~ November Night ~

These are the colours I envision when I think of November. - What is november to you? :) I wish you all a blessed November Night <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #høst#halloween#samhain#kveld#magi#november #mørkt #lilla#himmel #skog #trær #solnedgang #rød#natur#miljø#inspirasjon#Gaiadóttir

~ Autumn River and Magical Colours ~

I recently rediscovered some old photos I took two years ago, and I thought they deserved to be posted! The light was amazing that evening, and the colours in these photos are truly magical <3 It's also fun to see how I was back then :3 Hope you enjoy :) - Have you rediscovered any old photos lately? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #bilde#foto#photoshoot#fotografi#portrett#alv#prinsesse#lilla#elv#tre#trær#skog#bregner#mose#høst#natur#grønn#Gaiadóttir

~ Mabon, Autumn Equinox 2014 ~

It's my favourite season again, and autumn equinox is here! It's time for celebrating and harvesting the fruits of Earth. I went out to the forest to see what nature might give me, not just objects, but also experiences. I had a relaxing, healing time, and I actually did recieve a few gifts from Mother Earth :) Look how strange, and rather disgusting - melted mushrooms! And they were filled with nasty maggots too :o *pokes with stick, and runs away in terror* Look at these tiny strangies! :D There are so many wonderful treasures in nature, especially now! Maybe there is no specific use for them, but it gives the experience extra magic, and makes it feel special :) I am very grateful, and I wish you all a wonderful night of Mabon! <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #skog#sopp#tur#ute#høst#nøtter #eikenøtter #trær #hulder #huldra#natur#miljø#grønn#engelsk#Gaiadóttir

~ Mushroom hunt ~

I had a wonderful time in the forest today :) Last weekend I really wanted to go out to the forest to hunt mushrooms, and today I finally did. I don't have the knowledgeacquired to pick them for food, but I've always appreciated beautiful things! For as long as I can remember I've been utterly fascinated by mushrooms, and I guess I have to write more about some other time :) For now, I'll show you some of the foresty treasures I've seen today :) Half a fairy ring right outside my house! :D Very strange mushroom :o A beautiful fly agaric :) It was more red than in the photo. The light was beautiful! Creature :p Tall ones. Tiny ones. Big ones. - Have you been out hunting mushrooms? Do you recognize or know the name of any of them? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #skog#sopp#fluesopp#sopptur #tur#ute#høst#natur#miljø#grønn#engelsk#Gaiadóttir

~ Wee wildlife ~

I rarely see animals in the wild, despite the fact that I have a lush, native forest right outside my home. There are lots of birds, and we frequently see deers lurking around close to the houses, but I never manage to take photos, and I rarely see other animals than that. This means that whenever I DO see animals, I get really exited! Lately, neighbours have been spotting mallards with ducklings in the river, and that makes me happy :) I haven't seen them yet myself, but I managed to take som photos the last time 'they' were here, in 2011. On that day I also spotted three squirrels at the same time! Here are a few photos of the darlings :) Duckiies <3 Aah, he is so cute! Can you see them both? I bet they love it here :) - Have you had many wild animal encounters? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #skog#ute#tur #utpåtur#trær #dyr #ekorn #ender #stokkand #andunger #elv #oslo#vår #so...

~ Winter Wanderer ~

The last few days, the weather has been changing all the time. It's so odd! A few days ago, everything was completely bare and the sun was shining. Finally spring was upon us! The following day, it looked like winter had started all over again. I decided to have a little walk to enjoy the silence and the soothing sounds of the babbling brook and the chirping birds. My closest neighbour is a forest and a river, and I followed it all the way to the sea, and back again. Would you believe me if I said that this scenery is what I see right outside my window, and that I live in a capital city? I am truly grateful for living in this place :) This is the ruins of an old manor that burned down almost exactly 100 years ago - local history I would like to share with you some other time. - Do you live near a forest? Or a river? Or the sea? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and l...

~ Autumnal Witch ~

Earlier this month, I went out in the forest by my school for a little walk. Autumn and October is really one of my favorite times of the year, with all the colours, the not-too-cold and not-too-warm temperatures and of course we have Samhain / All Hallows Eve / Alfablot coming upon us! I decided to dress as a fairyesque witch before my stroll. Mushrooms! A black feather. Maybe from a raven? In the book I'm reading at the moment, Odin's Child, in the Norwegian fantasy series The Raven Rings, they repeatedly say that a raven is a good sign ;) More mushrooms! Footprint of a wolf? Aoouuh! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #sopp #skog #ute #høst #heks #magi #halloween #samhain #antrekk #natur #miljø #grønn #engelsk #Gaiadóttir


17, Alvdal

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