mai 2014

~ The Royal Palace and the Queen's Park ~

Like mentioned before, I've been having a hard time the last few months. As we know, nature, naturesque and beautiful, calm sourroundings does wonders for your health, so last week I went to the Palace Park in the middle of Oslo to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to try to clear my mind and recreate.

The Queen's park is a part of the Royal Garden that is open for only a few months, and I always get exited when I go there. I feel so privileged. The weather was so beautiful, and since it was in the middle of the day, there wasn't many people around and I could go explore almost every little nook and cranny :3 It was such a nice experience and made my heavy heart a little lighter, and for that I am grateful :)

- Have you been to the Palace Park and the Queen's Park before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Medieval outfit, sunday ~

My medieval inspired outfit on sunday :)

Photos from the fair
and of my other outfit


~ Love and light ~

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~ Medieval outfit, friday/saturday ~

My medieval inspired outfit on friday/saturday :)

Photos from the fair
and of my other outfit


~ Love and light ~

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~ Oslo Medieval Fair 2014 ~

I've spent tree magical days time traveling to Medieval times with so many wonderful friends this weekend :D This year it was took place inside the Akershus Fortress that was built in year 1300. There is no better place in Oslo to arrange it,
so I was very happy about that :)

Photo by Frøydis.

I almost adopted this poor little fella, but I was too late... :/

I ordered a basket-backpack! It will be mine in september :)


Colorful beads! <3

Horsie in pretty dress! ^^

Friday night we watched this hunk show off his awsome flame-wings! :D Smaug? :3

On saturday we went over to The Dubliner to chat and dance and be silly :)

Ingrid and me <3

Sunday was mostly spent with these two wonderful women, Siv and Frøydis
and I finally gave in and shopped! :3 Here are my treasures:

- Have you been to any fairs of markeds lately? :)

Photos of my first outfit
and of my second outfit.


~ Love and light ~

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~ 17.Mai 2014 ~

On saturday, the 17th of May, Norwegians all over the world celebrated our National Day / Constitution Day :) This year we even celebrated the 200 year anniversary of our Constitution and independent reign.

As every year, I was wearing my Bunad, the traditional Norwegian Costume. Still something was different this year. I didn't wear my blue one, but my new green one! :D Behold the glory! :3

As always we had ice cream, 'pølser i lompe', lots of fruits and berries, and delicious cakes - one creamcake and one raw kiwi- and banana cake! This was my first 17.Mai as a vegan, and it was great success! ^_^

~ Gratulerer med dagen, Norge! 200 år med egen grunnlov ~

- Do you have a national/traditional costume? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Fairyfood: Dandelions ~

Yesterday I experimented for second breakfast and made proper fairyfood! Dandelion pasta with dandelion petals sprinkled on top! :D I always loved playing with flowers in mud kitchens when I was a child, making everything from perfumes to food. Now that I know I can do it for real, I get a little ecstatic :3
It's free, it's healthy and even beautiful ^^ Just look at the curly stems!

I must admit it's not my new favourite dish, but it was fun trying it out ^^
I'm definitely going to experiment more now that the meadow finally is full of them!

- Have you eaten dandelions before? :)

For lots of great dandelion recipes go here.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Rose Red ~

On saturday I went to the local fleamarked and found this hppiedress. It was originally in a coral tone, which is one of my least favourite colours, but I still wanted to have the dress. Yesterday I decided to try to dye it. I have never done it before, but I gave it a shot. I chose a dark red, bordeaux color, which I've become quite fond of lately, and I think the result was pretty good :) It even matched my new self made flower crown :)

All photos by my dearest.

- Have you dyed clothes before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Oslo Vegetarfestival 2014 ~

This weekend I went to Oslo Vegetarfestival! It's the 4th year in a row for me, and this time I had free entry, as I am board member of the Norwegian Vegan Society (Norsk Vegansamfunn) :) On friday I went down to rig our stand and this is how it turned out: naturally with lovely leafy and green additions.

Birdies and buttons^^

By participating in a quiz, you could win this amazing gift basket! :D

Lot's of lovely stands!
Photo above by the beautiful Sara Elle that I finally met this weekend! :D <3

Fairyfood everywhere! :D

It's been such a nice (but tiresome) weekend and I've met so many wonderful people! I am very happy and inspired :)

- Have you been to a Vegetarian fair/festival before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Game of Thrones Exhibition, Oslo 2014 ~

Last week (and the weekend before) the Game of Thrones Exhibition came to Oslo. I had a weekend full of fleamarketing (blogpost coming soon) and therefore I postponed my visit to the exhibition to a weekday. At first I was a little upset when I figured 'all' of my friends went to see it on saturday, but when I found out they spent almost 5 hours in line, I was rather happy with my weekend afterall, which was actually kind of awesome anyway! :3

I went to the exhibition on tuesday, the day before the last opening day, and I was pretty lucky and clever to go that day. First of all I came the day with the fewest amount of visitors. Second, I came about an hour before opening time, and that was just how long I had to stand in line :) There was almost no line inside either, so I only spent half an hour and got to see everything I wantet for as long as I wanted and I was pretty satisfied! I skipped 'the Wall'-simulator though, as I have acrophobia (fear of heights) :p All photos are from my iphone. If you want quality, check out Ida's flickr.

Dragons and dresses <3

Photo edited by Cecilie Noctique.  

- Did you go? :)
How long would do you think it would be worth waiting in line?


~ Love and light ~

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~ A journey to recreate ~

A few weeks ago I went on a well deserved vacation to the north with my family. I took mostly photos with my phone, and some of you have probably already seen most of these photos on my instagram. As you know from my last entry, I went to my family isle in the north of Norway. My aunt lives on the mainland, and above you can see the view from her and my mother's (and their five brother's!) childhood home where we always stay. I think it's the most beautiful place on earth! <3 

Here you can see an old air photo of our precious paradise! :D

This is our 'cottage', the white, century old manor on our isle where my ancestors lived, and my oldest uncle actially was born :)

Ready for Easter dinner! 

This is the bed I've always slept in. I love this bed, and always feel like a princess in it. I am one of few in my family that actually can sleep in this bed,
because it is so short!
It's also kind of fascinating how perfect this room was for a easter holiday, with the yellow walls full of antique Jesuses and Bible verses ^^

Here you can see my favourite Bible-art. This is a combination of the Apostless Creed and the Ten Commandments.  It's so incredibly kitsch and fits perfect with the pink walls in the living room.

This is the old food cellar on our island. It has always fascinated me, and it reminds me of a hobbit hole of some sort ^^

This little girl is Ekko, the beautiful finnish lapphund dog of my cousin :) The fluffiest, sweetest and kindest dog I've ever met ^^

Fascinating little pond!

Here is another little building I think was previously used for storing food, which now only stands as a memory of the past. With walls of stone and roof of grass and straw, it fits perfectly into the landscape.

This creature reminds me of Nøkken of the old Norwegian folktales! o.O

Many different kinds of strange moss and lichen creates a miniature landscape! They almost look like trees :)

This flower is the purple mountain saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) and is the most northerly plant located in the world! :) It's even edible!

Back on the mainland, and like I told you, it's the most beautiful place in the world :)


After about a week I left and continued to visit my little sister in Trondheim, which looked like this when I arrived. I just love this city :) (Unfortunately I didn't really take any photos :/)

Cute old (and even pink) buildings!

The last night we ate out, took a lot of sisterly selfies and had a great time ^_^

I love you, Linn Heidi <3

- Have you been on vacation or done anything recreational lately? :)

Ps: I haven't been blogging in a while, since there is a lot going on in my head these days. It might take a little while until the next blog entry aswell, but I do have a few entries waiting in line. I just need to find the time and motivation to arrange them, which has been hard when I've been feeling down the last weeks...


~ Love and light ~

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17, Alvdal

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