februar 2014

~ Redesign: Elf top ~

Yesterday I found a top that I've had a few years now. I have only worn it at home, as it was a little too big and I didn't really have anything that could go with it. I decided this was the day to do something about it. First I was only going to make it smaller so it would fit better, but then I got an idea. I improvised the rest and here is the result.



- Do you redesign clothes? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ The Wildling Princess and the Curly Tree ~

About a year ago I went to a cosplay arrangement in town, called Desucon: Fantasy. I did not cosplay any spesific character, but I created an outfit inspired by the Game of Thrones series. I got lots of compliments, and someone compared me to the character Val the Wildling. I have not read the books and had only seen the first season of the tv-series, therefore I did not know who this character was. After a little research, I couldn't help but smile, and identify with her :)

Later that evening I visited the Botanical Garden with some friends. It is such a magical place, maybe one of the most beautiful places in town. We had a great time exploring the garden, especially me, since I met a lovely, curly tree! It was a perfect tree to climb and to hug, so that is what I did ^^

Photos by my love.

- Have you been to a cosplay arrangement? Or a botanical garden? :)


~ Winter Wanderer ~

The last few days, the weather has been changing all the time. It's so odd! A few days ago, everything was completely bare and the sun was shining. Finally spring was upon us! The following day, it looked like winter had started  all over again. I decided to have a little walk to enjoy the silence and the soothing sounds of the babbling brook and the chirping birds. My closest neighbour is a forest and a river, and I followed it all the way to the sea, and back again.

Would you believe me if I said that this scenery is what I see right outside my window, and that I live in a capital city? I am truly grateful for living in this place :) 

This is the ruins of an old manor that burned down almost exactly 100 years ago - local history I would like to share with you some other time.

- Do you live near a forest? Or a river? Or the sea? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Feathers of Nerhagen ~

I recently recieved a little treasure in the mail. My dear friend Julianne behind the blog Raven made me this beautiful hairpiece. She reuses old jewelry, fabrics etc. and feathers shed from her own 'handful' of free range chickens, and turn it into
dream catchers and accessories.

She even added a quartz crystal ^^
Look at the beautiful blue/green glow in the feather below.

You can 'like' and visit her facebookpage here if you want to get something similar :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Legend (1985) ~

Friday, february 14th. my beloved and I decided to watch the fairytale movie Legend. I have been wanting to watch this movie for such a long time, and finally it happened. The movie is perfect for me, filled with love, unicorns, faries, bubbles and flowers!

There are so many beautiful and magical scenes that are really appealing to me. I actually think that it is more important for a movie to be visually stimulating than to have the perfect story or great actors sometimes. (Kind of ironic of me to say that, with a background as a drama student, hehe).

It may seem like it's all sparkliny happiness, but it is actually a pretty dark movie. I chose to only include beautiful and positive images from the movie, since I want my blog to be a beautiful and positive place, but the dark and gloomy elements are a big part of the movie.

Once upon a time, long ago, "Darkness" senses the presence of two Unicorns, guarders of the Power of Light. He wants to destroy them and get their horns to create an Eternal Night og Cold Darkness.

Princess Lili and her friend (and love interest), the forest boy Jack, gets separated by magic and go on their own journeys to find each other / save the Unicorns. Jack is accompanied by the elf Honeythorn Gump, the fairy Oona and the dwarves Screwball and Brown tom. Lili is alone.

This is a movie about the battle between good and evil, but despite this sligthly childish theme, it is not a very child friendly movie. It find it rather scary and deep. Darkness is indeed a character in the story, but it is also something we all have within us, thus we can never fully destroy it...

- Have you seen Legend? What do you think of it? :)

Click photos for source.

~ Love and light ~

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~ The White Medieval Dress ~

Here is a repost about the first medieval dress that I made two years ago.

Before going to Oslo Medieval Fair in 2012 I wanted to make my own dress. I started with some old, white linen curtains. It is wise to check if you have something you don't use anymore before you buy any new fabrics ;) This is also a great way to reuse and recycle :) I found the sewing pattern I had bought in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden. This basic pattern can be varied as desired: Lacing or no lacing, narrow or wide sleeves, different shaped neckline etc. I chose to keep it simple since it was the first time I tried making a whole dress
(and I only had two days to do it!).

Meet my vintage friend! This sewing machine is my mother's. It was the first thing she bought when she moved from home when she was younger, and I am so lucky that I can borrow it whenever I want.

You have probably already seen the result of this little project, but here is it! :) 

More photos here.

It is so much fun making and modifying your own garments, and I have so many plans and projects for new dresses and other pieces I don't know where to start! This little flashback really made me ache for some more sewing :)

- Do you sew? Have you made a medieval dress before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Museum of Decorative Arts and Design ~

Today my mom and I went to the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. This year Norway celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, and the museum currently has an exhibition dedicated to this occasion. I took a few photos of the items that caught my attention.

We went on to see the other exhibitions with both older and newer collections.

Beautifully detailed harp! 

Art Nouveau.

Roman glass!

These dresses are from the 1700s.

These dresses belonged to the Norwegian Queen Maud - famous for her tiny waist.

I've always been fascinated by old things, almost no matter from what time period. They are always so detailed, elaborate and full of mysteries! They are pieces of history that gives you ideas about what once were, and inspiration to what could be!

- Do you like museums and old things? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Light in the Darkness ~

My february faery oracle:

Here is a little summary of what the book says about the card:

"It is in the head that inspiration, fire and power are said to reside. It is when we feel and see and know that connection to all that is, when we are afire with inspiration and ideas that flow to us and from us and within us, that we are restored to our true self. This beautiful ancient being whose light is fading, is passing this wisdom into the young.

Old wise ones have messages for you and you can learn much from them. Allow them to pass on their wisdom to you so a living tradition continues. Understand that you come from a long line of wise ones and connect with those elders."

It is fascinating that my first card was about the young ones, and then this is about the elder ones. I don't know much about my ancestors or ancestral line, I do not have any grandparents, and have never really known any elders in my life. I never met my mothers parents - they died before I was born, and my fathers parents I only knew a few years before they passed away too.

Even though I only knew her a short time, I really loved my father's mother. My strongest memory of her is that she used to sit in her favourite chair with my younger sister on her lap, and me and our older cousin on each armrest, reading old folktales and fairytales to us. Our favourite was De tre bukkene Bruse (English: Three Billy Goats Gruff). It was perfect since we were three. And we always got loads of chocolate when we wisited her!^^ 

I often wonder how it would be to have grandparents around while growing up. What it would be like having them here now. What they would think about the present me, about my choices and path in life. I will never know, but I am fine with that. Sometimes I think it was for the better that I lost them in my early years, so it wouldn't hurt as much as it would to lose them at an older and more concious age. On the other hand, since I lack the experience of losing someone close to me, I think it will be harder for me to lose someone now. But there is no need of such sad and gloomy thoughts now! :)

I am grateful for what they have given me and what I am still to recieve. I am going open up more and listen. I know the wisdom of my ancestors will come to me soon. If I'm in the dark, they will show me the light.

- Do you have any grandparents or elders in your life? :)


~ Love and light ~

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