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~ 2014 ~

The year is soon over, and it makes me sentimental. I always get this strange feeling I can't describe. Do you get it too? It's like leaving something behind that you can't ever get back, and entering a new epoque you know nearly nothing about. It's weird, because that actually happens every day, but it just feels special because it's
"a new year".

For me, 2014 has been a fantastic year :) Mostly because I've spent so much time with my dear friends, and because I've made many new ones! <3

I am healthy, intelligent, determined, successful, beautiful and loved <3 I am experiencing a great period in my life and I'm flourishing! :D This year has been better than I had hoped for, and I have a good feeling that 2015 will bring
even better things!

Here is a little flashback of what this year has been like for me :)

 ~ January ~

It was a beautiful, snowy winter, and I was positive about the new year!

I had a list of personal goals for the year, but did I achieve them?
Keep reading and you'll find out :)

~ February ~

I spent time in nature.

My hair got long... :3

I started sewing again :)

And I finally joined instagram! *letmetakeaselfie!* 

~ March ~

Lariel Varg visited <3

I celebrated Spring Equinox...

...had a Equinox photoshoot...

And celebrated St.Patrick's day with Branna and Ingrid <3

~ April ~

I travelled to my family isle.

I cosplayed for the first time: Princess Aurora <3

And I went to the Game of Thrones premiere!

~ May ~

I went to Oslo Medieval Fair with my friends <3

I  celebrated the 200th anniversary of Norway's constitution in my new bunad.

I went to the Vegetarian Fair with the Norwegian Vegan Society
(of which I became board member of in march).

And I sat on the Iron Throne at the Game of Thrones Exhibition :D

~ June ~

Daenerys went to Desucon with Kili and Fili.

I celebrated Midsummer.

I went to Třnsberg Medieval Fair to celebrate Ingrid's hen party.

And I became single.

~ July ~

I went to Borre Vikingmarked with friends from near and far!

I traveled up north with/to my family again...

... it was constantly beautiful <3

... and I experienced a 'Tropical Night' with 22 degrees celcius
in the middle of the night! ^_^

I had an amazing journey to Europe!
And turned 23 years!

First to Hungary with Janne and Ruben <3
(A lot of photos to come! Be patient! :D)

~ August ~

...And in august I traveled to Belgium and Netherlands by myself,
and got a new sister, Nina <3

I celebrated my 1 year vegan anniversary :D

And I became a full time student - kindergarten teacher to be! :) Because of this, I became really bad at blogging, and there are many entries still waiting in line.
We'll see when I'll have the time :)

~ September ~

I went to Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked.

I spent a lot of time in nature with all the mushrooms and beautiful colours,
and celebrated Mabon.

And I went to London to see Kate Bush <3 <3 <3

~ October ~

I went to the release party of Siri Pettersen's second book, Rĺta.

The Pre-Raphaelite Muses calendar was published, 
and my photo was featured in Fae Magazine!

And my blog turned 1 year :)

~ November ~

I went to the alternative fair.

I fled from schoolwork to my family's cabin in the woods <3

And collected money for water in developing countries.

~ December ~

In december I had my exam and got A! :D

And finally I got a well deserved holiday!

(Ps: With this photo I won NOK 1000 kr in a contest, great end to the year! :D)

Last but not least, my goals for 2014:

- Drink more water.
I'm still not drinking enough.

- Drink more tea. 
Yes, I have been been drinking tea more frequently :) 

- Stop using shampoo and use the "no poo" method instead. 
Yes! I started on the no-poo method in june! :D

- Collecting litter whenever I'm outdoors. 
I haven't done this as much as I wanted to, but I have done it a couple of times.

- Read more books. 
Unfortunately, no... or... does curriculum count? :3

- See more new movies instead of re-watching old ones. 
Yes! Mostly series, but still! :)

- Worry less. 
This is a big character flaw in me, and really hard to change, but I think I did ok...

- Make more lists! 
Yes! Though I'm not always good at completing the things on it. Like this one...

I did not:

- Write a journal of gratitude. 

- Start doing yoga... :(

- Start meditating regularly.

But I did

- Seek guidance in my Fairy Oracle cards. At least for a while.

And most importantly,

I Spent more time in nature <3


My wishes for the new year is for all of us to achieve our goals,
for all beings to be free from unnecessary harm,
and for love to grow <3

✫*¨*Happy new year!*¨*


~ Love and light ~
~ a Fairy of the Norwegian Woods ~


~ Jul 2014 ~

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! :D <3 My yuletide has been very calm and I'm really enjoying the free time with my family, as well as Opus the cat, great vegan food, sweets, snow and presents! :D

This year's theme was 'bling', with only golden, silvery, white and sparkly decorations on our yuletree .✶*¨.✫*

Icicles, birds, mushrooms and fairies! Do you see Tinkerbell? :D
And the bird I thought was a Unicorn the first time I saw it? 
Let's just pretend it's a Unicorn <3

Like every year we watched the ultimate yulemovie "Tři oří?ky pro Popelku" / "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel" / "Three wishes for Cinderella" / "Tre nřtter til Askepott" <3 No yule without it!

We have been 'catsitting' Opus for so long, I actually got him to cuddle on my lap for the very first (and last) time! :D <3

This year I got the biggest present, which my mother had hid at our neighbours until the very opening! I had no idea what it was, and with a hole on the side, I joked and asked if it was air holes for "the cat inside" :3 I had to feel inside the hole with my hand, and I instantly pulled it back, and screamed in fear, as something soft stopped my hand! For a second I thought my mother had become mad and actually given me a wrapped cat! Hahaha!

Luckily it was a dressmaker model! :D And now my childhood dream is slowly coming true :3

And here are some of my other presents:

An elephant tea pot, leaf plates, Elsa mug, necklaces, yule decorations, sea shells, incense, flowers, crystals and tea for the pot <3

- Do you celebrate yule? Did you recieve any nice presents? :)

Ps: As the year is soon to be over I'm preparing a summary of my 2014 for you, which I hope you'll like, so stay tuned :)


~ Love and light ~

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~ Who lives here? ~

As promised, here is the results of our Art Exam :)

Artwork by Monika Borgan, Shabana Ghani,
Camilla Snekkerhaugen and myself. Photos by Monika Borgan.

We called the project "Small houses, great possibilities". The sculptures are made of play-doh and clay, and we placed them in all different sorts of places; 
inside, outside, on buidings, in nature etc. We wanted to inspire children to make their own toys and work with these materials in unlimited places :)
We were pleased with the result, and our examiners really liked it too! :D

- What do you think? Would children be inspired by and like this kind of art?


~ Love and light ~

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~ Waiting for winter ~

Hello, fearies and dearies! :)

As you might have noticed, I'm having a little break from my blog these days. I'm almost halfway through the first year at my new studies, but I'm still trying to get used to being a full time student! :3 It's a lot of work, and things I've been wanting to do for a loooong time, gets even further back on my to-do list.

I haven't answered my Q & A yet, as I want to answer some of them in separate entries (which means you still can ask questions, wee! Keep'em coming!), and I haven't celebrated the birthday of this blog, which was in October(!), either :O Now I'm in the middle of my exams, which fortunately are fun :)

We've just finished our music exam, and we're currently working on our art exam, so here you have a little preview :)

~ Wish you all a magical December! <3 ~

See you soon!


~ Love and light ~

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