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~ Elven Samhain ~

Blessed be all muggles, ghosts, witches, elves, faeries, dwarfs, princes, nymphs and mermaids out there!
Finally the day has arrived! :D I will have a calm evening with my love tonight, but wish you all a pleasant All Hallows' Eve, wether you celebrate or not! 

I'm probably going to dressing out some of these days, but my daywear of today is rather casual, inspired by the beautiful autumn!

Everything is second hand - except the beautiful bracelets from Miriel Design, made by my friend Josephine :) Visit her shop here.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Autumnal Witch ~

Earlier this month, I went out in the forest by my school for a little walk. Autumn and October is really one of my favorite times of the year, with all the colours, the not-too-cold and not-too-warm temperatures and of course we have Samhain / All Hallows Eve / Alfablot coming upon us! I decided to dress as a fairyesque witch before my stroll.


A black feather. Maybe from a raven?
In the book I'm reading at the moment, Odin's Child, in the Norwegian fantasy series The Raven Rings, they repeatedly say that a raven is a good sign ;)

More mushrooms! 

Footprint of a wolf? Aoouuh!


~ Love and light ~

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~ Queen of the Flea Market ~

In Norway we have a long and old tradition with flea markets. Marching bands all over the country, especially the big cities, collect "trash and treasures" from their local community and sell them in a big market at their schools, that lasts over a weekend. The markets usually takes place in springtime and autumn, and to keep updated about the coming markets, you can go here: http://loppemarked.info/

I'm addicted to these markets, and I can't count how many I've been to during this year! It's so much fun going treasure hunting! You can find so many unike objects at a reasonable price, you don't support any bad or unethical industries and the money goes to a good, local cause :) (The marching bands are a big part of the Norwegian Constitution Day, 17th of May.)

It is usually very crowed, especially when they open, and people fight over the best parts. Luckily for me, I tend to look like "different" things than the mass, as well as showing up early. I mostly look for browns, greens and pastels, magical, natural and leafy things. Fabrics, garments, decorative objects, jewelry etc. I also found a beautiful cabinet for my books once.

This weekend I went to the best flea market in town. They are very well organised, all the clothes are sorted by colour! <3

Here is todays 'loot'!

Flowers and leafs for decoration and craftsupplies. And a gardenstone :)

A jewelry chest.



Cups, tiny bottle and a purple flacon.


Curtains - or future dress?

Pillow cases, table cloth and duvet cover.

Last but not least: A taxidermied kestrel! So cute <3


~ Love and light ~

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~ Medieval photoshoot with Wictorianart Photography ~

I got so many nice comments on my pictures recently, both in the last entry, and on facebook. Thank you for all your love <3
Please give your love to the woman behind the magic!

The ever so talented photographer, and dear friend, Wictoria! 

In July, my birthmonth, she invited me to a photoshoot in the forest.
This was the result:

All pictures from her blog: http://wictorianart.wordpress.com/ 

Check out her pages:

Webpage http://wictorianart.com/ 
Deviantart http://wictorian-art.deviantart.com/
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/wictoriabenedicte/
Tumblr http://wictorianart.tumblr.com/

Making of the dress here.


~ Love and light ~

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~ Kama Sofie Gaiadóttir ~

~ Who am I? ~

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. I am Kama Sofie Gaiadóttir. A daugther of the earth, a woodland creature. I am stardust in human form. A fairy, a Princcess, a Goddess, a Soul. I am put on this planet to spread and create beauty, Venleik, on the inside as well as on the outside: Love. I am a part of the Rainbow Fellowship just as anyone else. I'm worth no more, no less than anything else in the Universe

This is my time and age, and I am ever so grateful to be living and experiencing right now. Yet I look both to the future, and to old cilivizations and cultures to find inspiration on how to eat, dress and live.

~ My name ~

Kama Sofie is the name that I have been given.

My mother always wanted to call her daughter Sofie if she had one. Ʃoɸíɑ is greek and means wisdom.
My father chose Kamaकाम is sanskrit and means love.
(For a more detailed description please read here. I recommend it;))

Together this can be translated to The Wisdom of Love or The Love of Wisdom.
Either way a heavy name I want to deserve and fulfill. 

In norse nametraditions children get their last name from their parents first name followed by -son/dóttir depending on what gender the child is. My mother is the Earth, Gaia, and I am a woman, therefore I am Gaiadóttir.

~ What do I want with this blog? ~

On this blog, like the other places I go, I want to be an inspiration and to be inspired myself. I care deeply about justice, goodness, beauty, and I want to convey the message through this blog. I want to find like-minded people and create new friendships with souls that I might not would have met otherwise. I also want to keep family and friends updated on what I do, my adventures and magical places I go.

One of my biggest personal goals is to live a low impact life in harmony with nature.
This blog will focus on my way to get there, in addition to what is mentioned above.


~ Love and light from a Fairy of the Norwegian Woods ~

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18, Alvdal

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