september 2015

~ Pre-Raphaelite Muses Calendar 2015 ~

Get the calendar here! ^_^


~ Love and light ~

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~ Pre-Raphaelite Muse ~

It's already been over year since I had the photoshoot for the Pre-Raphaelite Muses Calendar 2015! And I think it's about time I share the photo series with you! The photo in the calendar is obviously left out of, as I hope people want to buy the calendar ^_^ (Even though the year is nearly over... :3 )

All though none of these photos are edited, (as they were taken by my ex who's not a photographer), I really like them and the atmosphere we managed to capture :) I would really love to do more Pre-Raphaelite and nymphy shoots in the future :)

- What do you think? Which is your favourite? :)


~ Love and light ~

#foto #photo #fotografi #photography #modeling #modell #kalender #natur #skog #elv #vann #høst #muse #kunst #Gaiadóttir

~ Gifts of the North - my new shop! ~

Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to announce that I'm finally opening a shop on Etsy! I've been wanting to do this for over a year (maybe two...:s)
and now it's happening at last!

It's called Gifts of the North, and I'll be selling self made, vintage and pre-loved items, mostly with a romantic, fairytalesque quality,
like everything else I do and share :)

One of the things I'm selling is the Pre-Raphaelite Muses Calendar of 2015!

Go take a look! :D

Ps. Prices on shipping might be wrong at the moment, as I'm still very fresh in the game! I will update the shop on prices, and more items when I get the chance :)


~ Poldark (2015) ~

Yesterday I started watching the tv-series Poldark,
and I'm completely sold! <3
Movies and series with romance, stunning nature and costumes to die for is my absolute favourite kind, and Poldark is now added to the list! :D

I've only seen two episodes so far, and even though it 'starts' like this^, we all know where this is going to end :D <3 :D <3 (At least we think we know)

Earlier this summer I saw the BBC series The White Queen, which was o.k., and from that series I fell in love with actress Eleanor Tomlinson! As you can see in this little 'photo rant', she's the one I'm obsessing over :3 (I seem to do that every time I recommend a new series here... obsess over the leading female character and her wardrobe...)

I need this coat.

- Have you watched Poldark? :D


~ Love and light ~

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~ Victorian Picnic in Oslo Botanical Garden ~

A few weeks ago, I went to my first Victorianesque picnic in Oslo :D

Of course it took place in the most perfect place - the Botanical Garden :)
I wore a 1700s inspired rococco dress, bought second hand by a larper here in Oslo, and I was honored to be photographed by Danarki! 
I love the result <3 More photos here.




17, Alvdal

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