóttir

~ The White Medieval Dress ~

Here is a repost about the first medieval dress that I made two years ago. Before going to Oslo Medieval Fair in 2012 I wanted to make my own dress. I started with some old, white linen curtains. It is wise to check if you have something you don't use anymore before you buy any new fabrics ;) This is also a great way to reuse and recycle :) I found the sewing pattern I had bought inGamla Stan(The Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden. This basic pattern can be varied as desired: Lacing or no lacing, narrow or wide sleeves, different shaped neckline etc. I chose to keep it simple since it was the first time I tried making a whole dress (and I only had two days to do it!). Meet my vintage friend! This sewing machine is my mother's. It was the first thing she bought when she moved from home when she was younger, and I am so lucky that I can borrow it whenever I want. You have probably already seen the result of this little project, but here is it! :) More photos here. It is...


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