januar 2014

~ Organic sewing thread ~

I know there are a lot of souls and creatures out there sharing my passion for sewing. And since I like to sew, and has a lot of sewing project, there is one thing I absolutely can not be without: The sewing thread. I've wondered where I could get some that were both organic/ecological and ethicly produced. I found a danish web-store on line, and I was lucky to find the threads of my desire to be half priced!

Yesterday I recieved them in the mail, and here you have my little collection.

Visit www.markno.dk to buy some too :) You can find more threads here and here

- Do you have any  experience with organic threads?
Can you recommend any?


~ Love and light ~

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~ Alcina: The Baroque Opera ~

Last night, I went to se the baroque opera Alcina with my mom and my beloved. The play takes place on enchantress and Queen Alcina's island, where she seduces men and turns them into animals! I really wanted to share some of the words from an interview with the director Francisco Negrin, so here you go:

"People want magic 

- What is it the people want to watch these days? It is series and movies such as, Lord of the Rings and Avatar - stories full of magic and adventure. People today obviously has a desire for stories beyond the political and social life. We want more of the spiritual, divine and sacred. But often when operas like Alcina i set up, the director removes these dimensions to make them more "modern". However, I wanted to keep them, for it is precisely by retaining these things that make the stories slide into the present. 

All the myths and fables, all the gods and kingdoms, refers to basic archetypes within us that allows us to talk about all the things we can and can't talk about in our everyday lives, says Negrin. At the same time, a piece like Alcina is about the general human - everything that each one of us is struggling with, he said."

I really fell for the description of the play - that it included both love, magic and animals, and I was even more intrigued by the photos and the promo video with the baroque music etc. Georg Friedrich Händel's opera premiered in London in 1735 and it is one of his most popular works, and I can understand why! I am grateful that the director wanted to keep the magic and wonder, and that the scenography had elements from nature, but they could have had some plants and greens ^^ There can always be more nature, more magic and more love!

- Have you been to the opera before? :)

It is not allowed to photograph during the play, so none of the photos are mine.
Sources: http://operaen.no/forestillinger/alcina/ / https://www.facebook.com/operaen


~ Love and light ~

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~ Icing princess ~

I had a little walk in the forest a few days ago. I haven't really got to enjoy the snowy winter yet, and now the amount is incredible! :D It's been snowing for hours, days and weeks - it seem to never stop! It is so airy and you can see the perfect crystals when it lands on your clothes! (It has actually been snowing 40% more than what is usual for january) :) I took the opportunity to take a proper photo of my new coat. It is absolutely perfect for a Suger Plum Fairy like me! So cute, and pink and it looks like candy cotton :) 

My forest may look a little scrawny during winter, and not as lushious as pinophyta tress covered in snow, but the rest of the year, it looks like a jungle! :D It is a very old forest, so most of the trees are very tall! I am really looking forward to spring, so I can show you my beautiful forest, but now I'm enjoying the beautiful snowscape too much to think about that!

- Do you have any snow right now?


~ Love and light ~

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Photo: Wictoria Nordgaard


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~ Glimpse of the new generations ~

My january faery oracle:

Here is a little summary of what the book says about the card:

"New generations are coming, say the faery wise ones, and he is willing to share and learn from and with them. In truth of course, we are all magickal. But there are also children and young adults around today who are more open and ready than the generations preceding them. These new children are easy to recognise, if you know the signs to look for. Sometimes called Indigos, these children are peaceful warriors and activists with a deep love of nature. Some feel they are an evolutionary leap into what we humans are becoming. It is time to find your own inner authority and take action to change the planet in healtful, healing ways. Time to transmute your anger about politics, ego and repressive regimes by taking meaningful and peaceful action FOR what you believe in. Seeing straight trough illusions and speaking your truth needs to start now. You are a part of a new world, one which we are currently growing into."

Sometimes I feel so alone in the world with my engagement for saving and healing this planet, but now I'm in a class with what seem to be likeminded people. I am studying Environmental protection and conservation this month, and I've been so inspired by these people the last few days, both the lecturers, fellow students and the people of Environmental consercation history. The lecturers are quite mature people and one of our guest lecturers this week was a retired man! It was very refreshing to hear someone out of my agebox talk of the same things as I am passionate about, because my experience is that young people, more so than older people, are realising we do have a problem and that we have to change our culture and lifestyles to save the Earth from the dark future it now is heading to. It is we who are inheriting this planet, and like the lecturer said: "Good planets are hard to find".

I am so gratful for the people who HAVE fought, the people who ARE fighting and the people who are GOING TO fight for a better humanity! :D

I am not perfect, and I like many others need guidance, but I do see it as my duty to spread awareness and inspire people to take action and make these necessary changes. Children are easier to mold, since they are not yet stuck in their patterns, so if there is someone we should try to influence, it is the young ones. I love working with children, and really want to do that in the future. They are the future. I am afraid a lot of parents today doesn't tell or show their children what is going on in this world right now, and what is going to happen if we don't do anything drastic soon. I want to tell and show them, since their parents doesn't.

I have previously worked in different kindergardens, and sadly my experience is that neither the buildings, the yards, the toys, the food or the values (of the adults) are healthy or ethical enough. Therefore I want to start studying to become a preeshchool/kindergarden teacher and eventually create my own kindergarden/school with ethical, healthy and sustainable values! :)

Related to the path I think I'll take, I'm going to two seminars this month. One is about school gardens, at the Collage of Oslo. Hopefully I can learn a lot of things that will be useful to know before starting a school.

Skolehagen - The School Garden

There will also be a seminar about homeschooling this month. For more info, read here. So exiting! So many wonderful things are happening! :) Yesterday I saw this video that I would like to share with you. 11 year old Logan LaPlate talking about homeschooling! Some call it unschooling and he calls it hackschooling. It is incredibly inspiring, and it is like the spirit I envision for my future school. There should be an alternative for the children who are not as lucky as him - I want to make such an alternative! 

Isn't he marvellous? Maybe he is the faery scout my card mentioned? :)

Ps: I am actually still not sure if this blog should be in English, for a wider audience, or in Norwegian, so the children of my country will understand what it says. 
What do you think?


~ Love and light ~

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~ A new era ~

Blessings for the new year to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Yuletide :) I did and finally the blog as awakened from the winter hibernation. A new year has begun and I am full of new energy, hopes and plans for this Earthly carousel ride!

It's mostly been raining the last few weeks, but that doesn't stop the inspiration. Two days ago I made this ring inspired by water and maelströms.

Like many others I have some bigger and smaller goals for this year to improve both my own life, and hopefully life of other souls as well. 
Here I am going to share some of those goals with you.

I am going to:

Drink more water. I've had this on my list for many years, I forget to drink during the days...

Drink more tea. Also a cleaver way to drink more over all.

Stop using shampoo and use the "no poo" method instead. First I have to use up my current shampoos.

Collecting litter whenever I'm outdoors. Whenever I see litter on the ground I can't help but thinking about the poor creatures that are suffering from human selfishness and ignorance.

Be the change you want to see in the world - I am. I'm going to try to always bring a plastic bag with me, so I can pick up litter whenever I see it and throw it where it should be. I've already done this twice this week, collecting about 4 kilos of litter. I even saw more that was too big for me to bring with me, so I have to go back with a wheelbarrow or something to get it an other time.

Read more books. (Separate post coming).

See more new movies instead of re-watching old ones. I made a watchlist on http://www.imdb.com/ to keep track of the movies I want to see to make it easier for me to choose what movie to see next. I currently have over 200 titles, and a lot of these are series. Hihi

Worry less. I am sort of a pessimist and I want that to change. The following points are hopefully going to help me with this. 

Make more lists! I really need lists to help my self getting things done.

Write a journal of gratitude - some notes every day about what I am thankful for. Here are some tips.

Start doing yoga. I'm going to attend a class and I am so exited!

Start meditating regularly.

Spent more time in nature. After studying what positive effects nature and natural sourroundings has on human health, I know I really need to go out more :)

Seek guidance in my Fairy Oracle cards more frequently.

The last point on this list, I started with this week. I opened one card for every month to come in the year, and I got a lot of interesting advice and thoughts to keep in mind during the year. I will look at the separate cards again for every new month and share with you what card I got and what thougts it gave and gives me.

- Do you have any New Year resolutions?

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


~ Love and light ~

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