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~ Poldark (2015) ~

Yesterday I started watching the tv-series Poldark, and I'm completely sold! <3Movies and series with romance, stunning nature and costumes to die for is my absolute favourite kind, and Poldark is now added to the list! :D I've only seen two episodes so far, and even though it 'starts' like this^, we all know where this is going to end :D <3 :D <3 (At least we think we know) Earlier this summer I saw the BBC series The White Queen, which was o.k., and from that series I fell in love with actressEleanor Tomlinson! As you can see in this little 'photo rant', she's the one I'm obsessing over :3 (I seem to do that every time I recommend a new series here... obsess over the leading female character and her wardrobe...) I need this coat. - Have you watched Poldark? :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #poldark #serie #tvserie #britisk#historie #kultur #natur#kostymedrama #kostyme #1700...

~ The New World (2005) ~

I want to share a movie I love with you. "The New World". I fell completely in love with this version of the story of Pocahontas, played by the gorgeous and talented (then 14 year old!) Q'orianka Kilcher. The movie is comfortably slow, full of amazing shots of paradise-like nature, accompanied by beautiful music and great costumes. Q'orianka Kilcher is perfect as Pocahontas, Colin Farrell is a handsome John Smith and Christian Bale is even handsomer as John Rolfe <3 It's all just... *sigh* I'm so inspired by this movie, both by the native americans and by the european 1600's - how they both clash and fit perfect together. It's magical :) - Have you seen it? Do you have other Pocahontas-movies to recommend? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~  #film #pocahontas #indianere #stammefolk #urfolk #native #urbefolkning #shamanisme #indianerprinsesse #amerika #1700tallet #miljř #historie...

~ Song of Norway (1970) ~

Yesterday I went to the movie theaterCinemateketin Oslo to see the musical "Song of Norway" from 1970. It's a film adaptation of the successful operetta of the same name, and it was an attempt to capitalize on the success of "The Sound of Music", which you clearly can see both in the title and the aestetics of the movie. The movie tells the story of composerEdward Griegand his attempts and struggles to develop an authentic Norwegian national music. Grieg is played by Toralv Maurstad, and he came to talk about the movie before the screening yesterday. I've wanted to see this movie since the first time I heard about it, but it was not quite how I imagined. I turned out to be a very silly movie, and opposed to the music Grieg actually created, this was horrible :3 Through the whole movie, I was like: "Where is this talent they're talking about all the time?" Luckily it was visually lovely, with amazing costumes and many great shots :) Unfortunately still photos are very hard to...

~ Once Upon a Time ~

Charming and Snow <3 *squee* I love fairytales. I love Disney classics. I love pretty costumes. I love romance. I love magic... and I love Once Upon a Time. About a year ago, I started watching the series with all these ingredients, and I instantly fell in love. I have just about obsessed over it since then and here is a little entry with synopsis and photos <3 Emma, a woman with a troubled past, is brought to the little town of Storybrooke by the son she gave up eight years ago. He believes all the residents of the town are characters from the enchanted forest of his own fairytale book, and that they have lost their memories and been brought to our world by a curse. He also believes that Emma is the Saviour! Secrets and relations is revealed through out the series and new characters are added as we go, making the relations and stories between them even more intricate, fascinating and exiting! Magic always comes with a price! Cloaks! *squee* An...

~ Legend of the Seeker ~

So I recently got addicted toLegend of the Seeker <3 I usually see series as a social thing and watch them together with someone, so I'm not really good at waching series by myself. But as I started watching Outlander, I got the hang of it after all! I don't like waiting for new episodes, so I decided I needed a second series to watch between the waiting, one that is already finished. So I landed on Legend of the Seeker! I had heard so much about, and seen intrigueing photos all over the internet, so my expectations were pretty high. Sadly I was a little disappointed in the beginning, but I eventually fell for it. I can't stand most of the actors, and some times it's ridiculously embarassing, but as a costume geek, anything goes! :3 The female costumes are delightful, and I have some solid cosplay ideas now! :p I totally love Kahlan! She is kind, smart AND beautiful, (with the perfect wardrobe) <3 - Have you watched Legend of the Seeker...

~ Outlander ~

I recently started watching the new series Outlander, and I'm in love! It's full of happy, scottish music, the amazing scottish highlands, woman in dresses, men in kilts, pagan traditions and time travel! :D Claire looks like such a fairy, and Jamie is the dream man. And with the beautiful costumes it is just the perfect series for me :) Now all I want to do is dress in knits and plaid of greys, blues and browns, and go out to the forest to do witchy stuff, like dance and gather herbs and mushrooms :3 - Have you seen it? :) Photo sources: Outlander on IMDBandOutlander on Facebook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #fantasy#fantasi#eventyr#seire#kjćrlighet#historie#magi#romantikk#vakker#skottland #heks #hekseri #tidsreise#natur#Gaiadóttir

~ A Midsummer Night's Dream at Ramme Gaard ~

In my last entry you got a little tour ofRamme Gaard. A few summers back they used to have a Shakespeare Festival there. The play of 2011 was the magical "A Midsummer Night's dream" which is one of my favourites. Since the garden is so big with different 'landscapes' they moved during the play, and the audience had to follow. I can't imagine finding a better place to play it, and everything was so magical and beautiful. I went back the next year, planning to make this a new, annual tradition, but unfortunately they didn't continue arranging the festival. - Have you been to an outdoor theatre? Do you like Shakespeare? :) Photos fromRamme Gaard in 2011and fromRamme Gaard in 2012. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #teater#musikk#klassisk#forestilling#skuespill #shakespeare#titania #alvedronningen #alvedronning #alv #alver#dronning#kultur#natur#magi#kostymer#Gaiadóttir

~ Maleficent (2014) ~

I've been waiting for years, and tonight I finally got to see it :)I don't know where to start to describe how much I loved the movie Maleficent!I've always been a big fan Disney's Sleeping Beauty and the character Maleficent, and I was so thrilled to know they were making a film all about her. I've seen all of the trailers countless of times, read every entry about it on Fairytale News Blog, and patiently been waiting :) It was a little different from what I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised! It was so incredibly beautiful, both visually and emotionally. Sine I am going through what I am going thrugh right now, I could really relate to her - (tiny 'spoiler' ahead) being betrayed by someone you love, letting the pain turn you from a child of light to a dark creature, but in the end learn that love is the most powerful ting in the world, and you are full of it! <3 You are love, and someones wickedness can't take that away from you. You are strong <3 I adore the y...

~ Sleeping Beauty (1959) ~

One of my favourite movies from my childhood was Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty, about Princess Aurora / Briar Rose or Tornerose as we call her in Norwegian. It's such a great movie with a sweet story, beautiful illustrations, magnificent characters and it's still one of my favourites as a grown up :) I have very strong memories with this film. My father lived in Sudan in Africa most of my childhood and my mom, sister and I often went there to visit. Sometimes we spent months there. One of the few things we brought with us was that movie. We obviously saw it again and again, since it was one of the new things we had that reminded us of home. At one point my little sister and I created our own ritual when we watched Sleeping Beauty: We always ate these crazy-coloured cereals bare! At one point the taste experience and the visual experience fusioned together. It is very interesting how our senses is connected, how everything is connected, and I remember the first time we watched t...

~ Legend (1985) ~

Friday, february 14th. my beloved and I decided to watch the fairytale movie Legend. I have been wanting to watch this movie for such a long time, and finally it happened. The movie is perfect for me, filled with love, unicorns, faries, bubbles and flowers! There are so many beautiful and magical scenes that are really appealing to me. I actually think that it is more important for a movie to be visually stimulating than to have the perfect story or great actors sometimes. (Kind of ironic of me to say that, with a background as a drama student, hehe). It may seem like it's all sparkliny happiness, but it is actually a pretty dark movie. I chose to only include beautiful and positive images from the movie, since I want my blog to be a beautiful and positive place, but the dark and gloomy elements are a big part of the movie. Once upon a time, long ago, "Darkness" senses the presence of two Unicorns, guarders of the Power of Light. He wants to destroy them and get their horns to cr...

~ Alcina: The Baroque Opera ~

Last night, I went to se the baroque opera Alcina with my mom and my beloved. The play takes place on enchantress and Queen Alcina's island, where she seduces men and turns them into animals! I really wanted to share some of the words from an interview with the director Francisco Negrin, so here you go: "People want magic - What is it the people want to watch these days? It is series and movies such as, Lord of the Rings and Avatar - stories full of magic and adventure. People today obviously has a desire for stories beyond the political and social life. We want more of the spiritual, divine and sacred. But often when operas like Alcinai set up, the director removes these dimensions to make them more "modern". However, I wanted to keep them, for it is precisely by retaining these things that make the stories slide into the present. All the myths and fables, all the gods and kingdoms, refers to basic archetypes within us that allows us to talk about all the things we can and can't...


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