juli 2014

~ Summer voyage ~

After a week up north with my family,
I am spending the weekend home alone in Oslo.

But already on monday I am leaving again! So you can quess I am a little stressed. I have to prepare and pack for a three week long vacation, I need cash - in the right currency, and this and that and I am totally freaking out!

First I am going to Hungary, to Budapest, where I will be meeting my dear friends Janne and Ruben. Together we are going to the S.U.N festival for the first time :) I really don't know what to expect, exept for a lot of music, a lot of colours and a lot of people :D I just heard that the weather forecast says it's going to rain almost the whole week, but I really hope not as we are going to live outdoors and sleep in tents!

When the festival is over we are going to look around for nice places to visit, maybe some castles! We will return to Budapest,
and hopefully I can have a little birthday celebration :)

Then I am traveling further alone! I am going to my friend Liesbeth in Belgium for the first time, and together with her friends we are going to the medieval/fantasy festival Castlefest in Netherlands! :D She said she is going to surprise me and give me the best time of my life :D

In Netherlands there is also a fairytale themed amusement park called Efteling that I've been wanting to visit for quite some time now, and lucky me, because we have decided that we are going there aswell :D Weee!


I have wonderful times ahead of me and it's going to be so much fun :)

I really have the greatest friends <3

- Have you been to any of these festivals or places before? Are you doing anything exiting this summer? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Photoshoot: The Little Mermaid ~

Finally: Here are the photos from my
Ariel cosplay / The Little Mermaid photoshoot :)

It's not perfect, but it's a start! The tail I made a few years ago for a school project, and the scallop-bra I made a few days ago. I borrowed the (slightly crooked) wig from a friend, and Flounder went home with me after a flea market this spring <3

Photos by my mother.

- Do you like the movie The Little Mermaid? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Midnight Sunlight ~

The night before yesterday was a very special night. After a fantastic evening with a friend watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with amazing food and perfect dessert, I biked home and I was instantly stunned.

The sky was breathtaking! I mean, the sky has been amazing the last week, but this was very, very special. I biked back and forth, knocking on the door of an other friend trying to get him to take a walk with me, but as no one answered (naturally, it was in the middle of the night) I ended up enjoying it all by myself :)

I sat down by the harbor for almost half an hour, until I had to leave because of a ship that was to dock up. It was so enchanting! And when I got home, about 01.00 o'clock, the thermometer said 22 degrees celcius which by Scandinavian standards is called a Tropical Night (something very rare at that hour in Norway/Scandinavia) <3 

There in the distance you can see the lighthouse we celebrated at on saturday :)

- Have you experienced a very special natural phenomenon lately? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ One with the Skies and Sea ~

I have returned to my paradise yet again for a recreational holiday with my family. I arrived on thursday, and we went straight out to our island. The weather and temperatures has been and still are incredible, it's truly amazing. I've been taking walks, collecting sea shells, relaxing, photographing the beautiful sea and the even more beautiful sky, and the most beautiful combination of the two. I even went out to a skerry with my mother and my aunt to have a little photoshoot for a secret cosplay :D I can't wait to show you, so stay tuned^^!

It's light out in the night and there was a very bewitching full moon the other day.

The sky is in the sea!

Look at this amazing rock. You can clearly see that it once was liquid :)

The low tide - time to look for sea shells and other treasures!


On saturday we went out to another island to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of a wondeful woman. On their paradise isle they live in an old lighthouse! It's full of rooms and doors and stairs and old, beautiful furniture, and of course it has a tower <3 It's so enchanting and I would love to have a house like that :) Now there is a modern lighthouse there too, and it all reminds me of Tove Jansson's novel "Moominpappa at Sea" (I guess I need to read it again some time soon) :p

- Are you on vacation? Have you been to the sea lately? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Gaiadóttir on Instagram ~

Recently my Instagram account passed a 1000 followers! :D I am very grateful :)

I don't really care how lame it may sound, but in the emotionally heavy time I'm going through, it actually makes me feel better when
I get new likes, comments and followers :3

I bet I'm not the only one who feels that way :)

It's a surprisingly good way to get in touch with other people,
and they are so uplifting, encouraging and kind.
I love Instagram and my 'Instafamily' <3

You may follow me here.

- Are you on Instagram? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ The strange little box ~

The last few days I've been out on my family island without electricity, internet or even peers. I've felt rather lonely and all that alone time has given me too much time to think, and all the bad thoughts I'm carrying around is coming back to the surface. I've cried a lot, but I've tried to do fun and healing things. I'ts kind of strange to say, but I've really missed social medias these days...
Kind of ironic of this Nature Girl :p

I've never really been interested in gadgets, though. At times I actually fear them! :o

And I've been called a luddite and a technophobe who thinks
all forms for modern technology is evil.

And that is not too far from the truth :3

I did demonize smartphones earlier, especially the iPhone. I saw them as the ulitmate symbol of materialism (still do sometimes) and wouldn't be caught dead with it. I was actually afraid someone would mistake my old iPod for an iPhone (the one that I got for free in 2010 from the Norwegian youth environmental group Natur og Ungdom (NU) (Nature and Youth - Friends of the Earth Norway).

Everyone has these phones, but I didn't want one. I already had a phone that was working just fine, so I didn't need one either. I don't want to produce more garbade and I don't have the consciense to buy something knowing that they are created by poor and exploited people under horrible conditions, produced for evil and companies that only care about money. (Though this might have happened some time during my life...)

At the same time I really wanted one... because of Instagram!

For quite some time I was looking and drooling over the gorgeous pictures my friends were posting on their accounts. I was sick of feeling like a stalker, and frustrated because I couldn't like or comment their photos. Unfortunately the only way to get this amazing invention was to have this so-called smartphone...

But then, right after new years I was gifted one that had been used!

I must admit I've become quite fond of it, and I am very happy that I finally got to create an account on Instagram :)

Of course this fairy had to have a *sparkly cover* ^^

- Do you have a smartphone? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ New sewing pattern ~

I just recieved this pattern in the mail! Wee :D
It will be the base for one of my new sewing projects this autumn.
Below you can see a little preview of what fabric I'll be using ^^

The 1700s is one of my absolute favourite historical periods, and I've always wanted a 1700s dress. I am very exited and I really look forward to have and MAKE my own 1700s gown <3

You can also get it here.

- Do you have plans for any creative projects for autumn? :) 


~ Love and light ~

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~ Juli ~

My month has arrived, and now it's only 20 days left until my birthday :)

~ July 28 ~

To be honest it's kind of disappointing to have my birthday in the middle of the summer. Since it's a holiday, everybody is on vacation and they either forgot your birthday or they're somwhere far away and can't contact you.

I have to admit that I get a little offended when people don't wish me a happy birthday :3 It is kind of embarrassing... I know it shouldn't matter, it's just a date, but I get upset when my birthday feels insignificant.

So; Now that I have a blog, I can remind the rest of the world of my birthday!

Wee! I don't really know what the purpose of this blogpost is, as I am abroad and possibly out of reach on my birthday. But maybe I'm not! So it would be nice to be granted wishes and luck anyway :)

I am also going to celebrate my birthday twice this year, and presents are always nice^^ For family and other sweet hearts who want to give me a gift, I made this wishlist last year ;)

- When is your birthday? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ A little tea party with Branna (and a new redesigned dress) ~

On sunday Branna and I had a little tea-party :)

Branna has fallen in love with the japanese Lolita fashion, and I must admit that she has influenced me a little too :) A few days ago, I had a very creative day where I redesigned three dresses, and one of them was a dress that she gave me last year. The dress is white with butterflies, glitter and a green ribbon-waist, and very cute. It was a little big for me, and it was strapless.

First I made it smaller, then I cut off the ribbons in the back, and attached them as straps, creating a little collar. I made them cross each other in the back, and made a bow. I added some leaves in the same green color at the front and also made a matching hair pin :)

I added a petticoat to make it more poofy, and of course I had to wear that dress to the tea party, and here we are :D

Look at her dress! It's so pretty ^^

Close ups of the front and back of my dress.

It still needs som fixing, but I'm pleased with the result!

- Do you like the Lolita fashion? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ VP and a surprise gift ~

I recently recieved a surprise gift in the mail. It was from Lars, the founder of one of my favourite groups on facebook called Veggispreik (VP) or Opplysningskontoret for matglede (OMG) (which is something like 'Veggiechat' / 'The informational office for food enjoyment'  in english).

Their mission is to inspire people to opt out meat and other animal products,
to be as plantbased as possible,
and hopefully make people realise it's a redundant part of their diet :)

Reducing your  intake (and consumption) of animal products is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do, so this is a page everyone should join :D It's mostly in norwegian, but I am sure my non-norwegian readers can find similar groups that they can join ;)

Read more on their blog here! 
They were also featured in an article from NRK, which you can read here.

The gift package I recieved consisted of:

- A little note with the VP logo - with som encouraging words from Lars
- Stickers saying "Something to eat, or someone to respect?"
- A little pouch of Soap nuts (and a usage manual)!
- The big and amazing book "We Animals", full of heart breaking photos and information about how animals are exploited by humans.

I was overwhelmed and very grateful for this wonderful gift.
Thank you, Lars and the rest of Veggispreik <3

- Have you recieved a surprise gift in the mail lately? Are you member of any wonderful groups on facebook? :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ MDG's summer press conference ~

As mentioned before I am board member of the Norwegian Vegan Society, and we were invited to have a stand and serve vegan food at Mesh for the press conference of the Norwegian Green Party - Miljøpartiet de Grønne (MDG) (which I am also member of). I brought the lovely green tablecloth we used at the Vegetarian Fair, and the others brought delicious wraps, pizza buns and brownies :) Funky Fresh Foods also served raw coconut- and banana ice cream! Quite the breakfast! :D

It was nice to be at such a historical event for the green party, with journalists from all of the biggest and most important medias in Norway, and I am grateful for the opportunity of being a part of that ^^ (I even accidentally photobombed while a tv-channel was filming MDG's national spokesperson :3 hihi)

More than one of the journalists mentioned that vegan food was served in their articles afterwards, so we were very happy :) Read article by NRK here.

Look how green and nice the entrance is at Mesh ^^

- Are you member of a political party?
Have you been to a press conference before? :)


~ Love and light ~

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17, Alvdal

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