~ Afternoon Tea ~

Lately I've been obsessing over Tea, Teapots and Tea Parties. Luckily I can nurture that obsession with these lovely photos from last fall :) In september Ingrid and I went to celebrate Branna's birthday, all dresed lolita inspired for an afternoon tea. We went toThe Palm Court Restaurantconnected to Grand Hotel in Oslo, where they had the tiniest, (most pricy) food I've ever eaten, and it was so delicious :3 The staff was very service minded and made me exclusive vegan alternatives! It was such a nice day, with beloved friends in a wonderful atmospheric place.A once in a lifetime experience :) Wild chantarelles on bruskettes with chantarelle gel<3 Blueberry sorbet with blueberry sheets, cloudberrysauce and cloudberries <3 - Have you been to any fancy resturants? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #resturant #luksus#magi#magisk#eventyr#eventyrlig#mat #fairyfood #vegan #vegansk #plantebasert #plantpower#Gaiado...

~ Pumpkin party! ~

It's pumpkin season! <3 A perfect autumn evening early in October, I went to a Pumpkin party in the eco garden Karusellen in Ås :) Before I arrived to the lovely garden, I walked by a tree hut and some pumpkins in a food-forest made by some of the students/my friends, as a local art-awareness installation :D Seeing these lovely big pumpkins made me even more hungry than I already was, and I knew they must have had a lot of pumpkins in the eco garden as they could spare these! :) The garden was full of happy people, and I was greeted by a new and friendly face. It didn't take long before the feast started (at least for me since I was late), and we could indulge in pumpkin curry stew, pumpkin cinnamon buns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin soup! :D So much pumpkin! :D Aah <3 I think I should go get at least one pumpkin tomorrow :3 <3 - Have you been to a pumpkin party before? Have you had anything pumpkin this autumn? :) ~~~~~~...

~ Vegan carrot cake ~

For the Green Festival last weekend, I made a delicious vegan carrot cake :D I don't really have any cooking or baking skills, but this summer I've practised a little and made this carrot cake three times, so now I'm getting the hang of it ;) This photo is from the second time, when I attended Frøydis' birthday :) The recipe is based on this one fromVegetarbloggen. Ingredients 1 dl flaxseed2 dl water3 carrots or more2 dl walnuts2,5 dl sugar, sukrin or similar1, 5 dl canola oil1 table spoon of lemonjuice1 tea spoon of vanillapowder, -extract or similar3 dl flour2 tea spoons of baking powder2 tea spoons of cinnamon1/2 tea spoon of salt Preheat the owen at 180 degrees. Add the water to the flaxseeds. Cut the walnuts ina little food processor. Mix all the dry ingrediens together. Cut the flaxseed mix in a little food processor. Add all the wet ingrediens to the flaxseed mix. Add the dry mix to the wet mix. Peel and grate the carrots and add to the mix. Put greaseproof paper in a cak...

~ Cauliflower soup ~

This has been a beautiful day and I've enjoyed sun and rain and hail and a magical thunderstorm! Thor did a great job this 'Thor's day' ^^ I think this kind of weather is perfect for soup, and today I had a nice and simple cauliflower soup. Love the english name cauliflower by the way :3 Recipe: Boil 6 dl water, 1 cauliflower and 1 bullion cube for ten minutes. Add 3 dl oatmilk (or other plantmilk) and preferable spices - I had sea salt, pepper, chili- and garlic powder. Stir with a mixer and it's done :) - Do you like soup? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #mat#vegetar #vegetarisk#vegan#vegansk#kosthold#suppe#blomkål #blomkålsuppe#plantebasert#oppskrift#ingredienser#sunn#natur#miljø#miljøvennlig #grønn#engelsk#inspirasjon#Gaiadóttir

~ Rhubarb recipes ~

You can make so many tasty treats with rhubarb. Pai, cupcakes, soup, soft drinks, jam and more. Here I am sharing a couple of recipes with you :) Pie FillingBoil3 big diced rhubarbs, addpreferable sweetener to your taste andcornflour to make it thicker. CrustMelt 200g preferable oil/fat/butter, add3 dl oats,3 dl flour andpreferable sweetener to your taste. Best served warm :) (might be a little messy) Porridge Wash, peel and dice the stems.Boil the peeled skin to get the pink colour.Add cinnamonstick and preferable sweetener.Sieve the porridge into a new sauce pan,add the diced stems and boil until you have a nice porridge. Serve with fruit. Or something vanilla :3 Add water and you have made yourself a soft drink :) Or just save it and use as jam :) - Have you eaten rhubarb lately? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #blader#mat#vegan#vegansk#kosthold#pai#syltetøy #saft #plante #plantebasert#h...

~ Fairyfood: Dandelions ~

Yesterday I experimented for second breakfast and made proper fairyfood!Dandelion pasta with dandelion petalssprinkled on top! :D I always loved playing with flowers in mud kitchens when I was a child, making everything from perfumes to food. Now that I know I can do it for real, I get a little ecstatic :3It's free, it's healthy and even beautiful ^^ Just look at the curly stems! I must admit it's not my new favourite dish, but it was fun trying it out ^^ I'm definitely going to experiment more now that the meadow finally is full of them! - Have you eaten dandelions before? :) For lots of great dandelion recipes go here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #mat#vegan#vegansk#vegetar #vegetarisk#kosthold#sunn#magi#selvplukk #villevekster #løvetann #blomster #vår #sommer#natur#miljø#engelsk#inspirasjon#Gaiadóttir

~ Raw Pumpkin Pie ~

I'm still not done with Samhain and today I made Pumpkin Pie again. My first raw cake ever! :) My ingredients: Crust:1 cup almonds1 cup walnuts1/4 cup raisins1 cup datessalt Process the nuts until it's like a rough flour, add the rest, press in your pie dish when it's sticky, and put in the fridge. Filling:Small pumpkin1 cup datesPumpkin spice mix of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom Process your ingredients, add to your pie and set in the fridge again. Inspired bythisrecipe from the wonderfully magical blog I'm pleased with the result, and I had fun making it! But what about the pumpkin? Did I carve it? I didn't want to chase no spirits away, but guide them on their way with a little faith, trust and pixie dust :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #høst #halloween #samhain #kveld #blader #mat #kake #raw #vegan #vegansk #kosthold #pai #gresskar #oppskrift #ingredienser #sunn #ting...


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