mars 2014

~ Reuniting with my fairy sister Lariel Varg ~

Last week I was so lucky to have one of my dearest friends as a guest :)

Lariel Varg and I met through the internet many years ago. She was the first of my internet friends that I ever met in real life, and I still remember that day. Whenever I take the bus alone on a route I'm not used to, I get the same happy feeling I got back then. The moment I stepped out of that bus, it was like a piece that was missing from my pussle finally came to place <3

This time we hadn't seen each other in about two years! No matter how long it's been since we saw one an other, we instantly connect and it feels like no time has passed at all :) But it has been painful at times. This girl is so dear to me, it's hard to describe. Our souls are sisters, and I am so grateful that we met :) After this meeting we have texted every day and decided to talk on the phone every tuesday ^^

She arrived on the afternoon on tuesday last week. We made some wok and essentially talked all night long, even in bed ^^ The next day we went secondhand shopping in the largest thrift store in Norway. We got some nice treasures, and was pretty tired after the little plunder. We wandered the woods and inspired by local folktales we made a traditional Norwegian course: rice porridge - maybe a little untraditional since it was vegan :) Unfortunately we didn't meet any trolls to share the feast with, only a slightly surprised tree. Later we watched Fairytale: A True Story for the first time. We were disappointed to see so little fairies in a movie that was supposed to be about fairies, so when it was finished, we watched Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue :)

You can never have too many fairies, even if you are one yourself!

- Do you have similar friendships? :)


~ Earth Hour ~

Last night it was finally time to dim all the lights down for the symbolic celebration of the annual Earth Hour! I am glad this 'ceremony' exists to make more people aware about environmental changes etc., but at the same time I find it slightly sad that people only dedicate an hour to our Earth that gave us life itself...

My evening was quite miserable and sad. Luckily I've put it behind me and moved on, and I feel a lot better today :D Since I was not in the mood to make it cozy, and there was nothing to photograph either, I present to you some pictures of the incredibly nice Earth Hour celebration my love and I had last year <3

We brought candles, matches, my glowing bunnies and found some old, dead wood while we walked to the place we decided to make a fire. It was a wonderful, romantic and spiritual experience for me, and I hope to do it again some time soon :)

- Did you celebrate Earth Hour last night?


~ Redesign: Victorian spats ~

On saturday I went shopping with some friends. Secondhand of course :) I found this blazer in mustard velvet for only NOK 20 kr. I instantly knew what I was going to do when I found it. I was going to turn the sleeves into spatterdashes!

Photos by my love.

Influenced by the colour, I decided to dress in an outfit slightly inspired by the steampunk style.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Altar of Spring Equinox & Ostara ~ 2014

I made a simple and  pastel rose coloured theme for my Spring Equinox and Ostara altar this year. Everything you can see is thrifted / secondhand exept for the gathered pine cones, the honey bee necklace and the two pink roses.

I chose to put the honey bee in the center of my altar, because I know the bees of the world need prayers, attention, love and light. We can try to help them by signing
different petitions on line (just google 'save bees' and you'll find them), and be concious about the products we buy/support, preferably ecological/organic and local. Also read here.

- Do you celebrate Spring Equinox & Ostara?

Photos of my equinox photoshoot
and my altar in 2013.


~ Photoshoot: Spring Faerie of Equinox ~

I honour the old ways and I celebrate spring and the Goddess. The dark half of the year has come to an end at this time, and the day and night are of equal length.
It is balanced and sacred. This is the time of the Light of the Earth, our common divine Mother, and the Sun. New energy and warmth is coming upon us. The animals, the plants and life itself is waking up, and I am grateful for what have been and what to come. I rejoice in the renewal of life.

Photo, makeup and styling by me.

Photos of my altar


~ Altar of Spring Equinox & Ostara ~ 2013

~ Happy Spring Equinox! ~

I have been really tired today, so I am going to take a walk in the forest and really absorb the energies I need and get in touch with Mother Earth and my own inner Goddess. I had a long day yesterday with many impressions, so I will use this day to relax, dring som soothing tea and make a little altar.

I've been reposting som old blogposts lately and I hope the ones who have seen them before isn't sick of it already, because here is another one :3

My celebration of last year looked something like this.
My altar included green canles in my beautiful tree-stake, a pentagram of pussy willow twig, a secondhand table runner, my soft little bunny, some fairies, flowers - both real and fake, and of course the seeds I was going to sow that spring,
blessing them and hoping for a good harvest!

I did a little oracle reading, and also added some vegan mini-cupcakes with mango and passionfruit topping :)

~ Wish you all a blessed day <3 ~

Photos of my altar in 2014. 


~ Outfit: Lá Fhéile Pádraig ~ 2013

My outfit on St. Patrick's day in 2013.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Lá Fhéile Pádraig ~ 2014

Today, the 17th of march, we celebrate the Irish heritage and culture on the big day we call St. Patrick's day! Happy St. Paddy! :)

I celebrated the day on saturday with my dear and talented friends Branna and Ingrid, and our hubs. We walked in the parade, listened to some of the speaches and headed over to the local Irish pub. We had so much fun, I totally forgot to take photos, and what a shame, you should have seen these girls outfits! After we had eaten a little snack, the session started. So many talented musicians and wonderful, happy music! Ingrid sang and Branna played her flutes. It was all so magical. I made a little video you can see here.

Photo borrowed from Ingrid's instagram.

Hope you are all having a wonderful time, either you celebrated or not! Now I'm going to watch The Secret of Roan Inish! :) 

Ps: I shared this last year, but it seems like it's still valid: Please sign here to save the forests of Ireland.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Secret Doorway ~

My march faery oracle:

Here is a little summary of what the book says about the card:

"This beautiful being is halv-human, half-fae, and is rediscovering herself. This threshold will see her walk into another land, but she will still be able to walk in her own. See the light pouring through this humble doorway is enLIGHTenment. Meaning, more knowledge, understanding and the ability to communitcate. She is peering through this doorway, through which light can shine into the darkening world of humans. She is ready to step through, to allow her imagination's wisdom to lead her into new realms, and to accept the mystery of faery communication. Faeries circle about her now, rejoicing at this breakthrough, and she is breaking through her own fears."

I have a big problem with procrastination. It's not limited to only a few aspects of my life, it's a serious problem that has become a lifestyle and I am currently working to change my destructive habits.

I have tons of projects, but I find it very hard to begin somewhere. I don't know how to start, and I am scared that I'll fail, so I end up not starting at all and then fail is inevitable. And if I do start something, it's hard to finish for the same reasons. It has become a very vicious cycle, and I seek comfort in something that gives me a temporary reward (with no outcome...) instead.

I've realised I am quite addicted to facebook, social medias and internet in general, and I need to limit myself to regain the control. Therefore I am having a 'vacation' from facebook this month.

I could say that facebook stops me from being creative and doing what I really want, but it is entirely up to me, I am stopping myself. Now I am trying to stop myself from stopping myself, hihi.

I believe that one of the reasons why I find it so stimulating to sit on facebook is that I am a mix between an extrovert and an introvert. I really enjoy and thrive in the company of others, but I also enjoy being alone. Facebook is a great way of combining the two, because I can be alone and social at the same time. Facebook is a wonderful tool, but all tools should be handled properly to be effective.

I think I am already making progress :) Not being able to connect to facebook forces me to do something else, and forces me to do the things I want to, and should do. One of those thins is getting a job!

Hope you all can wish me luck this month - both with staying off facebook, starting (and finishing some of) my projects, and getting a job!

Thank you! :)


~ Love and light ~

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17, Alvdal

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