Medieval and viking fairs

~ Gjallarstadir vikingmarked 2014 ~

This weekend I went to Gjallarstadir vikingmarked :) It is a nice and intimate little festival, but at the same time it's surprisingly big! It is the last historical festival of the year, and you can clearly see that the autumn has come upon us :) The weather and temperatures are still summer-y, and I am so happy my favourite season has arrived :) - Did you do anything interesting this weekend? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #historie#festival#vikingfestival#vikingmarked#viking#marked#magi#tidsreise#telt#sommer#hřst#natur#miljř#engelsk#inspirasjon#Gaiadóttir

~ Borre Vikingmarked 2012 ~

The marked at Borre is truly my favourite of the historical markeds of the ones I've been to so far. It's placed in the very green, beautiful and magical Borreparken underneath and between trees, it's right by the sea where they usually have viking ships during the marked, and last but not least, we have Borrehaugene, the burial mounds from year 600-900 - which adds to the atmosphere. In my last entries, I shared my little adventure at Borre Viking Markedearlier this summer, but the first time I was there was in 2012 :) Then it was like this: The biggest and most beautiful burial mound! - Have you ever been to the vikingmarked in Borre? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #historie#festival#vikingfestival#vikingmarked #viking#marked#magi#tidsreise#telt#sommer#flashback #throwback#natur#miljř#engelsk#inspirasjon#Gaiadóttir

~ Borre Vikingmarked 2014 ~

Earlier this summer I went to the Vikingmarked in Borre! I met so many friends from near and far, and we had so much fun I really forgot to take photos, but here are a few :) Frřydis :) Silje, Renate and me :) (Photo:Vigdis) Sól, me, Silje and Vigdis :) (Photo:Vigdis) (Photo: Rob Wildwood) So many lovely ladies and dresses!Maria Louise, Marita Tathariel, Kristin, Renate, Sól, Frřydis, Anita, me, Grethe and Ingrid :) - Have you been to any vikingmarkeds this summer? :) Photos fromBorre vikingmarked 2012Photos of theviking apron dress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #historie#festival#vikingfestival#vikingmarked #viking#marked#magi#tidsreise#telt#sommer#flashback #throwback #borre #borrekaupangen#natur#miljř#engelsk#inspirasjon#Gaiadóttir

~ Třnsberg Medieval Fair 2014, and Ingrid's hen party ~

On saturday I went to Třnsberg Medieval Fair for the first time. I went with a lovely group of girls to celebrate Ingrid's stag/bachelorette/hen party! LatelyIngridhas become one of the people I hold most dear, and I am so grateful that I can call myself her friend :) She is kind, funny, loving, talented and as you can see, very beautiful!I adore her and she really deserves all the best in the world <3 I was truly honored when I was invited to the secret party that her maids of honor had arranged for her and us, and I wouldn't let anything stop me from celebreating love and have fun. I had a fantastic day! :D As usual I was a little bad at documenting, but here is a little glimpse :) It started to rain and when we had lunch we were lucky and got to sit inside this lovely old Stabbur, traditionally used to strage food. Sitting there while listening to the thunder and rain was really magical :) A darling, and a little lonesome, 'wolf' <3 So many delicious sweet...

~ Oslo Medieval Fair 2014 ~

I've spent tree magical days time traveling to Medieval times with so many wonderful friends this weekend :D This year it was took place inside the Akershus Fortressthat was built in year 1300. There is no better place in Oslo to arrange it, so I was very happy about that :) Photo by Frřydis. I almost adopted this poor little fella, but I was too late... :/ I ordered a basket-backpack! It will be mine in september :) Sweets! Colorful beads! <3 Horsie in pretty dress! ^^ Friday night we watched this hunk show off his awsome flame-wings! :D Smaug? :3 On saturday we went over to The Dubliner to chat and dance and be silly :) Ingrid and me <3 Sunday was mostly spent with these two wonderful women, Siv and Frřydis,and I finally gave in and shopped! :3 Here are my treasures: - Have you been to any fairs of markeds lately? :) Photos of my first outfitand of my second outfit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...


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