~ The Geological Museum ~

A few weeks ago I went to Oslo Geological Museum. It was their last day open, as they are going to renovate for quite some time ahead. I went there by myself, and it was very enjoyable to walk around looking at and photographing different minerals, crystals, rocks and fossils. Even dinosaurs! :) They had quite the collection, so sorting out the best to share with you has been a challenge ^_^' Here it is! Hope you enjoy :) *warning: wall of photos* I love old, classic museums like this. They have so much soul. <3 So glorious! The white looks like mould :o - Do you like geology? Have you been to a geological exhibition before? :) Ps. Funfact: About a year ago I studied geology for a semester and passed the rocks- and minerals exam. Yay me! ^_^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #geologi #geologiskmuseum #museum #naturhistoriskmuseum #nhm_oslo #n...

~ Game of Thrones Exhibition, Oslo 2014 ~

Last week (and the weekend before) the Game of Thrones Exhibition came to Oslo. I had a weekend full of fleamarketing (blogpost coming soon) and therefore I postponed my visit to the exhibition to a weekday. At first I was a little upset when I figured 'all' of my friends went to see it on saturday, but when I found out they spent almost 5 hours in line, I was rather happy with my weekend afterall, which was actually kind of awesome anyway! :3 I went to the exhibition on tuesday, the day before the last opening day, and I was pretty lucky and clever to go that day. First of all I came the day with the fewest amount of visitors. Second, I cameabout an hour before opening time, and that was just how long I had to stand in line :) There was almost no line inside either, so I only spent half an hour and got to see everything I wantet for as long as I wanted and I was pretty satisfied! I skipped 'the Wall'-simulator though, as I have acrophobia (fear of heights) :p All photos are from m...

~ Museum of Decorative Arts and Design ~

Today my mom and I went to the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. This year Norway celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, and the museum currently has an exhibition dedicated to this occasion. I took a few photos of the items that caught my attention. We went on to see the other exhibitions with both older and newer collections. Beautifully detailed harp! Art Nouveau. Roman glass! These dresses are from the 1700s. These dresses belonged to the Norwegian Queen Maud - famous for her tiny waist. I've always been fascinated by old things, almost no matter from what time period. They are always so detailed, elaborate and full of mysteries! They are pieces of history that gives you ideas about what once were, and inspiration to what could be! - Do you like museums and old things? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #historie #kultur #museum #gammelt #utstilling #ko...


17, Alvdal

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